8 Reasons for New York to Choose Renewable Energy for Home

renewable energy for home

New York has some of the highest electricity bills in the nation, but this presents an opportunity for homeowners to realize substantial savings when transitioning to solar energy. According to EnergySage, installing an average-sized solar system can lead to savings of $27,878 for 20 years in New York. Cost-saving is just one of the advantages of switching to renewable energy for home. In this blog, we will explore eight significant reasons for switching to solar.

Reasons Why New York Residents Should Switch to Solar Panels

While a primary advantage of solar energy is a significant reduction in your carbon footprint, there are numerous other compelling reasons to consider installing solar panels for your home, including substantial financial advantages. We have explained these 8 reasons for opting for renewable energy:

Little Maintenance for Solar Panels

Solar panel systems demand minimal maintenance throughout their lifespan. These systems are inherently simple and lack any moving components. The need for manual cleaning and upkeep is eliminated because solar panels are strategically angled to allow rainwater and debris to slide off, which makes it a good reason to go solar in New York.

Eco-Friendly Environment

If you are a homeowner in New York City, one of the most effective steps towards an eco-friendly environment is to switch to solar energy. According to Solar.com, till June 2022, natural gas was the source of over 50% of New York State’s electricity production. This fact raises concerns regarding air pollution and its contributions to climate change.

Solar power is harnessed by capturing the sun’s energy, resulting in a completely clean source of electricity. Homeowners can contribute to reducing their reliance on fossil fuels by choosing solar panel services. This benefits individual households in New York and supports the transition towards more sustainable energy sources.

Long Lifespan of Solar Panels

The lifespan of solar panels, on average, is around 25 years, which represents the period they’ll perform at peak efficiency. However, even after 25 years, high-quality panels will still operate at over 90% efficiency, although you may notice a gradual decline in power output. This means you can depend on your panels for years beyond their estimated lifespan. In fact, some solar systems installed in the 1980s are still functioning today! The long lifespan of solar panels is a prominent reason why New York residents should choose renewable energy for home.

Reduction in Electricity Bill

Solar power presents significant potential for reducing your monthly utility expenses. Considering the prevailing trend of increasing utility costs, solar will also remain a cost-effective choice for electricity even in the future. Your savings will depend on factors like your electricity consumption, the size and efficiency of your solar system, and its power output. Additionally, you can have a third-party-owned system, where you host a solar installation on your roof and buy the electricity it produces at a discounted rate. This costs much less than what utilities charge.

Increases Value of Home

Renewable energy for home can enhance the value of your residential property.  According to research conducted by Zillow, homes equipped with solar panels in New York City have been observed to sell for 4.1% more than similar homes lacking solar installations. This is because homebuyers consider the initial premium for solar panels as a wise investment due to the long-term savings they will experience. It also indicates that investing in solar energy offers environmental benefits and increases the home’s value.

Energy Independent

Producing solar energy offers the advantage of electricity even during power interruptions. When combined with battery storage in residential solar systems, you can access electricity, irrespective of weather conditions or the time of day, without grid-based backup power. Overall, solar panel services reduce your reliance on external sources and the volatility of energy prices. This is a significant reason why people in New York should switch to solar.

Net Metering

Net metering is a significant reason for choosing solar panel services in New York. It allows you to earn credits for the extra electricity your panels produce during the day, which you can use to offset your electricity costs when your panels aren’t generating power at night or in the winter. The advantages offered by this policy make solar panels the best renewable energy for home.

Solar Incentives

Tax rebates and incentives play a crucial role in motivating residents of New York to choose solar panels, as these schemes can reduce the upfront cost of installing solar panels. For example, residents in New York can avail of federal and state-level incentives. Federal Investment Tax Credit offers an excellent opportunity for New York residents to realize financial benefits for their homes. When homeowners install solar panels, they become eligible to receive a 30% refund on both the purchase price of the panels and their installation expenses.

Additionally, New York State offers various incentives, such as the NY-Sun program, which provides cash incentives based on the size and type of solar system installed. Moreover, residents can benefit from property and sales tax exemptions on solar equipment, making solar panels affordable.

These financial incentives make renewable energy systems more affordable and appealing to homeowners. It is important to note that the specifics of these incentives can change with time, so it’s essential to check the most up-to-date information and consult with local authorities or solar energy experts for the latest details.

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Choosing renewable energy for home in New York is not merely a choice but a commitment to a sustainable future. Additionally, the city provides numerous financial incentives to support solar power adoption. With eight compelling reasons ranging from environmental benefits to long-term cost savings, renewable energy is a powerful step toward a cleaner home. 

So, let the solar panel services power your home in New York. If you are looking for a professional company to help you with the best renewable energy for home, feel free to contact Infinity Energy for expert guidance. Switch to renewable energy for your New York home today!