Homeowner in Warwick, NY Enjoys the Benefits of a Reliable Solar Energy System with Infinity Energy

enjoy benefits of solar energy system & solar panel installation with Infinity Energy

We strive to provide the highest quality solar energy solutions for our customers. We recently had the pleasure of helping Julie with her solar energy needs in Warwick, NY. She was looking to reduce her utility bill and help the environment by going solar.

Our Solutions

We provided Julie with a grid-tie-in system using sloped roof mounting and REC panels. We also installed an Enphase inverter to ensure the highest level of efficiency and reliability. With full sun exposure, she was able to get optimal performance from her new system.

Our excellent customer service, warranty, performance durability guarantees, free solar consultation, and excellent reputation were the reasons Julie chose us for her project.

Results of Our Work

Julie’s new solar panel system has already resulted in an increase in her home’s value, lower electricity bills, and locked-in low energy costs for her home in Warwick, NY. She is now able to enjoy all of the benefits of having a solar energy system without worrying about high utility bills.

We are proud to have been able to solve Julie’s needs with our high quality solar panel installation services. With this successful installation she is now able to enjoy all of the benefits of a reliable solar energy system without worrying about high utility bills or environmental impact. Her experience serves as an example of why choosing Infinity Energy is always a smart decision when it comes to your solar energy needs!

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