5 Questions To Ask Solar Installation Professionals Newburgh NY

Solar Panel Installation Professionals in Newburgh NY

Before you implement your solar system, there are several questions you must ask Newburgh NY solar installation professionals. Installing a solar system can be a significant investment. As with any long-term investment, you need to work with experienced professionals, and ask an abundance of questions. Asking the right questions guarantees that you are informed about solar system functions and requirements. At the same time, it helps you develop future plans to eventually scale your residential or commercial system. As you consider your solar needs and requirements, consider these questions to ask solar installation professionals Newburgh NY.

Which Panels To Purchase

When planning your solar system, the first question to ask solar professionals concerns the best panels to buy in New York. Solar panels are the most essential component of your overall solar system. Panels ensure the steady collection of sunlight that can eventually be converted into usable energy. Concerning the panels themselves, you have multiple options available. Monocrystalline panels are the most reliable and energy efficient panels, often with a lifespan exceeding 25 years. For their superior efficiency and reliability, monocrystalline panels are also some of the most expensive. Polycrystalline or thin-film panels are slightly less expensive, however, these panels have efficiency standards not as high as monocrystalline counterparts. To support modern aesthetics with similar efficiency standards, many NY installation professionals are additionally offering solar roofing tiles and shingles. Prior to implementing your solar system, be sure to ask professionals about the setup with the maximum solar panel efficiency.

How To Maximize Solar Exposure

Be sure to ask solar installation professionals about the best ways to maximize solar exposure. Experienced solar professionals have installed thousands of systems, and therefore know the best rooftop locations for concentrated solar energy. On your rooftop, solar contractors ensure that your panels are not blocked by shade or other interference. At the same time, contractors may recommend advanced mounting hardware designed to tilt your solar panels towards the sun. This guarantees that your panels are placed at the best possible angle to absorb sunlight. For smaller systems, installation professionals can help you install solar concentrators that focus sunlight towards a specific grouping of panels. Before you install your solar system, be sure to ask professionals for the best ways to maximize solar exposure.

What Solar Financing Options Are Available

With the scope of your solar system planned, you need to ask installation professionals about the solar financing options available. One of the most popular renewable energy financing options is the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). In 2020, the ITC allows residential and commercial properties to deduct a maximum of 26% of the cost of their solar system from their taxes. However, in 2021, the credit reduces to 22%. In addition to the federal credit, you likely additionally qualify for the New York State Solar Energy System Equipment Credit. This credit compensates you for 25% of your total solar system expenditure up to a maximum of $5,000. Be sure to ask solar installation professionals about the various financing options and solar tax credits available for your renewable energy system.

Where To Utilize Solar Energy

Once you decide on the panels to purchase, and the optimal renewable energy system to install, you need to determine the most useful places to utilize solar energy. Whether you are installing a system for your Newburgh residence, or your NY commercial business, there are several solar applications available. You can utilize stored energy to power a number of electrical applications. Some Newburgh NY property owners use solar electricity as a backup source of power, whereas others utilize electricity to combat peak energy demand prices. Some NY properties even use solar ventilation applications to keep their spaces cool throughout the summer months. Ask solar panel companies Orange County about options for energy consumption.

Solar Maintenance Requirements

Before your system is installed, you need to act solar contractors about the solar maintenance requirements. Modern solar panels are extremely efficient, and therefore require very little maintenance. However, the maintenance that is required is absolutely essential to meet efficiency standards. You need to clean solar panels at least five times a year. Proper cleaning ensures your panels do not collect dirt or dust, which can potentially block energy collection. The brighter panels are, the maximum amount of sunlight that they reflect, and therefore energy that is collected. Be sure to find amount about specific cleaning or maintenance requirements impacting your systems overall efficiency or lifespan. Even with minimal costs, you need to be certain of the cost of maintaining solar panels in Westchester and other upstate areas. Before you install your optimal system, be sure to ask professionals about the solar maintenance requirements.

Before you can install a reliable system, there are several questions to ask solar installation professionals. First, you need to decide the best panels to purchase. With your panels decided on, you need to ask about the best ways to maximize performance efficiency. Ask experienced professionals about the various solar financing options available. At the same time, be sure to ask about the various applications for solar energy. Furthermore, be sure to inquire about the overall solar maintenance requirements prior to installing your system. Consider the points mentioned above for a comprehensive list of the best questions to ask solar installation professionals Newburgh NY.