What to Expect from the Best NY Solar Companies

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A successful solar installation in Rockland County relies on people from many different backgrounds. From bankers and inspectors to contractors and utility company personnel, no one works harder on the project than the company that designs and installs the solar array.

NY solar companies play many roles during the solar installation process. They’re salesmen, environmental advocates, designers and installers. That’s why, once you decide to go solar, you need to take the decision of hiring the right company very seriously. Here’s what to expect from the best NY solar companies.

Problem-Solving Mindset

Not every home has the ideal setup for a solar array, but the solar installer you choose to work with should revel in the challenge. Look for a company that has successfully transformed problematic properties into solar generation sites in the past and jumps on the opportunity to get that kind of satisfaction with another challenging project in the future.

Honesty and Integrity

A solar company’s reputation is what makes it successful. When you read customer reviews, look for instances of honest dealings and customers who felt they got the most for their money. To make sure you’re reading legitimate reviews, check both the company’s website and third-party sites like Angie’s List and Yelp.com. Keep an open mind if you stumble across a negative review mixed in with all the good ones. After all, even the best NY solar companies can’t please absolutely everyone.


Swindlers and companies that rush their work don’t last long in the business. By finding a company with years of experience and thousands of installations under their belt, that’s a good sign they can handle your project to your satisfaction.

Genuine Concern for the Environment

While your biggest drive to go solar may be to save money, doing your part for the environment is likely a close second. Some NY solar companies are in the business just to make money. Others have a firm conviction in the ability of solar energy to cut back on fossil fuel consumption and leave the environment cleaner than when they found it.

Patience and Friendliness

Going solar is a big decision, one you shouldn’t take lightly. The solar company you choose should understand your desire to find answers to all your questions before you dive into the project. This could mean spending time on the phone with you or bouncing emails back and forth until you’re sure solar is the right choice. If the technicians you correspond with lose their patience and attempt to rush you into a final decision, look elsewhere.

Attention to Detail

No two solar installations are exactly alike. Even your neighbor across the street, whose home is the same layout as yours, could have different needs based on the roof’s orientation, how many people live there and their specific energy needs. This means you want your solar designer and installer to pay special attention to the factors that will result in the perfect solar array for you. A one-size-fits-all approach to solar is not the right answer.

Awareness of the Local Electricity Market

Electricity rates vary across the country, so when it comes to calculating your payback period and deciding if solar is worth it, it’s helpful to work with a solar company based right here in NY. National averages are helpful to determine a ballpark guess, but such a critical investment shouldn’t be based on guesses. You want an accurate idea of how much electricity your solar array will produce, how much you’ll save each month and how long it will take to recoup the investment before you make your final decision.

Knowledge of Local Incentives

Depending on the finance method you choose, you could be eligible for NY solar incentives. Often the solar installer will take care of claiming these incentives on your behalf to lower the required investment. A knowledgeable solar company will ensure you qualify for as many incentives as possible to save more money.

Passion for Renewable Energy

When a company is run by passionate people, they’re willing to put time and energy into researching the best possible renewable energy sources available. This means offering the best solar panels with the highest efficiency ratings at the lowest possible price. The mindset of the solar company you choose should be to promote clean energy in NY State, one house at a time!

Now that you know what to expect from NY solar companies, you can begin searching for the right company for the job. Be sure to compare several companies to prevent making a snap decision.

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