5 Solar Energy Myths That You Should Not Believe

debunking solar energy myths

Solar energy is one of the most misunderstood energy sources in the world. As a result, outright falsehoods spring up to fill this knowledge void. In this article, we shatter 5 solar energy myths and help to set the record straight.

Solar energy is expensive

This perhaps is the most enduring of solar energy myths, harking back to the early days of solar energy technology when it was still new and relatively expensive. Today, as advances are made in solar energy technology, solar energy is becoming more mainstream with both residential customers and commercial customers embracing it.

Because of this, the cost of installation and maintenance has been steadily declining so that the price of solar energy is now half of what it was in the last decade. Coupled with solar energy rebates from the government, solar energy financing by banks and many other incentives, the notion that solar energy is an expensive novelty no longer holds true.

Solar panels are not durable and break easily

The technology used to make solar panels has improved considerably and solar panels now are designed to last for a long time. Solar panels can in fact survive harsh weather phenomenon including hail and snow. Of course, a lot of this will ride on the quality of the panels installed and the level of workmanship in installing and maintaining them. Always go for high quality panels and use a professional solar installation and maintenance company to set up your solar energy system.

Solar panels only work in hot climates

Not only is this not true but in reality, the opposite might actually be closer to the truth. It is well established that solar panels work better in temperate conditions because the heat that is typical in hot or tropical climates can actually reduce the voltage output of the panels.  Modern technology has led to very sensitize solar panels that work quite efficiently even in low light conditions.

Solar energy means going off the grid

This again is not true at all. While it is certainly possible to have standalone solar power in your house and not be connected to the grid, you can just as easily have a system that is interconnected with the grid, allowing you to use the two energy sources in an alternating pattern or to use solar to power certain elements of your house while using grid energy to power others; in other words, to use the two systems in tandem.  This dual use is actually the most prevalent system among solar energy users.

All solar panels are the same

Not all solar panel will deliver the same level of energy and have the same durability. Solar panels differ in make and quality and this has an effect on how well each of them will meet your energy needs. Always go for high quality solar panels and always opt for a professional solar panel installation for peace of mind. Doing some research before you invest in solar technology will help you understand what your solar energy needs are as well as the various options out there to meet those needs.

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As you can see, there are many myths when it comes to solar energy. Luckily, there is a wealth of information out there about solar energy to debunk misconceptions that people may have. If you think that you may have questions that you want to clarify, feel free to talk to our SunPower by Infinity Solar team today.