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Infinity Energy is excited to help install commercial and residential solar panels Passaic County NJ, homeowners save money and energy with solar power installations. Our licensed Passaic County solar consultants work with you to determine the best solar energy system for your needs. We consider your home’s roof type, size, and power usage to customize the perfect design. Infinity Energy lets you control your solar system by combining battery storage, software, and solar panels into one system. We’re here for you every step of the way. Go solar and start saving today!

The Infinity Energy System

Infinity Energy is excited to share our innovative energy system with you. Our solar company provides the following services:

  • Solar Panels – Our sleek, symmetrical, black-on-black panels provide a gorgeous look.
  • Sunlight Backup – You get a seamless sunlight backup system with the IQ Microinverter that provides power during outages.
  • Solar Power Batteries – IQ Batteries store solar power for usage at night or during peak energy hours.
  • IQ Mobile App –The IQ mobile app makes it easy to monitor your energy usage.

Benefits of Solar Panels Services in Passaic County, NJ

Our ultra-advanced commercial and residential solar panels Passaic County NJ offer countless benefits, a few of those are following:

  • Lowers energy bills
  • Energy tax credits and exemptions
  • Renewable sources create clean electricity without pollution
  • Boosts property value without increasing property taxes
  • Financing options for easy payments

Solar Panel Installation Steps

Infinity Energy aims to deliver accurate solar panel installations and roofing services to ensure a wholesome transforming experience for you. Our solar panels in Passaic County NJ steps include:

  • Free Evaluation –Our solar specialist will review your energy needs for free and help you qualify for $0 upfront costs.
  • System Design –We take the time to ensure your solar power energy system is designed exclusively for your home.
  • Local Permits –We can secure any permits and process any paperwork for your area or Homeowner’s Association.
  • Installation & Activation– With our fast, efficient installation team, you’ll have a new solar energy system in about a day.

Solar Tax Credits and Incentives

New Jersey makes it as easy as possible to go solar with excellent incentives. Homeowners are entitled to a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) on the total project cost and a 26% tax rebate. Check out the solar calculator provided by our installation company to view your estimated savings.

Why Choose Infinity Energy?

Infinity Energy prides itself on personalized services and saving you money. We’ve helped thousands of people install solar panels Passaic County NJ. Our solar utility company provides warranties and flexible financing options to help you save money and energy without hassle. We’ll help you find the best solar energy plan for your needs. You can get our solar quotes

Solar Panels Installation in Passaic County NJ

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With over a decade of roofing and solar experience, Infinity Energy is the most trusted installer in the tri-state. We’ll answer any questions and address concerns about solar energy today. Our solar company is committed to making lasting professional relationships and helping you save thousands of dollars on energy costs. Check out our solar gallery to view some completed solar panel projects. Contact us for an energy evaluation and estimate.