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Save Money With Solar Power Installation

Infinity Energy helps thousands of homeowners in installation of affordable solar panels Middlesex County NJ. As your top solar company, Infinity Energy is committed to offering the area clean energy and affordable power. You’ll never worry about grid outages or rising energy costs because our innovative solar power systems do it all for you. Our innovative solar panel systems combine software, battery storage, and solar panels in one sleek design for all your energy needs. We also offer $0 down, tax incentives, and back our work with a 25-year warranty. Request a quote today!

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The Infinity Energy System

The Infinity Energy system is designed to perfectly fit your home or business. Our solar panels installation Middlesex County includes the following:

  • Solar Panels – Our sleek black-on-black panels blend seamlessly with any roof.
  • Sunlight Backup – The IQ Microinverter provides power during outages.
  • Solar Power Batteries – IQ Batteries store energy for usage during peak energy hours.
  • IQ Mobile App –The IQ Mobile app lets you monitor and control your energy usage from an app on your smartphone.

Benefits of Solar Panel Installation

Going solar is easier and more affordable than ever. The most significant benefits of solar panel installation Middlesex County NJ, include:

  • Considerable reduction in energy bills
  • Achieve energy independence
  • Energy tax credits and exemptions
  • Utilizes renewable energy
  • Increases property value

Solar Panel Installation Steps

Infinity Energy takes charge with solar project, so you never have to worry about the heavy lifting. Our Infinity Roofing team can step in for any roofing updates or skylight installations. We begin with a free evaluation by sending a solar specialist to determine a suitable system size for your property, and lowering your solar panels cost. Our designers create a solar power system customized for your home. We will secure any necessary permits and handle any paperwork for your Homeowner’s Association. Our team of solar panel installers will then install and activate your new solar panels Middlesex County.


Why Choose Infinity Energy?


Infinity Energy is devoted to putting control in your hands. We have flexible plans, whether you choose to lease, finance, or buy your solar system. We’ll explain your tax rebates and incentives in depth to ensure you understand all you can save with your solar power system. Our team understands the electricity rates in New Jersey are over 3o% higher than in other states, so we want to help you save money. Let our experienced team step in and help you go solar today.

Modern House Solar Panels in Middlesex County NJ

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Infinity Energy works hard to ensure you have a customized solar energy system with sleek solar panels fit for your needs. You’ll reap the rewards of going solar with our team. Each team member of our solar company will help you with every step of the solar panel installation process. We’re committed to building professional, lasting relationships with our customers. We invite you to view a solar power cost estimate using our online solar calculator. You can also check out some of our completed solar panel installations in our online gallery. Contact us for an energy evaluation and estimate before getting solar panels Middlesex County.