Why Solar Panels For Warehouses Work Best In New Jersey (NJ)

Solar Panels for Warehouses in New Jersey

There are several reasons why solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ. Recently, a massive Amazon warehouse in New Jersey installed 30 acres of solar panels on its rooftop. Notably, this is one of the largest rooftop solar installations in the entire country. Since the warehouse itself has over 1 million square feet, the rooftop solar system can significantly reduce electric costs for the facility. As a business owner, you should know that New Jersey is one of the best locations to install warehouse solar panel systems. This way, you can evaluate electric savings and tax incentives for your business. Read on to learn about why solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ.

Massive Flat Roof Surfaces

First, solar panels work great for New Jersey warehouses because of their massive flat roof surfaces. Importantly, larger roof sizes allow for more roof to install solar panels. With a larger system size, you can generate a higher energy output for your company. Of course, you can also increase electric savings for your business. In addition, most warehouses have a flat roof design. This allows solar contractors to be more flexible with their mounting system orientation. Indeed, a flat roof makes it easier to angle the mounts so the panels can capture sunlight effectively. Definitely, massive flat roof surfaces make NJ a great place to install solar panels for warehouse.

Increased Solar Panel Efficiency

Next, solar panels for warehouses NJ also offer increased solar panel efficiency. Notably, warehouse facilities are often located in larger open areas. Indeed, many architects and building maintenance professionals design warehouse areas with little shade surrounding them. Importantly, this can increase the sun exposure of the building, allowing the panels to capture more renewable energy. In addition, top solar installers typically use micro inverters for rooftop installations. With this solar technology, one shaded panel does not impact the efficiency of the entire solar system. Therefore, warehouses in partially shaded regions can still generate large amounts of electricity. Absolutely, solar powered warehouses work great in NJ for their increased solar panel efficiency. Undeniably, this is important to consider when you switch to solar NJ.

Low Maintenance

In addition, solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ because of their low maintenance. Often, the only thing you need to worry about is keeping your solar panels clean and free of debris. To clean your panels, you usually just need to rinse them with a garden hose. Of course, you can also ask your solar installer about maintenance services as well. With highly durable solar panels, equipment damage is usually rare. Additionally, many of the best solar systems offer a 25-year warranty. If your system incurs damage during this window, your solar provider can usually fix it free of charge. With such low maintenance, solar panels for warehouses work great in New Jersey.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Moreover, warehouse solar panel systems NJ can also reduce your company’s operating expenses. On average, warehouse facilities reduce their monthly electricity bills by 75% on average. For some companies, this is the difference between paying $2,000 and $500 per month on their electric bill. With such large savings, commercial installations usually pay for themselves within three to seven years. Then, you can enjoy over 20 years of nearly free electricity. Naturally, the lifespan of your solar system depends on your warranty. To maximize your savings, look for an NJ solar panel installer who offers a 25-year solar system warranty. Undoubtedly, solar panels for warehouse NJ are the perfect solution to lower your company’s operating expenses.

Solar Incentives Lower Installation Costs

Furthermore, there are many commercial solar incentives to lower installation costs on NJ warehouse solar panels. For example, many commercial businesses apply for the federal solar tax credit. With this incentive program, you can reduce your warehouse solar installation cost by 26%. In addition, New Jersey businesses can also generate transition renewable energy certificates (TRECs) for every megawatt-hour of solar power their system produces. Notably, most commercial businesses can earn $152 per megawatt hour of solar energy. However, the NJ Board of Public Utilities is currently looking at replacing this program with the Solar Successor Program, which could lower the cost benefit. Therefore, try to commence your NJ warehouse solar project as soon as possible to maximize your solar savings.

There are several reasons why solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ. First, massive flat roof surfaces offer a wide space for solar contractors to arrange your solar array. Next, warehouses offer increased solar efficiency with optimal placement and high quality equipment. Certainly, this will maximize your NJ solar power ROI. In addition, warehouse solar panels are usually low maintenance for businesses. Moreover, you can significantly reduce your operating expenses once the panel system is up and running. Furthermore, solar incentives can lower your installation costs as well. Consider these points to learn about why solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ.