Exploring Fascinating Solar Panels Facts and Figures

Exploring Fascinating Solar Panels

Did you know, according to NREL, solar panel prices have dropped 85% in the past decade? Not just that, the price of residential, commercial-rooftop, and utility-scale PV systems, respectively, has decreased by 64%, 69%, and 82%. Yes, you read that right! Interesting, isn’t it? This article entails more interesting and surprising facts like these about solar panels.

This blog will unveil fascinating solar panels facts and figures that can help you make an informed decision if you have solar panel installation on your mind. Exploring these facts and figures, we aim to illuminate how solar panels revolutionize energy generation, consumption, and perception. Join us as we uncover insights and stories of solar panels’ rise to prominence.

Solar Panels Facts and Figures Unveiled

There are many fascinating facts about solar panels in general that most people are not aware of. For example, 

  • Did you know, as per ScienceAlert, scientists have developed Solar Cells 100 Times Thinner Than Human Hair? 
  • Also, Eco Watch claims that solar power has the greatest potential of all renewable energy options. 

Read on if you are curious to know more such intriguing and surprising solar panel-related facts.

173,000 terawatts of Solar Energy

As per energy.gov, the Solar energy that reaches earth every moment is 173,000 terawatts. The Earth still receives tremendous solar energy, even on gloomy and cloudy days. This proves how effective and advantageous it is to use Solar panels. Solar panels offer efficient and effective energy solutions, harnessing abundant solar power for your needs.

Solar Panels Date Back Over 150 Years

These panels have been in use since 1883. French physicist Edmond Becquerel was the first to show the photovoltaic (PV) effect in 1839. In 1883, French scientist Charles Fritts created the first solar cell, with a 1% efficiency rating. A physicist set up the first solar panel in 1884 on a New York rooftop. In 1922, Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his research on the photovoltaic effect. Bell Laboratories created the first proper solar cell in 1954.

Costs of Solar Panels Decrease Globally

According to an IRENA analysis, solar panels’ cost has decreased by up to 82% in the last ten years, thanks to improved production technology, incentives, and investment from financial institutions. Solar energy has earned its recognition as the world’s cheapest energy source, making the adoption of solar panels for homes a wise decision. Solar panels may yet witness further price cuts despite having already seen a significant drop in their cost. The decreased cost is one of the solar panels benefits for businesses.

No Permission Required to Install Solar Panels in Most Regions

Installing solar panels is often seen as a house remodeling job rather than a new building in most American communities. The majority of these projects might not require planning approval to hasten the adoption of solar energy. 

This only applies to small systems, such as household roof solar. Whereas, you must check if you need any approval or permission if you want to construct a commercial-scale solar energy system

Increased Efficiency Of Solar Panels

Solar panels continue to perform well despite becoming more affordable. As time passes, solar panels’ quality is only getting better, notably in terms of their efficiency rating.

The panel’s efficiency rating indicates the amount of solar energy that strikes a solar panel and is transformed into useful power. You will be surprised to know that one hour of sunlight has the potential to power the Earth for an entire year. Today, the majority of solar panels have an efficiency of 22–23%.

Solar Panels Can be Recycled

Although solar panels are not entirely recyclable, they are still regarded as one of the most significant renewable energy sources. When a solar panel reaches the end of its useful life, the majority of them are dumped in landfills. Silicon, a material that can be recycled, makes up the majority of solar panels. These innovative energy converters minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

Solar Panels – Tremendous Growth

As per the International Energy Agency, Solar PV power output reached a record 179 TWh in 2021, an increase of 22% from 2020. In terms of renewable electricity output, solar PV ranked third behind wind and hydropower, with 3.6% of the world’s total electricity production. The declining cost of solar technology and rising government backing for renewable energy are only two of the elements fueling this boom.

Solar Panels- The Silent Devices

Traditional power-producing methods all generate noise and degrade the environment further. Solar panels are absolutely silent, unlike generators, which do make some noise. As a result, solar PV is a better option for residential and other settings like schools, hospitals and libraries where silence is required. You could be concerned about inverter noise, although it is insignificant in comparison to generators and other conventional energy sources.

No Direct Sunlight Required

One of the unexpected truths about solar panels is that they may still function and provide adequate power on overcast or low-light days. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory claims that solar panels may still generate 25% of their total energy output on overcast days. In cold weather, solar panels are, therefore, a dependable source of energy.


Solar panels facts and figures in this article demonstrate how solar energy has a lot of potential as a sustainable and clean source of energy. We anticipate further expansion in the solar business as the cost of solar technology continues to drop and government support for renewable energy increases. 

Solar energy will be crucial in helping us transition to a more sustainable future by lowering our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and lessening the harmful effects of climate change. If you too believe in the power of solar panels and want to go solar, Contact us at Infinity Energy, right away for professional and efficient solar panel installation services.