Solar Power in Bergen County, NJ

Infinity Energy’s Solar Installation Services

Bergen County, NJ residents, deserve the best energy options to power their homes. Infinity Energy provides stellar solar power options for Bergen County, NJ residents. We’re proud to offer easily accessible, cost-effective renewable energy solutions for your homes. We’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and save money by customizing your solar energy system. Infinity Energy’s solar energy installation combines solar, software, and storage for the perfect energy-saving combination.

The Infinity Energy System

Infinity Energy’s solar panels offer an innovative design for your home. The Infinity Energy system includes:

  • Solar Panels – Black-on-black solar panels are engineered to perform with a sleek look.
  • Sunlight Backup – IQ8 microinverters work independently under each solar panel to ensure you have power during outages.
  • Solar Energy – IQ Batteries store solar power, so you have the perfect amount of energy during peak hours to reduce usage.
  • IQ Mobile App –The IQ mobile app makes monitoring your usage and controlling your energy system easy.

Fast & Efficient Solar Panel Installation in Bergen County

We offer fast and efficient solar panel installation. We’ll send one of our energy evaluation experts to determine your benefits and costs. We customize each property’s solar power energy system to ensure you have the most energy-efficient design. Most solar panels save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars over a few decades. We’ll help you find the best tax credits and rebates for you as well. We invite you to use our solar calculator to view your recommended solar installation size and savings. After we design your system, we’ll handle the paperwork for any construction permits. Your solar panels are typically installed in only one day.

New Jersey Solar Incentives

New Jersey offers multiple solar energy rebates and tax credits. The solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) states that solar panel installations allow you to deduct 26% of the cost from your taxes. Net metering compensates for any extra solar-generated electricity at the retail rate. New Jersey’s Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) program focuses on 50% of electricity should be generated by renewable sources by 2030. 

What Solar Services Does Infinity Energy Offer?

Infinity Energy is committed to offering the best solar systems in the area. Our solar energy solutions include:

  • Residential Services– Your customized, unique energy system is designed with battery storage, solar panels, and software fit for your needs.
  • Solar Incentives– Our knowledgeable team will help you take advantage of solar power incentives and rebates in New Jersey.
  • Roofing Services– Infinity Roofing provides roof replacements and new roof installations for all your roofing needs.
Solar Panels in Bergen County NJ

Why Choose Infinity Energy?

Infinity Energy is passionate about helping you save money and energy with our residential  HYPERLINK “”solar power systems. Our fantastic warranty plans and flexible financing options help customers reap the solar power rewards. We’ll help you find the best solar power options that fit your home’s needs. Our experienced team is here for you!

Contact Us to Convert to Solar Energy Today

Infinity Energy is excited to help Bergen County, NJ, residents switch to solar energy. We believe in the power of clean, renewable solar power. Our unique solar energy systems and expertise ensure a positive experience. Contact us today to schedule service at your home!