Sean Saves Money and Increases Home Value with Infinity Energy Solar Panel System


Reducing Utility Bills and Increasing Home Value with Solar Energy

Infinity Energy was recently hired by Sean O’Neil of Peekskill, NY to install a solar panel system on his home. The goal of the project was to reduce his utility bill while increasing the value of his home. After being referred to us via Yelp, Sean contacted us for a free consultation. We were able to provide him with expert advice and answer any questions he had about solar energy. 

Sloped Roof Mounting and Grid Tie-In System for Maximum Efficiency

For this project, we decided to use a sloped roof mounting system to ensure maximum efficiency and stability. We also used a grid tie-in system so that Sean could take advantage of lower electricity costs while still receiving power from the utility company when needed. We used high-quality REC solar panels and an Enphase inverter to make sure the system would last for years to come. 

High Quality Workmanship Delivers Results

Our team of highly skilled technicians worked quickly and efficiently to install the solar panels on Sean’s home. The installation was completed in one day, allowing Sean to immediately start benefiting from his new solar energy system. By taking advantage of our performance and durability guarantees, Sean can be sure that his system will last for many years and help him save money on his utility bills. 

The Benefits of Going Solar with Infinity Energy 

Sean is now enjoying all the benefits that come with going solar. His new solar energy system has increased the value of his home while also reducing his electricity bills. He can now enjoy low energy costs that are locked in for years, giving him peace of mind that he won’t have to worry about increasing utility prices in the future. 

Why Choose Infinity Energy? 

At Infinity Energy, we take pride in our customer service and quality workmanship that delivers results. Our clients trust us because we offer free consultations, performance guarantees, and excellent customer service throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for a reliable company to install a solar panel system in Peekskill or Bergen County, look no further than Infinity Energy! Contact us today at 1+ 845-250-373 or visit us online at

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