5 Reasons to Opt for Solar Panels for First-Time Homeowners

5 Reasons to Go Solar as a First Time Homeowner

The conversation around residential solar energy has been heating up and for good reason. The volume of solar energy being fed into the electrical grid has seen remarkable growth in recent years. Astonishingly, about 4 million American households have now chosen to harness the abundant power of the sun to generate their own electricity. In today’s world, where energy costs are skyrocketing, and environmental consciousness is more crucial than ever, tapping into renewable energy sources isn’t merely a fashionable trend—it’s a pragmatic decision. 

Hence, solar panels are something every first-time homeowner should seriously consider. So, come along as we shed light on five compelling reasons for embracing solar power as a shining choice for your new home.

Reason 1: Reduce Your Electricity Bills

As a new homeowner, cost-saving measures, especially on utilities, are crucial. Consider your electricity bill; for an average home, it can reach $2,400 annually. By installing solar panels, you could slash this cost by half or more, depending on the sunlight in your region. Areas with more sunshine naturally generate more electricity via solar panels.

Don’t worry about sunless days; solar systems come with batteries to store power. However, prolonged periods without sunshine may deplete the battery, and you may need to pay for electricity during such times. Many homeowners fear potential maintenance costs but don’t worry! Solar panels are extremely durable, often lasting up to 25 years before needing significant repair. 

Reason 2: Environmental Impact

Solar energy is arguably the planet’s cleanest renewable energy source. It harnesses abundant sunlight, a resource unlikely to deplete for millions of years while emitting virtually no greenhouse gasses. In contrast, traditional power generation methods, like burning fossil fuels, produce significant greenhouse gasses and aren’t sustainable. 

Additionally, solar power brings cool savings – literally! Solar panels act as a roof shade, absorbing the rays of the sun and keeping your home cooler. A UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering study found that the energy saved in cooling a solar-paneled home could offset the panel cost over its lifetime. Plus, solar panels add a modern aesthetic to your home.

Reason 3: Increase in Home Value

We understand the thought of selling your house is far miles away right now, especially if you are a first time homeowner. But here’s an idea – even if you ever do decide to sell your solar panels, you’d still be saving fortunes! The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) pointed out that for each dollar you save on energy bills through solar power, your home’s value can increase by $20! So, if you save $700 annually thanks to your solar energy system, your home’s value could potentially escalate by as much as $14,000!

Whether you choose to rent your property to use it as a source of passive income or sell the house anytime in the future, solar will be a good add-on in both ways. With the ever-rising popularity of green energy, residential property owners have started to appreciate the value of solar energy. Considering this, homes having solar panels installed present a competitive upper hand in obtaining the best deals with minimal time on the property. 

Reason 4: Return of Investment

Solar energy serves dual purposes: it not only generates electricity for your household but can also generate additional income. Data indicates that the average American household recovers the cost of their solar panels within five to eight years. The first return on your investment comes from reduced electricity bills. Eventually, as your system reaches optimal efficiency, it could generate surplus power that you can sell for profit.

Moreover, investing in solar power shields your property from unpredictable energy costs and fluctuating electricity bills. Some states even allow homeowners to connect their solar systems to the grid, enabling them to sell excess power, making it a financially smart move. Solar power, therefore, presents itself as a reliable and economically sound investment with a favorable return on investments.

Reason 5: Government Incentives

The US government currently provides a 30% federal tax credit to eligible individuals to help offset and subsidize the expenditure of transitioning to solar energy. This IRA tax credit has been extended until 2032, and will potentially reduce to 26% in 2033, encouraging homeowners to seize the opportunity of the credit sooner rather than later.

Presently, numerous local and federal tax incentives are available to support your home solar project. These incentives can significantly mitigate the upfront costs associated with acquiring your solar energy system and cover its installation expenses. This move towards solar energy also aids in stabilizing energy costs in the long run, providing both environmental and financial benefits. It’s clear that these incentives make transitioning to solar energy a win-win decision.

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In conclusion, embracing solar energy offers numerous benefits to first-time homeowners. Installing solar panels or purchasing a property with pre-existing solar installations can significantly contribute to a greener lifestyle. Beyond environmental advantages, solar power can prove to be a rewarding financial investment as it reduces electricity bills and allows you to sell surplus power back to the grid.

Furthermore, existing tax incentives and subsidies also help offset the costs of solar system procurement and installation. Even though some utilities are modifying their solar policies, early adopters can lock in some favorable net metering rates. In light of this, we at Infinity Energy encourage prospective homeowners to consider going solar. Our solar panel installation services contribute to creating a more sustainable environment while sticking to affordability. Embark on your solar journey with us today!