How Solar Panels For Municipal Buildings NJ Energize Local Communities

Solar Panels For Municipal Buildings NJ

There are several ways solar panels for municipal buildings NJ energize local communities. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, New Jersey currently ranks 7th in the nation for total solar power capacity. Notably, the Garden State aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Thus, many local municipalities are looking for solar energy contractors Morris County NJ and other areas to install systems on their buildings. As a government official, you need to know how solar panels can improve your community. This way, you can work to approve your municipal solar project. Read on to learn about how solar panels for municipal buildings NJ energize local communities.

Cost Savings

First, solar panels for municipalities NJ offers buildings significant cost savings. For example, one town’s municipal facility solar installation plan is projected to save the community over $1.2 million over the next 15 years. To obtain such massive economic savings, the town is installing panels on over 10 different municipal buildings in the area. In addition, they also installed a solar canopy over a municipal parking lot. Since these canopies offer ample space for solar panels, this installation is working to boost cost savings. From the install alone, the town can cut over $250,000 in their electric costs. With a reputable municipal solar installer, government agencies can usually generate clean, low-cost power for over 25 years. In short, municipal solar projects NJ are generating massive cost savings for local communities.

Job Development

In addition, solar panels for municipal buildings NJ is also fueling local job development. Notably, the solar industry offers a diverse range of jobs. For example, installers, manufacturers, and sales professionals are all essential to power the state’s switch to solar. With such a wide job range, the solar industry employs nearly twice as many people as the coal sector. Indeed, over 250,000 people currently work in solar. Notably, you can drive this job creation in your area by partnering with local solar contractors. Naturally, this can jump start your community’s clean energy economy. Plus, your example may drive residents and business owners to install industrial solar panels NJ, further increasing the job demand. Absolutely, solar panels for government buildings and municipalities NJ is fueling community job development.

Resilient Infrastructure

Next, solar power for municipalities New Jersey also provides resilient infrastructure. Notably, many of the best municipal solar companies offer solar batteries for their systems. In an emergency, these can provide backup power for municipal buildings. For example, police and fire stations can use this power to continue dispatching first responders. In addition, these solar panel systems can ensure timely emergency responses by keeping teams connected. With recent extreme weather impacting communities across the country, this resilience is critical for town service providers. Similarly, these solar panel systems can power shelters and city halls as well. Undoubtedly, solar panels for municipal buildings NJ empower local communities by providing resilient infrastructure.

Lead By Example

Moreover, municipal solar programs NJ allow local governments to lead by example in the shift to clean energy. Notably, a residential solar system alone can save about 1.3 to 1.6 tones of carbon emissions from going into the air each year. Since municipal systems are typically larger than home solar panels Monroe NY and other residential systems, this can significantly lower carbon emissions for the community. In addition, the Paris Climate Agreement aims to restrict global warming by 1.5 degrees Celsius. To meet this objective, data indicates cities should aim for 100% clean electricity by 2030. By starting at the government level, you can spark momentum for businesses, schools, and hospitals to follow in your footsteps. Certainly, solar powered government buildings NJ are leading by example as communities switch to sustainable energy.

NJ Clean Energy Programs

Furthermore, government building solar panels NJ is energizing communities through clean energy programs. For example, the Benchmarking Program allows municipalities and government agencies to get their solar projects started. With this service, you can get a free performance assessment that tracks and scores your energy usage. This makes is much easier to start your installation with a local contractor. In addition, municipal buildings can also get a Local Government Energy Audit through the NJCEP. Through this program, you can identify cost-justified energy efficiency measures, such as installing a solar panel system. Typically, this audit provides detailed information on how these measures can improve your energy consumption. Thus, clean energy programs are empowering solar panels for municipalities NJ.

There are several ways solar panels for municipal buildings NJ energize local communities. First, solar panels for municipalities offers significant cost savings. Next, solar powered government buildings also fuel community job development. In addition, solar systems provide resilient infrastructure for your town’s critical emergency response services. Moreover, you can lead by example in the global sustainability effort. Furthermore, NJ clean energy programs are also energizing muncipal solar projects. Consider these points to learn about how solar panels for municipal buildings NJ energize local communities.