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Infinity Energy is New York & New Jersey’s leading solar inspection, installation, and maintenance specialists. We have an extensive knowledge of rooftop solar energy systems and a passion for sustainable, green electricity. With hundreds of successfully completed installations, we are dedicated to helping residential, commercial, and industrial clients take advantage of our solar panel services and go solar.

Solar Estimates

Our expert solar installers provide accurate cost estimates on the price of solar system designs, install, and maintain your rooftop energy system. Quoted price estimates are based on your current utility bill, the size of your room, and your sustainability goals. This way, you can clearly understand what is required to complete the solar work.


Rooftop Solar Installation

At Infinity Energy, our experienced team provides complete rooftop installations for residential, commercial, and industrial property owners. Our solar panel services help clients harness the sun’s power and drastically cut utility costs. Increase your property value, reduce your carbon footprint, save money, and stay powered during blackouts.

Residential Solar Installs

Thousands of homeowners across the NJ and NY area are switching to solar with Infinity Energy. In fact, we’ve handled thousands of those installs near your neighborhood. With our home solar systems, you can increase your home’s curb appeal, create energy independence, and take advantage of financial incentives.


Commercial Solar Installs

As a business owner, you know how difficult it can be to manage expenses. With utility costs constantly rising in New York and New Jersey, many businesses have turned to solar to help reduce their monthly electric bill. You too, can fight back against rising energy costs and possibly add to your business profits by switching to solar energy.

Roof Replacement

When damages to your roof are too large for basic repair services, you will eventually be required to replace your entire roof. As a critical structural component of your home, roof replacement is not a repair that should be delayed. Experienced NJ roofers will help you clear away old roofing material, change out your old flashings, and lay down the underlayment.

Layout and installation of roof rafters on a new commercial residential construciton project by framing contactors

Solar Inspections

Solar inspections are important when buying a home or before you get Connecticut solar panels installed. At Infinity Energy, our experienced team will ensure that your property is fully-capable of handling the addition of solar power. We’ll check your compliance with local safety regulations and building codes. With our professional inspection available, you can have peace of mind about your new or existing solar installation.

Existing System Additions

We are always helping clients add-on and upgrade their rooftop solar systems. Whether you are looking to add more panels, upgrade to a more efficient panel type, or transition to a new model, we are here to help. Our solar panel services will provide you the best products, expansion strategies, and next steps to get your project underway.


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