The Best Solar Panel Efficiency in New York

The Best Solar Panel Efficiency in New York

The best conventional solar panels offer a modest 15-17% efficiency, but as technology advances forward we seek to attain more and more solar panel efficiency out of our energy sources. We at Sunpower by Infinity have explored the possibilities of solar energy, and our advances will astound you. Let’s compare the difference between conventional solar panels, and SunPower by Infinity’s solar panels.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Conventional panels – 15-17% energy conversion efficiency, large amount of panels necessary in order to cover energy costs. Large industrial buildings struggle less to make up the losses by using conventional panels, but homeowners and small businesses will feel the strain most acutely.

Sunpower by Infinity Panels – Can reach up to 21.5% efficiency with significantly less panels necessary to power a home or other small building. Perfect for families, small business owners who need commercial solar panels for their business, and homeowners.

Solar Panel Kilowatts Per Square Foot

The average household needs 5kW in order to function, lets see how much space the panels need to produce that much energy

Conventional Panels – 16.4 watts per square foot, 17 panels and 305 square feet of roof space to produce 5 kW

Sunpower by Infinity Panels – 20 watts per square foot, 15 panels and 261 square feet of roof space to produce 5 kW

Available Wattage from Solar

Conventional Panels – Range From 190-310 wattage

Sunpower by Infinity Panels –  Range From 240-345 wattage

Solar Panel Warranty

Conventional Panels – Most warranties for solar panels last only 15 years for replacement, repair, and limited peak power

Sunpower by Infinity Panels – Full 25 year power and product warranty

Those are just some of the comparisons that we can make. As you can see, Sunpower by Infinity comes out as a clear winner. You can learn more about the Sunpower process, and see what sets us apart from other Solar companies. We will work side by side with you to find the perfect solar solution for you!

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