Choosing Between SunPower Dealers

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As an educated consumer, you’ve come to the conclusion that SunPower solar panels are the best option for your home. With industry-leading efficiency, longevity and warranty coverage, it’s easy to see why SunPower panels are some of the most popular in Rockland and Orange County.

Now that you know what brand of solar panels you want to install, you need to pick your installer with the same level of careful research. Here’s how to choose a qualified SunPower dealer for your solar installation.

Consider the Dealer’s Certification Level

Only SunPower dealers can install solar panels from this brand, so you’re already starting on the right foot. Every dealer must meet minimum training requirements, but their certification levels vary.

Find the right SunPower dealer for you by asking about their certification level. These include:

  • SunPower Master Dealers: These companies are the best in the business. If you choose an Master Dealer, you know you’re getting access to the most advanced training, products and services. Since these dealers exceed the stringent set of performance standards established by SunPower, they consistently receive high satisfaction ratings from customers.
  • SunPower Premium Dealers: Companies with this designation are also held to high standards for covering design, quality and service. Technicians must complete advanced training, which results in consistently high customer satisfaction scores.
  • SunPower Authorized Dealers: To be ranked as an Authorized Dealer, an installer must complete specialized training established by SunPower. They must also meet minimum performance standards and achieve good customer satisfaction scores.
  • SunPower Commercial Dealers: You should seek this designation if you plan to install solar panels for your business. Commercial Dealers are held to the same high standard as residential installers with reliable systems designed to produce enough electricity for larger commercial applications.

Double Check Customer Reviews

Even though SunPower dealers are expected to achieve a certain level of customer satisfaction before they can obtain their certification level, don’t take their ratings for granted.

Look them up for yourself to make sure the dealer you choose has sustained a consistently good reputation in the market. Check third-party customer review sites for unbiased reviews from real customers. You can also ask for references from the dealer that you contact and ask specific questions concerning their installation and overall satisfaction.

Learn How Much Experience the Dealer Has

Every solar installation is different. To ensure your satisfaction, find an installer that has not only installed hundreds of solar arrays before yours, but that also has experience performing solar panel installations similar to what you have in mind.

To do this, ask to see the dealer’s portfolio with pictures of completed projects. If possible, visit recent installation sites so you can view newly installed panels in person.

Ask About Additional Services

The installation portion of the project is important, but for your full satisfaction, the SunPower dealer you choose should offer several other services, both before and after the installation.

Sign a service agreement before work begins stating all the services you can expect to receive from your solar dealer. In addition to installation, these services should include:

  • A site assessment to make sure your roof and specific location qualifies your home for solar.
  • A meticulous system design to ensure you get the optimal number and placement of solar panels for your energy production needs.
  • Construction permitting on your behalf so you can sit back and relax while the dealer contacts your town/municipality and/or provides plans to your Homeowner’s Association.
  • Inspection and approval processing to clear the installation with your utility company and get your solar panels up and running.
  • Rebate processing, if applicable, to ensure you get the maximum refunds, rebates and tax credits for your energy-efficient home upgrade.
  • System maintenance to keep your panels performing at their peak for years to come.
  • System monitoring so you can keep an eye on your panels’ energy production and feel satisfied knowing how much money you’re saving.

Make Sure the Dealer is Licensed and Insured

Since SunPower dealers make big changes to their customers’ homes and work in potentially hazardous conditions, it’s important to find one with the proper licensing and insurance in place.

Typical business licenses to look for include general contracting, home improvement, electrical or home performance contracting. Ask for license numbers so you can verify the dealer’s credentials.

As for insurance, look for two types: liability and worker’s compensation insurance. Liability coverage removes any responsibility from you if a worker is injured on the job. Worker’s compensation also ensures you’re not left responsible to foot any medical bills or lost wages resulting from a worker’s accident installing your solar panels.

Now that you know what to look for, start narrowing down SunPower dealers in Rockland and Orange County. When you find the right one, schedule a site assessment to begin your transition to solar!
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