Finding the Best Solar Panel Company in Orange County, NY

Solar Installers in NY: Finding One You Can Trust

You’ve researched different clean energy options and decided solar is right for you. You also know what financing option you want to use to pay for the investment. Now, you need to research the best solar panel company in Orange County, NY.

How do you decide which installer to receive quotes from and eventually hire for the job? This is one of the trickiest parts of the solar buying process because unlike comparing equipment and financing options, it’s difficult to assess different solar installers with standardized metrics. Still, it’s crucial to compare companies in some way because if the installer does a poor quality job, your satisfaction could suffer.

To ensure the installer you choose is fit for the task, look for these top qualifications that ensure the best solar panel company in Orange County, NY.


You would never want to be a surgeon’s first patient, and you don’t want to be a solar installer’s first customer, either. You can check on a solar company’s expertise by looking into its certifications. Ask the installer what kind of training technicians undergo before being allowed to work on a solar installation in the field.

Licenses and Insurance

Solar installers in New York are required to hold business licenses and insurance policies. Forthright installers print license numbers on marketing materials so you can easily look them up and verify the credentials. If you work with an installer that doesn’t wear its license numbers on its sleeve, just ask for them.

At a minimum, solar installers should have general liability insurance. This removes responsibility from your shoulders if someone is injured on the job or your property is damaged. Worker’s compensation insurance is also important, since this covers the cost of medical bills and lost work if a technician is hurt during the installation.

Experience and Track Record

Having years of experience and hundreds of installations under its belt proves a New York solar company knows what it’s doing. Of course, some companies that once focused solely on electrical installations, roofing or general home renovations may decide to join the solar market later on. These companies can then claim many more years of experience than they really have in the solar industry.

For your own installation, make sure you choose a company with an established track record specific to solar. At a minimum, the installer should be able to show records from previous installations and share specific aspects of their experience, including types and sizes of solar arrays the company has installed.


A history of satisfying customers increases your confidence in the installer. One great way to learn a company’s reputation is to read testimonials and reviews. This is a great time to check for bad behavior and weed out the installers you know you don’t want to work with.

Remember, it’s normal for even the very best solar panel company in Orange County, NY to have a handful of negative reviews. If the majority of responses are positive, you can rest assured that the company’s reputation in the market is good.

Solar Panels

In many cases, a solar installer offers only one brand of solar panels. Finding the best solar panel company in Orange County, NY means choosing a company that installs the best solar panels around.

SunPower is arguably the best brand out there, what with its record-breaking efficiency, incredibly long life, impressive warranty and, to top it all off, an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Find an installer that specializes in sizing, designing and installing SunPower solar panels and you can rest assured that you’ll be satisfied with the end product.

Design and Installation Process

The best solar panel companies in Orange County, NY don’t simply “sell solar;” they also work closely with you to meet your specific energy production goals, aesthetic preferences and budget. They make recommendations for the size and scope of the project you should install without being pushy. They customize the experience so you end up with a solar array you can benefit from the very most.


Solar panel installations in Orange County require building permits. You want to work with a company that has experience getting permits for installations in your county, which makes working with a local installer the best choice. Choose a company that will handle the process for you so you’re not left pushing the paperwork.


You can assume all reputable equipment will come with a warranty, but workmanship warranties offered by different solar panel companies in New York vary greatly. They typically range in length from one to 10 years, and the longer the coverage, the more confidently the company stands behind its system design and construction.

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