5 Products The Best Solar Companies In Oakland NJ Have To Offer

Best Solar Companies In Oakland NJ

There are several products the best solar companies Oakland NJ have to offer. With relatively low maintenance requirements and falling costs, solar electric systems are one of the most popular renewable energy options for homeowners. Of course, solar equipment can greatly impact the performance level and efficiency of any rooftop system. In addition, solar components can also affect the system’s longevity as well. As a New Jersey property owner, you need to know what products the best solar companies have to offer. This way, you can choose high quality equipment from your solar contractor. Read on to discover what products the best solar companies in Oakland NJ have to offer.

LG Solar Panels

First, many solar companies Oakland NJ use LG solar panels for residential installations. Notably, this solar panel brand has an average efficiency rating of nearly 22%. As one of the top efficiency ratings on the market, this allows your rooftop solar panels New Paltz NY and other areas to collect more energy to power your home from the same amount of panels. Of course, this higher efficiency rating can also decrease your monthly utility bill as well. In addition, LG solar panels usually have a 25-year warranty. Typically, this protects your equipment from failure due to environmental factors or manufacturing defects. Plus, you can extend the longevity of your solar system, allowing it to last 25 years or more. Definitely, LG solar panels are one of the best products solar installation companies Oakland have to offer.

Racking Systems

Next, solar companies Oakland NJ also install racking systems. Importantly, this is the foundational structure that secures your solar panels in place. For example, roof mounts use your home’s rafters to support the weight of the solar array. Typically, these are the standard choice for installations. Indeed, they are one of the most cost-effective, safe options for residential systems. With a roof-mounted system, you can also save space on your property, since you won’t need to install a ground mount. If you have a south, west, or east facing roof, you can also increase efficiency as well. Undoubtedly, ask your solar provider Oakland NJ about their rooftop racking systems.

Solar Batteries

In addition, many solar contracting companies Oakland NJ also recommend solar batteries. Notably, your solar installer can add a solar battery to your system to store excess energy. Then, you can use it at a later point or during the night when your panels aren’t collecting power. In addition, solar storage batteries allow PV systems to operate when the grid is unavailable. This way, you can still operate your home solar panel installation NJ during a power outage. Without a solar battery, your excess solar energy goes back to the grid. Thus, you may have to pay money to your utility company when using electricity at night. In short, ask your solar company Oakland NJ about installing a solar battery.


Moreover, many of the best solar panel companies Oakland NJ install microinverters. Notably, microinverters convert direct current (DC) energy from the sun into alternating current (AC) that your home can use. Typically, solar contractors install these on the back of each panel. This way, each panel can collect the energy separately. If shade or debris covers one solar cell, the rest of the solar array can operate at maximum efficiency. On the other hand, some solar companies use string inverters. Importantly, these solar components usually convert energy from the entire solar system. Thus, their solar performance can go down when one solar panel is shaded or compromised. In short, microinverters are one of the best products solar companies Oakland New Jersey have to offer.

Solar Monitoring Equipment

Furthermore, solar monitoring equipment is another one of the best products solar contracting companies Oakland NJ have to offer. Typically, monitoring components are connected to your inverter manufacturer. Then, you can view real-time data and analytics on your solar system through a web-connected device like your smart phone. With easily accessible software, you can assess your energy yield and productivity over time. In addition, you can detect faults and troubleshoot your system as well. With these metrics, you can tell when debris is impacting your solar performance. Of course, you can also see when it’s time for solar panel maintenance. Absolutely, ask your solar panel company Oakland NJ about solar monitoring equipment.

There are several products the best solar companies Oakland NJ have to offer. First, many top solar installation companies use LG solar panels Monroe NY and other areas for their efficiency rating and warranty. Next, rooftop racking systems are a great choice for residential installations. In addition, you can also install a solar battery to store your system’s excess energy for later. Moreover, microinverters are another one of the best solar panel equipment options. Furthermore, you can also get solar monitoring equipment to see real-time data on your energy yield. Consider these points to learn about what products the best solar companies Oakland NJ have to offer.