How to Choose Between the Different Solar Companies in NY

Solar Panel Installation Cost: Breaking Down Your Estimate

With ever-increasing utility bills, it’s no surprise that more and more Rockland and Orange County residents are looking into solar panels. This green energy solution is viable on a residential scale since you can have solar panels installed directly on your roof. Once you make the switch to solar, you can expect to achieve a lower carbon footprint for your home and very low utility bills for years to come.

Before you can start benefiting from solar panels, you must first select the right installer for the job. With so many solar companies in New York to choose from, how can you begin narrowing down the selection?

The trick is to know what qualities to look for in a reputable installer. As you interview prospective solar companies in New York, make sure you can check each of the following qualities off your list before you hire anyone.

Quality Equipment

Before you even start considering solar companies, it’s wise to know which solar panel brands are the best. Then you can quickly rule out companies that install lower quality panels.

One brand you can trust is SunPower. Solar panels from this manufacturer are the most efficient on the market today. They also have impressive durability that allows them to produce more energy in the decades to come. Comprehensive power and product warranties give you peace of mind, knowing that SunPower panels can truly live up to their claims.


The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) provides one of the most reputable solar installer certification programs in the country. Look for this certification or something similar as you begin your search for the right solar installer.

Flexible Payment Options

Along with choosing a company that offers the solar panel brand you want, you also need to find a company that offers the payment option you’re most interested in. This requires you to research the difference between purchasing, taking out a solar loan and leasing your panels.

  • Purchasing is the best option if you want the highest ROI and have cash available to front the investment.
  • Taking out a solar loan is ideal if you want to retain ownership rights but don’t have the funds to pay for your panels upfront. You can get started with $0 down!
  • Leasing is the route you should take if you want a no-hassle, no-money-down option. The solar company owns the panels and you pay a fee to use the energy they produce.

Good Recommendations

Do you have any friends, coworkers or neighbors who recently had solar panels installed? Ask them what company they worked with and how the job went. This is a good way to gather a short list of potential solar companies in New York to hire.

Next, take to the internet and read customer reviews. Find out the reputations different companies have earned for themselves. Keep in mind that even the most well-respected solar installer may still receive an occasional negative review. However, if the company follows up with the customer and sets things straight, they preserve their good reputation.


Finding solar companies in New York with positive customer reviews is a good sign, but the types of installations these companies perform are equally important. You want an installer with years of experience installing thousands of solar arrays that closely match what you’re looking for.

This helps to ensure the company won’t cut corners during the installation, which could result in roof leaks, electrical outages or energy production problems.

Free Quotes

Only bother to have a solar company stop by if they offer free quotes. There are plenty of solar companies in New York that do, so don’t waste your money on a company that requires payment before you’re even sure you want to hire them.

Just keep one thing in mind as you compare quotes: beware the basement-bargain price. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. What seems like a bargain now could mean outdated, inefficient equipment that doesn’t live up to your expectations. Hidden fees might also be tacked on at the end to bring the total cost higher than other bids you received from more forthright companies.

Commitment to Service

Finding a company to install your solar panels is one thing; finding one that takes the time to design the perfect system and follow up with warranty claims and monitoring services is much more ideal.

A full-service solar company also takes care of the paperwork associated with installing solar panels, including permitting, system approval and solar incentive applications. You’re more likely to be completely satisfied with the job when you choose a solar company that offers all of these services.

Start researching reputable solar companies in New York to begin your switch to solar today!
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