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Segundo of Ossining, NY was looking for a way to reduce his utility bill and do his part in conserving the environment. After being referred to Infinity Energy by a friend, Segundo decided to switch to solar energy. Infinity Energy is a leading provider of solar panel installation services in Westchester County. Our goal is to provide customers with quality workmanship, and competitive pricing, which is why Segundo chose Infinity Energy for the job.

The property where the solar panel system was installed was a house with full sun exposure throughout the day, making it an ideal location for a solar panel system that would produce the most amount of power. The racking system was sloped roof mounting, while an Enphase inverter was used to ensure maximum performance and durability.

The project was completed in one day, allowing for immediate savings on the utility bill and reducing carbon footprint. Now, Segundo’s electricity bills are lower than ever before, thanks to Infinity Energy’s quality workmanship and expertise in solar panel installation. In addition, he’s doing his part in preserving the environment by decreasing carbon emissions and creating renewable energy through his solar-powered home. 

In selecting Infinity Energy for this project, Segundo took advantage of some benefits he had not seen elsewhere: free consultation services and performance and durability guarantees that gave him peace of mind throughout the process. He also found that Infinity Energy provided superior customer service throughout all stages of planning and installation – something that cannot be talked about by many other companies in this field. 

All in all, switching to solar energy has been beneficial for Segundo, both financially and environmentally. With the help of Infinity Energy’s knowledgeable team and top-notch services, we able to install a robust solar energy system that producing reliable energy every day while helping them save money on their electricity bills at the same time! 

If you’re looking for quality solar panel installation services in Ossining, NY, look no further than Infinity Energy. With our experienced team of professionals and superior customer service, we can help you achieve your energy-saving and environmental goals while also providing free consultation services and guarantees on performance and durability. Segundo is one example of our countless customers who have benefited from using Infinity Energy’s services.

Infinity Energy Offers: 

  • Free consultation services 
  • High-quality Workmanship 
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Performance and durability guarantees 
  • Solar panel installation services in Ossining, NY
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Superior customer service

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