Solar Energy Jobs Outpace US Economy

Solar Energy Jobs Outpace US Economy

The United States is a leader in renewable energy, and when it comes to solar energy, we have plenty to celebrate. Since 2008 the U.S. solar energy capacity has grown thirtyfold, saving Americans tens of millions of dollars a year. Those who have already invested in rooftop solar panels can expect to see those savings continue for the next 30 years or more at no extra cost. Thanks to the SunShot initiative the U.S. has seen a growing skilled job pool in solar energy jobs and brought us closer to a brighter future for our planet, free from fossil fuels.

Solar Energy Jobs

These savings are compounded by the growth of the pool of skilled workers finding jobs installing, maintaining, and perfecting solar panels. These new solar energy jobs are being created at a rate 12 times faster than the overall job growth in the U.S. and now accounts for over 200,000 solar workers. Many veterans have found careers with solar energy, making up 8.1% of the solar workforce.

Careers in the solar industry also promise competitive wages, with hourly wages ranging from $21 for installers to $27 for sales professionals. The growth of the solar energy jobs has continued to increase 20% yearly, despite the rise in domestic unemployment.

Solar energy continues to create opportunities for small business and high quality jobs that provide a livable wage. More and more people can provide for their families while furthering the goal of a cleaner, greener earth.

The SunShot initiative, funded by the Department of Energy, is a major part of the decreasing cost and increasing availability of solar energy. We look forward to the future of solar energy, and our part in it. Learn more about SunShot and see if a career in solar energy is right for you!

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