Which Country Harnesses the Most Solar Energy?

Which Country Harnesses the Most Solar Energy?

Solar is an important player in the worldwide goal to reduce carbon emissions and slow climate change. Many countries have already adopted large-scale solar installations, and record growth is expected in the coming years.

The total global solar capacity at the end of 2019 was approximately 627 gigawatts (GW), a 22% growth over 2018. An additional 125 GW of solar capacity is expected to be added each year after 2022.

Countries across the globe are scaling up their solar efforts. Can you guess which country harnesses the most solar energy? Here’s a countdown of the top five countries with the largest installed solar power capacity as of 2019.

5. India

India boasts the fifth-largest installed solar capacity, coming in at 38 GW and producing 54 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity per year. As the world’s third-largest carbon emitter, new policies continue to shift India away from fossil fuels and toward renewables like solar. The government’s goal is to reach 450 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030, and solar installations are expected to be essential for achieving this ambitious goal.

4. Germany

Germany has deployed around 49 GW of solar installations, which generate 47.5 TWh of electricity. The German government recently proposed hitting 100 GW by 2030. Small-scale installations are common thanks to government incentives, and the largest project to date is a 187-megawatt (MW) facility northeast of Berlin.

3. Japan

Coming in third in the world is Japan, with its solar power fleet of about 63 GW and annual electricity production of over 74 TWh. The Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011 has prompted the country to scale back its nuclear pursuits in favor of solar and other safe renewables. Solar capacity could reach 100 GW by 2025 as government policies and decreasing prices drive more installations.

2. The United States

The US has 76 GW of solar installations, which produce 93 TWh of electricity. California, North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas are the most active states in the solar industry. Solar installations are expected to reach around 420 GW in the next decade as the US strives for carbon-free electricity by 2035.

1. China

Boasting a whopping 205 GW of solar installations and generating 224 TWh of electricity, China has the world’s largest solar energy fleet. Despite this, the country’s huge population and economic scale mean it continues to rely on fossil fuels for its vast energy needs. The single largest solar installation, totaling 2.2 GW, is located in Qinghai province.

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