How Do I Get A Tesla Charging Station Install NJ At Home?

There are several steps to get a Tesla charging station install NJ at home. Undoubtedly, Tesla owners need to understand their charging station options as they invest in their electric cars. Notably, many businesses are now hosting Tesla charging stations for customers to charge their vehicles. Of course, it’s usually more convenient for Tesla owners to charge their cars right at home. As a Tesla owner in the market for a home charging station, you need to know the right steps for a successful install. This way, you can find an affordable charging option that fits with your home’s electric system. Read on to learn about how to get a Tesla charging station install NJ at home.

Find A Local Installer

First, you need to find a local installer to get your home Tesla charging station install NJ. To charge your electric car at home, you should work with an experienced solar electric professional. Notably, these rooftop solar energy Bergen County professionals and professionals in other areas can recommend a type of charger that fits with your home’s electrical setup. In addition, they can find a location that is convenient to your parking space as well. This way, you can maintain easy charging access for your car. Typically, Tesla charging installers are trained to install equipment, adhere to proper permitting, and maintain inspection requirements. To find an installer near you, contact your local solar company. Alternatively, conduct a search on Tesla’s site for home charging installers. Absolutely, find a local installer for your Tesla charging station NJ.

Determine The Best Location

Once you find a reliable solar Tesla charging station installer in New Jersey, you should work with them to determine the best location for your setup. For example, standard Level One chargers can usually plug into standard house plugs. Typically, these deliver 12 amps or about 40 miles in an 8-hour charging session. Although this offers a slower charge, this offers more flexibility to fit your parking space right from your garage. Alternatively, you can also get a Level Two charger to recover about 14 miles for each hour you plug your car in. If you are looking for an amp plug above 50, you may need a new panel to support the power. Some homeowners also opt to switch to a natural gas dryer. Then, you can use the 30 amp plug there for your Tesla charger. Definitely, work with your Tesla charging installer NJ to find the best location for your setup.

Get A Cost Estimate

Next, you should get a cost estimate for your home charging station install NJ. Notably, your home charger cost installation varies from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Typically, this depends on the type of charger you get and the scope of upgrades that go with it. For example, the Wall Connector is one of the most convenient home charging stations. As a Level 2 EV charger, this model can charge over 10 times faster than a trickle charger. Simultaneously, the best solar companies NJ and charger installers can custom fit this to almost any electrical system to match the onboard charger of the vehicle. Of course, you should always consider your budget needs when looking at your options. In short, get a cost estimate for your home charging station install NJ.

Schedule Your Tesla Charger Installation

Moreover, you should schedule your home Tesla charger install NJ once you found an estimate that works for you. Typically, most installations take one to two days, depending on the type of modifications needed. For example, you may need electrical modifications to the circuits in your garage. Simultaneously, you may need to apply for the proper permits ahead of time for your installation. Ideally, you should contact your Tesla charger installation company several months in advance or as soon as you know you are purchasing the electric car. This way, you can get your home charger in time to power your car conveniently. Certainly, schedule your Tesla charger installation NJ in time with renovations and modifications in mind.

Connect Your Car

Furthermore, connect your car to start using your home Tesla charger NJ. If you have a Model S/X and are using a Level 1 120 V charger, it usually takes about four days to charge your car from empty to full. It can usually charge your car at about 2 miles of Tesla range per hour. On the other hand, a Level 2 240V charger can perform a full charge in about 6 to 30 hours. This means, you get about 9 to 52 miles of Tesla charging range per hour. If you have a Level 3 Supercharger, this can charge your car in about 30 minutes for a 170-mile range. Importantly, the age of your Tesla battery and its overall health can impact your Tesla charging time. Thus, consult with your Tesla charging station installer NJ about the best station for your budget and time needs.

There are several steps to get a Tesla charging station install NJ at home. First, find a local home solar panel installation NJ company or installer who can advise you as you get your Tesla charger. Next, determine the best location for your at home Tesla charging station. In addition, get a cost estimate for your charger model and home electric modifications. Moreover, schedule your Tesla charger installation. Furthermore, connect your car to start charging your electric vehicle. Consider these points to learn about the how to get a Tesla charging station install NJ at home.

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