Solar Installers in NY: Finding One You Can Trust

Solar Installers in NY: Finding One You Can Trust

Are you considering installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to benefit you financially, as well as helping the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with burning fossil fuels for electricity.

You’re excited about the prospect of powering your home at a much lower cost every month, but it’s vital to choose competent solar installers in NY. After all, a properly designed and installed system is critical for solar panels to function at their peak and deliver the highest performance possible.

As you compare various solar installers in NY, make sure they have these seven important qualities.

Several Years of Experience

The last thing you need is to be a new solar installer’s guinea pig. To avoid mistakes and ensure the process goes smoothly, look for a company that was founded at least three or four years ago. The company should have ideally installed hundreds if not thousands of solar panel arrays to get all the kinks worked out of their process. If you can, arrange to see a project in person that was completed by the installers you’re considering working with.

High Customer Satisfaction

It’s easy for a company to toot its own horn, so it’s wise to turn to third-party sources for an accurate look at customer satisfaction. One option is to read reviews on and Angie’s List, review sites that work hard to sift out phony reviews.

You can also ask the company for references. These are people who are willing to talk to you about their experience with the solar installer. While you have a reference on the phone, ask if the installer completed the work on time and stayed on budget. Ask if the solar panels are still performing satisfactorily and whether the reference recommends the installer for the type of job you have in mind.

Great Customer Service

Solar panels are an investment designed to last 30 to 40 years or longer. If you ever have problems with the installation down the road, you want to know you can trust the installer to come running to your aid.

To test different companies’ dedication to customer service, pay attention when you get in touch. Are you treated with respect on the phone? Do the employees work hard to answer all your questions, no matter how extensive? Do they remain patient when you ask for clarification on every point?

Look for a contractor that isn’t necessarily interested in making sure you buy from them, but that want you to make the most informed decision for your situation. In-depth knowledge and attention to detail from the very beginning are good signs of great customer service.

Skilled Technicians

When you’re on the phone asking questions of different solar installers in NY, find out what type of training installation technicians go through. You’re looking for a company that hires already-knowledgeable employees, but that also requires continuing training. There’s a lot to know about the installation and maintenance needs of equipment in an emerging market like solar power, so proper training can’t be overlooked.

High Quality Equipment

Typically, solar installers in NY don’t just install solar panels; they also sell, lease or lend all the necessary equipment. Quality solar panels work more efficiently and last longer than inferior products.

One way to tell you’ll get quality solar panels from an installer is to learn more about the brand they sell. SunPower is one brand in particular with a great user rating and impressive efficiency. In fact, this American-made brand is 21% efficient, making it the highest rated solar panel in the industry.

Customers rave about SunPower, praising its sleek appearance, unbeatable warranty, unbelievable savings and excellent longevity. A solar installer in NY that offers SunPower is one certainly worth considering.

Licensed and Insured

It’s vital for any type of contractor working on your home to have a license and insurance. A license proves the company meets minimum New York state requirements for a solar installer. This gives you peace of mind as you begin the project.

Insurance removes liability from you if someone is injured or your property is damaged during the solar panel installation. Insurance is incredibly important, especially for a task like solar installation where technicians will be climbing around on your roof and messing with your home’s wiring. It’s dangerous work, and insurance is there to protect you.

Knows and Cares About Your Community

Rockland and Orange Counties are comprised of tight-knit communities. You care about your neighbors, and they care about you. When you select a solar installer, you want to experience the same caring vibe you get from other members of your community.

With these qualities in mind, you’re ready to start researching solar installers in NY!

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