How Long Do Solar Panels Last In NJ Rooftops?

How Long Do Solar Panels Last In NJ Rooftops

There are several steps to tell how long do solar panels last in NJ for rooftop systems. Depending on the solar panel manufacturer, many companies guarantee system performance for 25 to 30 years. However, it’s possible for your solar panels to produce electricity even longer than that. In fact, the world’s first solar panel can still produce electricity after 60 years. Naturally, solar equipment does tend to decline in efficiency as it ages. As a New Jersey property owner in the market for solar, you need to know what lifespan you can expect from your solar panel installation Hoboken NJ and the steps you can take to extend its longevity. Read on to learn about how long do solar panels last in NJ for rooftop systems.

Consider Your Roof Condition

To gauge the lifespan of your NJ solar system, you should first consider your roof condition. Since panels are designed to last decades, your roof needs to be structurally sound to support the system for its full lifespan. If you have an older, damaged roof, your professional solar contractor may recommend a repair or replacement prior to installation. Often, this is essential to maintain the safety of your home as well as solar contractors working on the project. To assess your roof, solar companies schedule a site evaluation with you to ensure your roof is well-positioned to last the lifespan of your system. Fortunately, many top solar installers also do roof repairs and replacements if needed before your installation. Definitely, consider your roof condition to maximize your solar system lifespan in NJ.

Use Warranty As An Indicator

Next, you can use your NJ solar system warranty to estimate its longevity. Many top solar providers offer a 25-year warranty on your solar installation. Typically, this covers your essential system components. By choosing a reliable solar company, you can access solar panels that are built to last. For example, some of the best companies use panels made with strong materials, such as high-impact tempered glass. Often, these are designed to withstand New Jersey’s seasonal weather conditions, such as snow, storms, and the summer heat. These materials also have a very low likelihood of rusting from exposure. With high quality solar components, installers can provide a long-lasting warranty and an accurate solar cost estimate Hudson County NJ. Surely, this warranty is a key indicator to estimate your NJ solar system lifespan.

Account For Solar Panel Degradation Rate

In addition, you should account for the solar panel degradation rate to estimate the longevity of your NJ rooftop solar panels. Naturally, solar panels slowly lose their ability to absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity over time. Commonly, this is referred to as the degradation rate. Typically, the lower the degradation rate, the longer your solar panel system will last. According to studies from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), solar panel manufacturers, such as LG offer solar panels with degradation as low as 0.30% per year. With average degradation at about 0.50% and the worst at about 0.80%, this is a great manufacturer to ensure long-lasting panels. Indeed, after 25 years, a panel system with 0.30% degradation with still function at about 93% of the original output. Thus, you can still expect excellent performance from your NJ solar system after the warranty.

Monitor Your System

Moreover, you should monitor your NJ solar system to ensure it lasts. One of the best ways to do this is to have your installer regularly check the system. This way, your solar provider can resolve potential issues before they cause damage. For example, if loose racking or exposed wires go unchecked, they could cause a problem in the future. Of course, many solar electricians also connect your panels to a mobile application. Typically, these apps can notify you if your solar system drops below a normal performance rate. Indeed, you can use this to tell if debris is covering one of your panels or if you need to schedule an inspection for your rooftop solar power in New York or NJ. Certainly, monitor your New Jersey rooftop solar system to expand its lifespan.

Keep Panels Clear From Debris

Furthermore, you should also keep your NJ solar panels clear from debris and other damaging materials. For example, leaves, dirt, pollen, bird droppings, and fallen branches can reduce your system efficiency. Many solar panel providers recommend cleaning your panels regularly to prevent damaging build-up. To do this, you can spray them with a garden hose. Of course, you can always contact your solar contracting company if you would prefer maintenance services or if you need assistance. Importantly, regular cleaning helps preserve your solar system and extend its lifespan. Therefore, keep your NJ panels clear from debris for the best results.

There are several steps to tell how long do solar panels last in NJ for rooftop systems. First, consider your roof condition to ensure that it can support your solar panels for decades. Next, use warranty as an indicator for the quality and longevity of your solar panels. In addition, account for the degradation rate to ensure the lifespan of your system. Moreover, monitor your system to ensure prevent issues. Furthermore, keep panels clear from debris to prevent damage. Consider these points to learn about how long do solar panels last in NJ for rooftop systems.