SunPower vs Sungevity

Solar Panel Installation Cost: Breaking Down Your Estimate

Do you want lower energy bills? Do you wish you had a way to lock in low rates for the next 20 to 30 years? This desire isn’t far-fetched; in fact, it’s completely feasible once you switch to solar.

If you live in Rockland or Orange County, you’ll be pleased to learn that New York has many great opportunities to go solar and you have numerous solar installers and solar panel brands to choose from. How do you narrow down your choices? Start by comparing SunPower vs Sungevity, two popular solar installation companies in New York.


SunPower vs Sungevity: Network Growth

The inspiration for SunPower dates back to the 1970s when company founder Dr. Richard Swanson pondered ways to combat the energy crisis. He thought, if solar cells can power satellites, why can’t this technology be expanded upon and made more affordable for residential and commercial customers here on the ground? Today, his dream has come true.

Since SunPower was officially incorporated in 1985, the company has seen consistent, steady growth, both here in the United States and around the world. In fact, the company is the second largest solar manufacturer in the US. About 40% of SunPower’s total revenues ($152 million in the second quarter of 2015) come from residential installations.

The company’s most popular line is the X-Series, the world’s most efficient solar panels. SunPower manufactured 300% more of these panels in 2015 than the previous year, and demand doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon.

SunPower vs Sungevity: Panel Technology and Installation

Demand remains high for SunPower solar panels largely because of the company’s high-efficiency panel technology. The X-Series delivers a record-breaking 21.5% efficiency – 44% higher than conventional panels – allowing homeowners who invest in them to produce more electricity with fewer panels and less roof space. Plus, thanks to incredible durability and longevity, X-Series solar panels produce 75% more electricity per square foot in the first 25 years than many competing brands.

SunPower has many qualified dealers across the US, including in New York. These dealers complete the installation process from start to finish – including design, installation, permits and system maintenance – so you don’t have to worry about an unqualified subcontractor completing the installation work.

SunPower vs Sungevity: Financing Options

SunPower wants everyone to have the chance to convert to clean solar energy, even if they don’t have the finances to purchase panels upfront. That’s why the company offers three flexible financing options:

  • You can purchase your panels outright if you have the funds and want to enjoy the biggest payback possible from your investment.
  • You can take out a loan to fund your investment if you want to own your panels and enjoy lower energy bills for decades to come.
  • You can lease your solar panels if you want SunPower to retain ownership responsibilities, yet still enjoy lower energy bills for the duration of the lease agreement.


SunPower vs Sungevity: Network Growth

Based on Oakland, California and founded in 2007, Sungevity has customers in the US and Europe. The company has seen consistent growth since its launch and even participates in the “Go solar, give solar” campaign, a program that donates a solar light kit to schools in Zambia for each residential Sungevity system installed in the US.

SunPower vs Sungevity: Panel Technology and Installation

Sungevity doesn’t advertise its solar panel efficiency, but the company promises to deliver efficient, high-quality solar arrays with watertight roof mounts for a more reliable system.

Unfortunately, Sungevity does not vet their subcontractors as vigorously as some, resulting in some less than satisfactory customer experiences. Sungevity’s impressive credentials don’t mean much when subcontractors without the same credentials are the ones performing the installation.

SunPower vs Sungevity: Financing Options

Sungevity also offers plenty of financing options to help more people benefit firsthand from having solar panels on their roof:

  • You can purchase your solar panels outright, either by paying in full with cash or financing the investment with a personal or home equity line of credit.
  • You can finance your solar purchase with a loan. Like taking out a loan for a car, you gradually pay off the loan each month, all the while enjoying noticeably lower energy bills.
  • You can lease your system with little money down to enjoy lower energy bills without any ownership responsibilities.
  • You can sign a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which allows you to purchase the electricity your solar panels produce. This option is similar to a lease in that Sungevity retains ownership of your panels, but unlike a lease, you pay for the power your system generates.

While both SunPower and Sungevity are viable options, SunPower is the best choice for top-efficiency panels and quality installation. Find a SunPower dealer in Rockland and Orange County to learn more about making the switch to solar.

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