Can Solar Energy Save Your Children’s Future?

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in NY?

As the world keeps turning, we, its sole proprietors, look for better and more efficient energy. For many years mankind has scoured the earth for alternative forms of energy in an attempt to leave behind the fossil fuels that darken our skies and clog our lungs.

Wind, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, hydroelectric, and solar energy have been explored as potential solutions for our global energy problem. So far, none have completely cut our epoch long ties with old, outdated fuel sources, but many options lie ahead of us and modern scientists have made leaps and bounds towards a brighter future.

Of all the alternative energy sources, the least intrusive and least negatively impactful is Solar, by far. In fact, since 1950, scientists have been pouring their efforts into refining solar energy into something that anyone could harness and use to better their lives. As the turn of the century dawned, technological advances surged and we now advance more in one year than we did in an entire century.  That dream is now a reality.

Save Money

Solar Energy is an entirely free energy source with no end in sight. The only cost to you is the maintenance on the solar panels, which are made more robust and sturdier every year. The government has also been expanding its grants and tax subsidies for solar energy by 3-5% a year, making now the best time to invest, especially for those who live in areas with high standard electrical costs. The State of New York is also offering a 25% tax credit on the cost of installation, up to a maximum of $5000.

Lower Impact

The amount of energy drawn from the sun by solar cells has no negative effect on local ecosystems and the environment at large. Solar energy is completely emission free, and the energy produced can be stored long term, in case of an emergency, without the need for a gas generator.  The Solar Photovoltaic industry has goals to convert 50% of all new U.S. electricity generation by 2025.

Make an Example

The future of the human race relies on us banding together today, tomorrow, and every day after it. Through our efforts in advancing solar energy, we are planting proverbial trees for all future generations that inhabit our earth. They will look at the sun coming up over the horizon and see hope, power, and a brighter future.

What Can I Do?

Invest in solar energy now, and reap the short term benefits, but with the knowledge that you are paving the way to a better and brighter future for the whole human race.

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