5 Popular Building Applications For Industrial Solar Panels NJ

Popular Building Applications For Industrial Solar Panels NJ

There are several popular building applications for industrial solar panels NJ. Increasingly, commercial company owners are looking to switch to solar energy. Since many businesses consume high amounts of electricity, going solar can significantly reduce their electric costs. As a business owner, you need to know the most popular industrial solar applications for commercial companies. This way, you can determine if your enterprise is a good candidate for a solar installation. Read on to discover the most popular building applications for industrial solar panels NJ.

Factory Roofs

First, businesses are installing industrial grade solar panels NJ on their factory roofs. Often, industrial factories have large flat roofs, offering expansive space for commercial solar panel systems. In addition, these flat surfaces make it easy for solar contractors to angle the panels towards the south. Importantly, this maximizes sun exposure and allows panels to collect higher amounts of energy. In addition, factory roofs have fewer surrounding trees, making it easier for the system installation to reduce electric bill in New Jersey. To get started shopping for a factory solar system, look for a local commercial solar installer. According to recent reports, larger installers often charge thousands of more dollars than smaller companies to cover their overhead costs. Therefore, local NJ industrial solar panel installers are a great choice for factory roof systems.

Colleges & Universities

Next, many colleges and universities are installing industrial size solar panels NJ. Notably, one NJ state school installed a nearly 1.4 megawatt ground mount solar farm. With this renewable energy system, the school can generate about 10% of their campus electrical demand. Each year, this commercial solar panel system can reduce the university’s carbon dioxide emissions by over 1,200 tons. Of course, larger solar systems can further offset electrical needs as well as expenses. In addition, the university was eligible for a rebate through the Board of Public Utilities Clean Energy Program, further reducing investment costs. With immense energy and cost savings, colleges and universities are one of the best building applications for industrial solar panel systems New Jersey.

Shopping Centers

In addition, shopping centers are also switching to industrial scale solar panels NJ. Recently, one major mall and dining center installed 9,000 solar panels across their rooftops and parking decks. With this investment, solar panels for shopping malls NJ can produce over 4 million kWh of renewable solar energy each year. Notably, this significantly cuts electric costs for the company. Of course, many other types of shopping centers may be good solar power candidates as well. For example, one solar strip mall offset their electric costs by over 50% by installing a commercial solar panel system. Additionally, outdoor shopping outlets are another great building option for solar power. Certainly, ask your industrial solar panel installers NJ about shopping center renewable power solutions.

Hotels & Motels

Moreover, hotels and motels are another popular building application for industrial roof solar panels NJ. Like factory buildings and warehouses, many hotels have large flat roofs, ideal for commercial solar installations. Commonly, electricity makes up a large part of hotel operating expenses as well. Since they continuously run air conditioning and heat to maintain guest comfort, they may have higher utility bills than other commercial industries. With a solar panel installation, they can offset their energy consumption to lower their utility bills. Plus, they can attract more eco-friendly consumers through sustainability marketing. In short, industrial solar panels for hotels NJ is a great opportunity to bring more customers and lower operating expenses.

Government Agencies

Lastly, many government agencies are installing industrial building solar panels New Jersey. Notably, solar electric systems for business and government agencies are one of the faster growing sectors of the solar market. This is because many companies are looking for ways to increase sustainability and lower their electric costs. In addition, solar incentive programs are also lowering solar installation expenses. Indeed, New Jersey offers net metering and transition renewable energy certificates (TRECs) for commercial businesses to earn money back on their Enphase solar installation New York and NJ. In addition, the federal investment tax credit (ITC) offers a 26% deduction for industrial solar projects that begin before 2023. With so many savings options, many government agencies are installing industrial solar systems NJ.

There are several popular building applications for industrial solar panels NJ. First, many companies are installing industrial solar systems on factory roofs. In addition, colleges and universities are also looking to offset their electric costs. Next, many shopping centers are installing commercial solar panels systems as well. Moreover, you can install industrial solar systems on hotel and motel buildings. Lastly, government agency buildings are another popular industrial solar application. Consider these points to learn about the most popular building applications for industrial solar panels NJ.