Highly Recommended: Infinity Energy for Quality Solar Panel Installation

high quality solar panel installation service by Infinity Energy

Joel from Fair Lawn, NJ recently decided to take control of his electricity bill and go solar. He contacted Infinity Energy to survey his property and get started with the process. After a successful site survey the team was able to determine the best way forward and install a roof solar system.

Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as it offers homeowners the opportunity to reduce their electricity bills, reduce their environmental impact, and even benefit from government incentives. As Joel found out, it’s also a great way to increase his property value. 

Sloped Roof Mounting for Maximum Efficiency

Joel’s roof was determined to be ideal for sloped roof mounting during the survey visit. This type of mounting is becoming increasingly popular in residential properties because it allows for maximum efficiency by keeping the solar panels at an optimal angle relative to the sun’s rays.

Infinity Energy used Enphase inverters for this project which allowed them to achieve very high levels of performance and durability guarantees. The panels used were REC brand which are renowned for their quality and reliability in harsh climates such as New Jersey’s.


Why Choose Infinity Energy?

When choosing a company with whom to work on any major project like going solar, there are many factors that come into play: financing options, customer service record, warranty coverage, performance and durability guarantees, pricing structure as well as reputation in the industry are all important considerations when selecting your installer.

Infinity Energy comes highly recommended due to its excellent customer service record, competitive pricing structure and reliable warranty coverage that ensures peace of mind for its customers for years after installation has been completed.

Joel chose Infinity Energy based on these factors as well as their experience in installing grid-tie systems quickly and efficiently – something that was important given the short timeframe he had available!  

Benefits of Going Solar

The benefits of going solar are numerous; not only does it help reduce your electricity bills but it also increases your property value while reducing your environmental impact with clean energy production. Furthermore, you can benefit from government incentives such as tax credits or grants that can help offset some of the cost associated with going solar – making it even more affordable in some cases!

Thanks to Infinity Energy Installation’s experienced team, Joel now enjoys all the benefits that come with producing clean energy from his rooftop! With lower electricity bills and increased property value thanks to this simple yet effective upgrade he is sure he made the right decision in choosing Infinity Energy when deciding who would be best suited for this project.