A Primer On The History Of Solar Energy

Wind Turbine and Solar Panels in New Jersey

Do you know that the use of solar energy dates back to 7th century B.C? The history of solar energy starts when mankind first harnessed solar power to make fire and as the years went by, people found more ways to use solar power to make life easier. It was two centuries ago that mankind started using sun’s energy to create electricity which revolutionized the industrial world. The installation of solar panels has been on the rise as more people are realizing the benefits of using solar power.

The Birth Of Solar Panels

In 1876, William Adams, working closely with Richard Evans his student, discovered that a material called selenium when exposed to an amount of light produced electricity. Photovoltaic cells found in the Selenium were converting sunlight to electricity at a percentage of 1 to 2. The word PV short for photovoltaic is derived from two words; Photo which pertains to light and voltaic which means to produce voltage. This discovery however took more than 100 years before the concept of converting sunlight to electricity became more than an experiment.

How Solar Energy Has Revolutionized The World

As years goes by, people have become sensitive to the fact that our world is changing and if we don’t take drastic measures to save our environment there may not be a future to look forward to. For this reason, the use of solar power is increasing by day and solar panels are now being used at homes and even in manufacturing industries. There have been recent inventions of cars running on solar power to replace oil as a source of energy. The environmentalists are encouraging the use of solar energy to leave behind a good carbon footprint.

Benefits Of Solar Panels

Solar energy has so many benefits and with the invention of solar panels, it means that we can harness the sun energy right into our homes. In as much as installing solar panels in our homes can be costly at first, there are so many benefits of taking this step which makes the whole process worth it. Some of the top benefits of installing solar panels in our homes include:

  • Save money on utility bills: Installing solar panels in your home helps to reduce the amount of money we pay towards utility bills every month. The initial cost of installing solar panels can be high but we end up saving more in the long run.
  • Increase your home value: Once you install solar panels in your home, your home’s value automatically increases. Solar panels increase a home’s market value since the new owner will benefit from paying lower utility bills.
  • Solar energy is a secure investment: Recently, the utility companies have been increasing electricity prices which affect the economy. Installing solar panels in your home will save you from unreliable electricity prices since you work on fixed energy costs. Solar panels have a 25-year warranty which guarantees you of an uninterrupted source of electricity.