Discover the Magic of Solar Panel Service in Watervliet

The Infinity Energy’s Home Solar Energy System is a comprehensive system created to generate, store, monitor, regulate, and analyze energy use in your home. Our comprehensive solution for the solar installation process combines solar panels, microinverters, battery storage, and mobile app. The best part about the Infinity solar energy system is that you can maintain electricity due to our battery storage even if the weather changes erratically.

Unleashing the Power of Sun with Infinity Energy in Watervliet

Infinity Energy has developed a unique and revolutionary solar energy system to unleash the power of solar energy. On average, Watervliet receives 4.5 to 5 peak sun hours every day which makes it appropriate for enjoying the benefits of solar energy. With our top-notch residential and commercial solar panel services, you can produce clean electricity for your house and commercial spaces.

Solar Panel Solutions Tailored to
Your Energy Needs

Creating your own energy ecosystem has become remarkably simple, allowing you to power your home in an environmentally friendly manner. By following a few straightforward steps, you can contribute to a greener and more sustainable world. Here are the solar panel services we provide in Watervliet:

Residential Services

Our team of engineers performs a free evaluation of energy needs for your home. To ensure accuracy and effectiveness, we carefully plan every step and consider every aspect. Through this property evaluation, we design a unique solar system to ensure clean energy, significantly lower utility costs, and maintenance of power even if the weather changes unexpectedly.

Commercial Services

At Infinity Energy, we're prepared to help you make solar power a reality. Our knowledgeable staff will get to know your company, your energy consumption patterns, and your budget. Based on our assessments, we will design a photovoltaic (PV) system that aligns with your corporate objectives and financial targets. We have more than 16 years of experience in providing solar panel services for commercial spaces.

End to End Support

At Infinity Energy, we're dedicated to supporting you throughout the solar panel installation process. We have got you covered- from free evaluation to designing your solar energy system. Moreover, from permits to Installation, we will take care of everything. You do not need to worry about anything regarding the installation process and be assured of the quality of the work we provide.

Embrace the Change with Infinity Energy

What could be better than generating safe, reliable electricity for your home in a hassle-free, smooth, and cost-effective manner? That is what we at Infinity Energy seek to do. We understand the importance of switching to sustainable energy sources and protecting the environment. Our solar specialists are committed to creating unique solar energy systems for homes and commercial spaces that not only captivate potential buyers but also offer an inevitable return on investment.
Additionally, installing solar panels offer numerous benefits that not only captivate the attention of potential buyers but also provide you with a certain ROI. This is why our professionals are committed to offering eco-friendly energy solutions and building a unique solar energy system for homes and commercial spaces. We firmly believe that it's time to embrace sustainability with hassle-free solar installations and always ensure your satisfaction.
As times change, we believe it's essential to adapt and embrace solar installations, benefiting both the environment and your pocket. Let us help you make a positive impact on the world and enjoy the numerous benefits of solar power.
Solar Panels

The Infinity energy system's solar panels have a natural, polished feel that blends well with any roof. Each component seems black from a distance, dramatically improving your home's visual appeal.

IQ Batteries

When there is a power outage, and electricity is unavailable, IQ Batteries effectively store solar energy for use at any time of the day or night.

IQ Microinverters

With IQ Microinverter, you can maintain electricity during daylight outages. Each solar panel's IQ8 microinverter is positioned beneath it and operates independently.

IQ Mobile App

The Infinity Solar energy system comes with an IQ mobile app giving ease to monitor the status and performance of the installed solar system from anywhere.

Choose A Plan That Works For You

Whether you choose to lease or purchase your solar system, our team will work hard
to ensure that you have the best looking solar panels and a energy system that
helps you save money for decades to come.
Monthly Lease
$0 $119
Only pay for the power
you produce.
No Down Payment
Owned by Lessor
Tax Incentives
Fixed Monthly Payment
25 Years to Pay Off
25 Year Warranty
Get Started
Finance to Own
$0 $249
Own Your System With No Upfront Costs
and Flexible Loan Options.
No Down Payment
Owned by You
Tax Incentives
Fixed Monthly Payment
Loan Duration 10, 15, 20, 25 Years
25 Year Warranty
Get Started
Cash 499
No Monthly Payments
Its Your System. You Own It.
Payment Due At Installation
Owned by You
No Monthly Payment
25 Year Warranty
Get Started

Calculate Your Savings

Use our solar calculator to see how much you can save by
switching to solar with Infinity Energy
Solar Calculator


We've compiled a list of common questions we receive about solar energy.
If you do not find an answer to your question below, please feel free to call us at 877-769-3713.

I live in Watervliet. Is the Solar energy system worth it for me?

On average, there are 172 sunny days per year in Watervliet, which makes it appropriate for installing the Infinity energy system. Given the weather of Watervliet, you can rest assured that the Solar energy system will be a game changer for your home.

What does the Infinity Energy system include?

Infinity Energy offers an effective, user-friendly, and intelligent energy solution which includes solar panels, IQ Batteries for storing extra solar energy, IQ Microinverters for converting DC electricity to AC power, and the Envoy Communications Gateway that delivers system performance data to the IQ Mobile App for performance monitoring and diagnostics.

I have some queries regarding the Installation of the Infinity Energy solar system. Whom should I contact?

For any query, doubt, information or question on the Infinity solar installation process, feel absolutely free to contact us. Our solar professionals will be happy to assist you whether you need a quick answer, want to know more about renewable energy options, need a solar panel service or want to set up a consultation.

Are there any incentives available for going solar in Watervliet?

Thanks to flexible payment plans and tax benefits in Watervliet, New York, you’ll spend almost nothing on your solar system. Additionally, each month you will save money on your energy cost. One of the strongest incentives for homeowners is the Federal Solar Tax Credit. Whether or not battery storage is included, you are eligible for the 30%  tax credit when you purchase and install new solar panels for your house.

Don't see an answer to your question?

Our solar experts are always happy to help you with whatever inquiries, comments, or concerns you have.

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