Anand’s Electricity Bills Decrease and Property Value Increases After Installing an Enphase Grid-Tie-In Solar System with Infinity Energy

property value increased after solar panel installation with Infinity Energy

At Infinity Energy, our mission is to help homeowners like Anand reduce their monthly electricity bills and take advantage of government incentives. We are proud to say that we recently completed a project with Anand in the beautiful city of Monticello, NY and were able to exceed his expectations. 

The Challenge: Lowering Utility Bills and Taking Advantage of Government Incentives

Anand was looking for a solar energy company that could help him reduce his electricity bill and take advantage of government incentives. He had heard great things about Infinity Energy from a neighbor and reached out to us for help. 

Our Solution: Installing an Enphase Grid-Tie-In Solar System

Our team decided that the best solution for Anand’s needs was to install a grid-tie-in solar system using REC solar panels and an Enphase inverter. This type of system would allow him to reduce his electricity bill while taking advantage of government incentives. We also provided him with a Sloped Roof mounting racking system to ensure optimal sun exposure for the solar panels. 

The Results: Lower Electricity Bills and Increased Property Value 

Anand was thrilled with the results! Not only did he see an immediate decrease in his electricity bills, but he also saw an increase in his property value as well. Furthermore, he was very pleased with our competitive pricing, excellent customer service, quality workmanship, performance and durability guarantees, as well as our financing options – all of which made it easy for him to go solar. 

Why Choose Infinity Energy? 

At Infinity Energy, we strive to provide our customers with the best possible experience when it comes to installing solar systems. We are experts in the field and can provide you with top-notch service when it comes to installing your solar panel system. Our team is dedicated to helping you save money on your electricity bills while taking advantage of government incentives – all without sacrificing quality or performance. 

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