What Do Our Clients Say?

Donohue Family

For us it was a no brainer. It was essentially going to cut our electricity bIlls in half by going solar so we felt like this was definitely the right choice for us

Hoffman Family

Along with some other proposals I had I decided to go with Infinity because of the supported help and also the pricing was extremely competitive…I also had the roofing done & the gutters done by them so the entire process was seamless!

Danielle Site Survey Experience

Overall the process went very smooth and for someone that knew very little about solar I feel like they really kept me informed and explained everything as they were going.

Abosharr Family

I had an amazing experience with Infinity. Prior to Infinity I was with another company, did some research, met with people but Infinity made it possible and I think this was the best investment I have done. I see the difference everyday!

Pulsfort Family

I would say after thinking about going solar it’s probably the best thing I did for my house because it took my energy bill from $190 a month to $46 a month!

Danielle’s Roofing Experience

We’re going to start seeing savings immediately so it’s really awesome to be able to get this done without having to give any money upfront.

Danielle’s Installation Experience

I didn’t realize it was only going to take a couple of hours so they were in and out of here super quick, super efficient. They did a great job cleaning up and leaving the house the same way it was when they got here.

Danielle’s Monthly Savings w/ Net Metering

It’s a huge savings going from $150 to $4.95 so right off the bat we’re super excited about that.