Benefits of SunPower Solar Panels for NY Homes

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Are you thinking about installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to garner great energy savings and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to reduce fossil fuel consumption and green house gas emissions.

To ensure you get the most from your investment, it’s important to carefully consider the brand you want to install. Different brands offer varying efficiency ratings, warranties, durability, aesthetics and dealer networks. See how SunPower solar panels for NY homes offer the most benefits in every category. Your decision will be easy to make once you realize how much SunPower has to offer.


SunPower currently holds the world record for the highest efficiency rating of any solar panel in mass production today. At 21.5% efficient, these panels convert more sunlight into usable electricity for your home than any other panel on the market. Such impressive performance is made possible by each solar cell’s unique design:

  • A special light-trapping surface absorbs more rays from the sun.
  • An anti-reflective coating generates more power.
  • Ultra-pure silicon cells deliver optimal power conversion.
  • The panel has no grid lines to overshadow the solar cells.

When it comes to solar panel efficiency, every percentage point matters. For example, if you compare a 345W, 21.5% efficient SunPower solar panel with a conventional 240W, 15% efficient panel from a competing brand, you can see that SunPower produces much more energy per panel.

Combine this with a 0.75% per year slower degradation rate and you discover that SunPower solar panels produce 70% more energy over the first 25 years than conventional panels. Talk about getting the biggest bang for your buck!


Most solar panel manufacturers offer some type of warranty, but SunPower is happy to offer the longest and most worthwhile warranties in the industry. The first is a 25-year product warranty. This states that you can expect your solar panels to be free of defects for 25 years. If anything ever goes wrong, your installer is responsible for repairing or replacing the affected panels.

The second is a linear power warranty which guarantees the panels will continue to perform well for many years to come. Specifically, the warranty states that energy production will remain higher than 80% after 25 years in use. However, SunPower panels often drop to no lower than 90% of their original production capacity, assuring you get the most from your panels the entire time you own them.

You’ll be pleased to know SunPower solar panels for NY homes are so reliable that only one out of 20,000 panels is ever returned for defective performance while under warranty.

Regardless, if any problems occur, rest assured that your installer will remove the bad panel, ship in a new one and install it for you, all without you paying a dime. When you realize other brands’ traditional solar warranties only last 10 years and don’t include these added benefits, it’s hard to argue that SunPower’s warranties are clearly worth it.

Panel Durability

Warranties help give you the peace of mind of knowing that the solar panels you chose are good quality. SunPower solar panels for NY homes are particularly impressive because they were built to last with robust components such as:

  • A thick copper backing provides impressive strength.
  • Thick connectors with built-in strain relief withstand daily temperature swings.
  • A unique design reduces corrosion and cell breakage, which eliminates 85% of the reasons conventional solar panels fail.

Panel Appearance

Many homeowners are concerned about the appearance of solar panels on their roof. Some fear it will detract from their home’s curb appeal and look tacky. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most SunPower customers agree they prefer the sleek, black, grid-less look of these solar panels over that of competitors.

With a low profile and dark appearance, SunPower panels aren’t exactly invisible, but they add to the roofline rather than detract from it. That’s more than can be said of some panels from other brands.

Dealer Network

With so much emphasis on choosing quality solar panels for your home, you can’t neglect the importance of selecting a reputable installer to get them in place for you. SunPower has a carefully selected network of dealers that have proven their ability to handle all aspects of residential solar panel installation.

By choosing one of these installers, you can sit back and watch as every step of the process – from designing and permitting to installation and claiming rebates – unfolds right before your eyes.

SunPower dealers are located across the country to give the maximum number of homeowners access to these exceptional panels. Look for a dealer that installs SunPower solar panels for NY homes to enjoy quality installation of a quality solar product.
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