5 Top-Rated Services Burlington Solar Panel Companies Offer NJ Residents

Solar Panel Services Residential Burlington and NJ

There are several top-rated services Burlington solar panel companies offer NJ residents. According to recent data, energy rates in Burlington are over 20% higher than the national average. By installing solar panels, you can significantly lower your monthly utility cost. Plus, solar panel installation costs are decreasing as more people install rooftop systems. Still, you want assurance that your investment is worthwhile. As a New Jersey property owner, you need to know what services home solar panel companies in Sussex NJ and other areas offer to ensure a successful transition to renewable energy. This way, you can that your solar panel investment is built to last. Read on to learn about the top-rated services Burlington solar panel companies offer NJ residents.

Engineering Site Assessment

First, Burlington county solar companies offer an initial engineering site assessment before they install your system. Typically, a solar engineer comes out to your property to assess your rooftop. Here, professional installers evaluate the condition of your roof to make sure it can support your panels. In addition, they also look at your home’s electrical panel to make sure it can support your solar installation. If your solar installer recommends upgrading your electrical box, it may require more amps of current. Importantly, the capacity of your electrical box may need to increase as well. Undoubtedly, an engineering site assessment is an essential service for a successful solar installation on your Burlington home.

Custom Rooftop System Design

Next, Burlington New Jersey solar installers also provide custom rooftop system designs. Typically, your solar contractors collect roof angle measurements. During this visit, they also collect data on your roof’s sun exposure. Using this information, your solar installer New York state and New Jersey design a solar array personalized for your rooftop. In addition, your solar panel company analyzes your current energy consumption based on your utility bills. They might also ask you if you are planning on investing in larger electric-powered products that could increase your future energy needs. This information is crucial to determine the proper size for your system. Certainly, a custom rooftop system design is one of the best services that Burlington solar companies provide.

Solar Financing Assistance

In addition, many Burlington county solar contractors offer assistance with solar financing. Typically, you have several options in NJ to pay for your solar installation. For example, you could lease your solar system from your installer or take out a solar loan. With both options, you typically make fixed monthly payments for a set amount of time. The main difference is that leases imply that your installation company owns your system. You can work with your solar installer to decide which payment method is best for you. Usually, local solar contractors are also very knowledgeable when it comes to regional rebates and incentive programs. Often, they can help you fill out the paperwork to apply for these savings. Surely, Burlington NJ solar companies assist with solar financing to help lower your costs and choose the best payment plan.

Installation & Interconnection

Moreover, Burlington solar installers also offer installation and interconnection services for your solar system. Typically, solar engineers start by connecting your solar wiring to your general power system. Then, they install the racking system to support your panel array. Next, they place the panels on the racking structure and install your inverter. Finally, your solar panel installer meets with a town representative for the final review and interconnection process. Generally, this is to ensure that your system meets local regulations and was installed correctly. Once approved, your Burlington solar company can connect your rooftop system to the grid to start generating renewable power.

Maintenance & Repairs

Furthermore, many of the best Burlington solar companies offer maintenance and repair services. Typically, maintaining your solar panels is a simple process. Professionals usually recommend rinsing them with a garden hose to remove debris and dust build-up. However, after when lots of debris builds up, you may want to hire a professional to clean your panels for you. This is especially true for commercial solar panels NJ. If you suspect your panels aren’t functioning properly, call your solar company to see if you need a repair. Typically, you can get new equipment for no cost if it falls under your warranty agreement. Definitely, maintenance and repairs are some of the best services Burlington NJ solar contractors have to offer.

There are several top-rated services Burlington solar panel companies offer NJ residents. First, an engineering site assessment is a great way to tell if your current electrical system is compatible with going solar. Next, a custom rooftop design is essential for your panels to meet your energy needs. In addition, solar financing assistance can help you lower your costs and choose the best payment method. Moreover, installation and interconnection is an integral service as well. Furthermore, maintenance and repair services are also very convenient offerings. Look for these top-rated services Burlington solar panel companies offer NJ residents.