Is There A Way To Get Free Solar Panels In NJ?

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Homeowners throughout the Garden State are wondering about the best way to reduce costs, and potentially even get free solar panels in NJ. For years now, rooftop residential solar power has become increasingly popular in New Jersey. In fact, you’ve probably already seen solar panels on residential homes, multi-family properties, and commercial buildings. You may have even seen or used solar panels for apartment buildings. With these sustainable energy products becoming more common, there are excellent financial incentives, savings programs, and rebates available for going green with solar. As a NJ property owner, you may want to explore the best options, which may even help you save a significant amount on your system. To help you start saving money, read on to learn if there is a way to get free solar panels in NJ.

Valuable Solar Financing Programs

First off, there are a number of valuable financing programs that will help you potentially get free solar panels in New Jersey. Most commonly, homeowners attempt to pay for their systems fully upfront using cash. While this option may be cheaper in the long-term, it requires you to spend the most money now. Therefore, you may want to consider opting for innovative financing programs to help reduce the cost of your panels. For example, many expert contractors offer comprehensive solar leasing programs. Similar to an auto lease, these allow you to “rent” your solar system in exchange for incremental monthly payments. Of course, you can always opt-for a power purchase agreement, or PPA, instead. Essentially, this model involves financing the energy your system produces, instead of the panels themselves. Certainly, look for valuable solar financing programs to help you get free solar panels in New Jersey.

Cost-Savings Solar Programs

In addition, there are plenty of comprehensive savings programs that may help you reduce costs or get free solar panels in NJ. The top solar incentives, rebates, tax credits, and financing programs can drastically reduce your total installation costs. One of the most popular is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Of course, the ITC provides you with a tax credit of up to twenty-six-percent on your residential solar panel installation. In addition, you can take advantage of Transition Renewable Energy Certificates, also known as NJ SRECs or TRECs. Surely, cost-savings programs can help you significantly lower costs or even obtain free New Jersey rooftop solar panels.

Comprehensive Tax Savings

Since you are installing your residential solar system in New Jersey, you will additionally be exempt from a majority of taxes. While this may not help you get solar panels for free NJ, it will significantly reduce the overall cost of your installation. For a start, you will not be required to pay for sales taxes on any solar energy equipment, panels, or components that you purchase. Of course, this will drop your final installation bill by over six-percent. Since solar panels add a great deal of value to your house, increasing property taxes are another major concern for homeowners. Fortunately, your entire system installation is fully-protected from increases in your home’s property taxes. This way, you can install a top-quality energy system with confidence and peace of mind. Absolutely, comprehensive tax savings will help you lower costs and maybe even get free solar panels NJ.

Ongoing Cost Savings

Even after your NJ residential rooftop solar panels are installed, you will receive ongoing cost-savings for years to come. Ultimately, this will be the equivalent of getting your NJ solar panels for free in the first place. Post-installation, solar components greatly reduce your reliance on grid-supplied electricity. After all, your rooftop energy components will begin to immediately compensate for the energy you consume on a daily-basis. Indeed, consider the ongoing cost savings that are available after getting your rooftop solar panels installed in New Jersey.

Continuous Profit Opportunities

Depending on the configuration of your home solar system, you may even be able to make money from your rooftop panels. Of course, this is even better than getting solar panels for free in NJ. One of the best ways to drive revenue from your system is through net metering. Essentially, net metering allows property owners to generate excess, surplus power back to the grid. Of course, this can help you offset grid electricity expenses and potentially even make a profit. Participating in this programs, you can generate your own power cleanly, efficiently, and sustainably. Definitely, continuous profit opportunities are vital when upgrading to a home solar system in NJ.

There are several key things to consider when attempting to get free solar panels in NJ. First and foremost, consider how valuable financing programs can potentially reduce your overall NJ home solar panel installation cost. Next, consider the added cost-savings of valuable solar incentives and savings programs. Plus, your installation will provide you with highly-valuable cost savings. Even after your panels are installed, you can expect to receive solar savings for years to come. Depending on your system configuration, you may even be able to earn profits from solar panel ownership. Follow the points highlighted above to learn if there is a way to get free solar panels in NJ.