Lake Katrine Resident Reduces Carbon Footprint and Saves Money with Infinity Energy


At Infinity Energy, our mission is to help customers just like Brandon reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. We recently had the pleasure of working with Brandon, who was searching for a solar panel installation service that could help him meet his goals of reducing his environmental impact. We’re proud to say that we were able to help him do just that in Lake Katrine, NY.

The Project

We were referred to Brandon by an online search and immediately got to work on his project. Our goal was to install a grid tie-in system that would reduce Brandon’s carbon footprint and help him save on energy costs. In order to ensure the highest quality workmanship, we used an Enphase inverter and REC solar panel brand for the installation.

The property Brandon owned was a residential house located in Lake Katrine, NY with full sun exposure. To maximize efficiency, we decided to use a sloped roof mounting racking system. The project duration was completed successfully in one day and resulted in a successful solar panel installation.

Why Choose Infinity Energy?

Brandon chose Infinity Energy because of our excellent customer service, performance and durability guarantees, excellent reputation, and quality workmanship. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers throughout the entire process – from initial consultation through installation and beyond. Our team of experienced technicians are dedicated to ensuring each job is done right the first time while providing superior customer service every step of the way.

Results of our Work

The results of our work spoke for themselves – Brandon was able to reduce his carbon footprint by installing a solar energy system on his property. He now has access to clean energy at an affordable cost while contributing positively towards a cleaner environment for everyone in Lake Katrine and beyond.


At Infinity Energy, we are proud to have been able to help Brandon achieve his goals of reducing his environmental impact with a successful solar panel installation project in Lake Katrine, NY. By choosing us for his solar panel installation needs, he was able to benefit from our customer service, performance guarantees, excellent reputation, and quality workmanship while also reducing his carbon emissions and saving money on energy costs. We look forward to continuing our mission of helping people all over Bergen County save money while contributing positively towards a cleaner environment!

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