The Basics of Buying Solar Panels in NY

A growing number of homeowners in Rockland and Orange County are becoming interested in solar panel installation. As with any other major investment, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. Follow these basics of buying solar panels in NY so you know what to check off your list as you research your options.

Compare Solar Panel Brands

Perhaps the most important decision you have to make is figuring out which solar panel brand you want to invest in. As you’ll quickly learn when doing your research, not all solar panels are created equal. To help you benefit the most from your solar upgrade, make sure you choose a brand with these qualities:

  • Excellent efficiency rating: The more efficient a solar panel is, the more light it converts into usable energy for your home. Higher energy production is especially good news if you have limited roof space to work with. It means you can install fewer panels and produce more electricity. Finding a brand with a higher efficiency rating also gives you the biggest bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a high return on investment, don’t settle for an efficiency rating lower than 20%.
  • Warranty: Standard solar industry warranties only guarantee the product and power production for 10 years. Better warranties are out there, so be on the lookout for 25-year combined product and power warranties for the best coverage.
  • Durability: When you buy solar panels, you want them to last for decades. Choosing a product with a longer warranty helps give you more confidence this will happen, but also look for solar panels in NY that are built with durability in mind. Qualities such as a sturdy backing, thick connectors and a design that reduces corrosion and solar cell breakage decrease the chance you’ll ever have a problem.

SunPower solar panels are among the most efficient on the market at 21.5% efficient. They’re also built to last and have industry-leading comprehensive warranties to back them up.

Compare Solar Installation Companies

Once you settle on a brand, you need to find a solar installer in Rockland and Orange County to perform the design and installation for you. The company you choose could have a major impact on your overall satisfaction, so research your options carefully. Look for a company that:

  • Is a true solar expert.
  • Has experience performing installations similar to the one you need.
  • Is licensed and insured.
  • Offers start-to-finish solar design and installation.
  • Has competitive prices.
  • Offers solar panel monitoring services.
  • Has positive online reviews, proving the company’s dedication to customer service.

SunPower solar panel installers are part of an exclusive dealer network, which means not just any company can install them. Only solar installers who can pass specialized training and inspections as well as meet minimum standards for design, quality and service can qualify as a SunPower dealer. This means by choosing this brand and finding a dealer in your area, you can place full confidence in your installer.

Compare Solar Financing Options

You’ve selected a solar panel brand and found an installer – now you must decide how to finance your investment. Most installers offer three solar financing options:

  • Purchase solar panels in NY: The simplest choice is to purchase your solar panels up front. If you go this route, you can avoid paying interest and will have full access to tax credits, rebates, refunds and other incentives that bring the cost of solar way down. Of course, you need to have a few thousand dollars saved up for this to be an option, making an upfront purchase cost prohibitive for many people.
  • Lease solar panels in NY: Leasing is when you have solar panels installed with $0 down and pay a fixed monthly rate to “rent” the panels. In most situations, monthly payments are lower than the old utility bill, especially as time goes by and electricity rates continue to climb. You also hand over all ownership responsibilities, making this the most hassle-free way to go solar.
  • Take out a solar loan: This financing option is a combination of purchasing and leasing. You get full ownership, as if you purchased the panels outright, but you can also get started with $0 down. Owning the panels means you have full access to tax credits, rebates, refunds and other solar incentives, but you have ownership responsibilities as well, including any maintenance the solar panels require.

You can rely on a reputable solar panel company in NY to help you choose the right financing option based on your personal economic situation, ownership desires and return on investment goals. Soon, you’ll have your solar panels in NY installed and be on your way to enjoying clean, unlimited energy from the sun!

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