Solar Panel Reviews from Orange County, NY Homeowners

It can be tough to find a reliable source for solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY. Different solar power companies will all give you their own pitch about why their service and product is better than anyone else’s. Luckily, SunPower® by Infinity Solar doesn’t take the same route.

We’re not here to make a sales pitch, we’re here to bring each and every one of our customers the results they’ve dreamed of with the professionalism to match.

If you’re looking for solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY, you’ll appreciate some of these testimonials from real customers who have experienced real results. No pitch necessary.

Take our customers’ word for it.

In our years of experience, we have worked with many customers in Orange County, NY, each with unique goals and circumstances. SunPower® by Infinity Solar is committed to designing and installing that best possible solar system for each of our customers, saving them money and advancing energy independence. We can say all of this, but that doesn’t provide any proof. See what our customers in Orange County, NY have to say about us instead.

Tim (Middletown, NY)

“Getting the solar system from SunPower® by Infinity Solar was the best investment I’ve ever made. They are a professional company that does what they say when they tell you they will do it. From the initial meeting to the completion of the system, I have never been disappointed.”

Jonathan (Monroe, NY)

“I was a little skeptical at first about getting solar as there was a wide choice of suppliers available and lots of information to learn and understand as well as the concern about installation. I need not have worried as SunPower® by Infinity Solar soon put my mind at ease and after consulting with me to identify the perfect system for my needs, installed everything in one day and had me generating my own power immediately. Since then I have been very happy with the system which has also attracted a lot of attention and interest from my neighbors.”

Armando (Montgomery, NY)

“This system has been the best financial energy decision we have ever made. Installation was quick and simple and their team did such a great job. The end product compliments the beauty of our home. Even after the project/installation is complete their full team is fully committed and supportive for the life of the system. Customer service is fantastic.”

Tom & Julie (Chester, NY)

“We found that SunPower® by Infinity Solar, a responsible company who offers an American made product, is easy to work with on all levels from sales people to installation. We love the savings!”

When researching solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY, don’t forget to look over every detail. Investing in the future of energy is a huge commitment and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re not finding the information you need online, contact a trusted and professional solar panel installation company.

With almost a decade of service to the area and as the only certified SunPower® Master Dealer on the East Coast, you can be sure to trust SunPower® by Infinity Solar with your next solar panel installation. Solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY can help, but nothing beats speaking with a seasoned professional.

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