What Are The Best Homes For Solar Panels In NJ?

Solar Panel Installation On Modern House NJ

There are several factors, qualities, and elements that create the best homes for rooftop solar panels NJ. When thinking about home solar panel installation NJ, property owners are always thinking about the suitability, effectiveness, and electricity generation capabilities of their rooftops. Understanding these critical factors, they can accurately understand whether or not solar energy panels make sense. As a New Jersey homeowner, you must carefully think about those factors before you decide to lease or buy solar panels. This way, you can limit your home’s carbon footprint, fight climate change, and increase the value of your property. At the same time, these tactics will help you protect yourself against rising utility costs and earn a high clean energy return on investment (ROI). To help you go green, read on to learn what are the best homes for solar panels NJ.

South-Facing Rooftops

First and foremost, the best homes for solar panels in NJ typically have south-facing rooftops. Homes with southern-facing roofs are known to receive the highest levels of sunlight on a daily basis. Of course, this is especially the case in the Northern Hemisphere. Therefore, they continuously produce the highest solar absorption and energy production results. This way, you can generate enough power for lighting your home, turning on your television, or running the dishwasher. In many cases, south-facing solar panels will help you maximize utility bill savings and your net metering performance. Certainly, south-facing rooftops are a key prerequisite of the best homes for solar panels in New Jersey.

Adequate Roof Space

Next, your home must have adequate roof space to be an ideal candidate for solar panels in NJ. Roof space can quickly become obstructed by skylights, satellite dishes, chimneys, and other equipment. Keep in mind, every square foot of rooftop space can generate roughly 15 watts of usable solar electricity. Therefore, you may need approximately 250 square feet of available roof space for smaller rooftop solar panel installations. Larger homes, however, typically require approximately 750 to 1,250 square feet of usable area. On average, residential properties needs 17 to 25 electricity panels to adequately offset utility bills. Indeed, adequate roof space is vital to be an eligible candidate for rooftop solar panels in NJ.

Proper Roof Slope

In addition, homes are typically ideal candidates for residential solar panels NJ if they have a proper roof slope. Ultimately, the ideal roof slope depends on your location, as well as seasonal solar trends. In the winter months, a steeper solar panel tilt is recommended. Often, this can be as high as sixty-degrees. During the springtime, the best angle for solar panels is approximately forty-five-degrees. As the summer approaches, the sun will be higher in the sky, which warrants a low tilt. Depending on your home’s architectural style panels, and equipment, it may be recommended to have a tilt as low as twenty-degrees. For consistent solar energy generation all-year-long, the best rooftop inclination is roughly fifty to fifty-five-degrees. Surely, the best homes for solar panels in NJ have a suitable slope for energy generation.

Strong Rooftop Condition

At the same time, the best homes for solar panels in NJ need to have a strong, durable rooftop condition. In many cases, solar panels have an expected lifespan of over twenty years. Therefore, you need to ensure your rooftop has a similar life expectancy before installing panels. This way, you are not forced to remove panels for rooftop repair or replacement. Before installing clean energy components, your contractor will likely conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your roof is in good condition. If they believe it will need to be replaced in the future, they may recommend immediate service. Fortunately, many solar contractors are additionally experienced in new roof installation and replacement as well. Definitely, strong rooftop condition is a core component of the best homes for solar panels NJ.

Home Location

Of course, the best homes for solar panels are in an ideal location for energy production. The best states for rooftop panels are typically ranked based on their solar premium. Essentially, this represents the difference in resale value between homes with and without solar energy systems. In fact, New Jersey currently has the highest solar premium rate, at just under ten-percent. Of course, this amounts to over $32,000 for the median-value property. Other nearby states, such as New York, are additionally ranked very high in terms of premium. Absolutely, location is a key quality of the best homes for solar panels in New Jersey.

There are several factors that create the best homes for solar panels New Jersey. First off, consider your home’s rooftop direction. Of course, you will receive the best solar output with a south-facing rooftop. Next, consider how much available roof space you have for solar panel equipment. In addition, think about your home’s rooftop slope. However, you are still an eligible candidate for residential solar panels with flat roofs NJ. Moreover, ensure that your rooftop is still in good condition. At the same time, carefully think about your location within the state of New Jersey. Follow the points highlighted above to learn what are the best homes for solar panels NJ.