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“My experience with SunPower® by Infinity Solar? Amazing company, no doubt the best, on time, organized, well trained, educated, hard workers who know what they’re doing…”

– Christian From Yonkers, NY

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Increases The Value Of Your New York Home

Recover nearly all the investment costs of solar panels if you move, on top of your annual energy savings.

Save Money on Your Monthly Utility Bill

In New York, solar typically costs less than energy from the utility, so you can save on your bill and with our $0 down programs, making the switch to solar is easy.

Utilizes Renewable Energy

Solar panels reduce your dependency on a volatile energy market by producing clean, pure energy directly from the sun.

Fun Fact: Solar creates 91% less CO2 pollution than natural gas and 96% less than coal.

Achieve Energy Independence!

Solar energy is unlimited, reliable, bountiful and clean. It’s the most natural way to power your home!

Serving 5 New York Counties

We love New York. We’re also extremely proud to say that we’ve been successfully installing solar panels here for more than 10 years! Over the course of that time, we’ve successfully completed more than 1000 solar panel installs in the tri-state area. Check them out for yourself below.

Counties We Serve:

  • Orange County
  • Rockland County
  • Westchester County
  • Parts of Dutchess and Sullivan County
Montgomery, NY

Armando Saved $1500 Last Year

“This system has been the best financial energy decision we have ever made. Installation was quick and...

Yonkers, NY

Christian Saved $2000 Last Year

“My experience with Infinity Energy? Amazing company, no doubt the best, on time, organized, well trained, educated,...

The Many Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel system has many benefits for the property owner and for the environment. Solar power is a great way to use sustainable, natural resources to create energy and to enjoy savings on your energy bills!

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Solar power is unlimited, reliable, and bountiful, and is the most natural way to power your house. Here are some of the things you might need to know when you’re considering solar panel installation for your home:

How many solar panels are needed to power a house?

You need to figure out the size of the solar system that will generate the power necessary to meet your particular energy consumption. That can vary a lot from one household to another and depends on a number of factors: what you usually spend on electricity, the size of the home, how many electrical appliances you have, how much you run the heater or air conditioner, whether you have a swimming pool, how many people live in the house, and more.

You or your electric company can sum up the numbers of what energy you used for the past year. You then divide that by 12 to get the average.

The amount of power (kWh) that the solar energy system can produce depends on the number of solar panels. For example, a 3kW system consists of 12 panels that can produce an average of 4,200 kWh per year and would need a roof space of about 194 square feet. A 5kW system consists of 20 panels that can produce an average of 7,000 kWh per year and would need a roof space of about 340 square feet. A 10kW solar system consists of 40 panels that can produce an average of 14,000 kWh per year and would need a roof space of about 680 square feet.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels require very little maintenance because they have few moving parts that have to be fixed or would rust. They are made from strong materials, like high-impact tempered glass, that can endure the toughest weather and the sun’s heat. Breakdowns are unlikely, and the panels last a long time. Even though solar panels are expensive to buy, you save money over time because you do not have to pay for energy gotten from the sun.

How long does installation take?

It is best to have solar panel installation done professionally so you know it’s done right. With over 10 years of experience, our professional installers have a well-earned reputation for being on time and sticking to the schedule. In fact, most installation jobs can be completed in one day!

Although the length of time for installation may vary according to the size and number of panels being installed, we will do our best to finish quickly so you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy with as little hassle as possible.

What are some of the other benefits of solar panels?

Energy savings are arguably the biggest advantage of using a solar power system, but they aren’t the only benefit. Here are some more:

  • They add value to the property, so you can sell it for much more (and recoup most or all of the installation cost) when you move.
  • Solar energy is non-polluting, so is a boon to the environment. Solar creates 96% less CO2 pollution than coal and 91% less than natural gas.
  • Solar cells are silent and do not make any annoying noises that would bother you or your neighbors.
  • Sunlight hours overlap with peak demand, so the panels produce electricity when it would be both most costly and most required from the electric company.

With lower utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint as well, adopting solar energy is a home improvement you can feel good about!


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