Is Going Solar Worth It In NJ? How To Calculate Value

Several steps to determine if solar is worth it for your New Jersey home

There are several steps to determine if solar is worth it for your New Jersey home. With the increasing prioritization of sustainability across the state, more and more property owners are considering rooftop solar installation. In addition to enhanced sustainability and reduced emissions, Northern New Jersey solar panel systems present a number of incentives financially. In order to maximize your solar efficiency, you can work alongside a professional solar installation companies. NJ solar contractors are experienced in configuring rooftop solar energy systems of all size and capacity, specifically designed to help you achieve your clean energy goals. Read on to learn more about how to examine if rooftop solar is worth it in NJ.

Analyze Your Current Energy Usage

The first step in order to determine the value of your New Jersey rooftop solar installation, you need to analyze your current property energy usage. You need to analyze the energy your property consumes on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Calculate how much this energy usage costs you on your bills every month. At the same time, estimate what are your largest sources of energy uses. When properly integrated, renewable energy can be used to provide solar electricity, clean energy lighting, or even solar water heating. In order to select a reliable, highly efficient renewable energy system for your property, be sure to analyze your current energy usage.

Consider New Jersey Solar Incentives

In order to fully calculate the value of rooftop solar installation in New Jersey, you need to consider the importance of NJ renewable energy incentives. One of the largest solar incentives you can claim is the Federal ITC, or Investment Tax Credit. As of 2020, this program offers a tax credit for up to 26% of your rooftop solar panel installation. At the same time, all solar energy systems are exempt from sales and property taxes within New Jersey. If the installation of renewable energy equipment raises your property value substantially, you are 100% exempt on the additional increase in taxes. Before you select your solar panel system, be sure to consider the importance of renewable energy incentives.

Evaluate Highly Efficient Solar Equipment

In order to truly understand the value of a NJ solar panel system installation, you need to evaluate modern, highly efficient renewable energy equipment. NJ solar hardware is consistently expanding in its sophistication and capabilities. Modern solar equipment can help you drastically increase performance, increase property aesthetics, and renewable energy reliability. Modern solar panels like monocrystalline and polycrystalline panels have extremely high efficiency rates and expected lifespans. At the same time, supporting hardware like solar backup batteries, power inverters, and mounting components are consistently growing in their efficiency, capacity, and reliability. In order to assess if solar in NJ is worth it, be sure to consider highly efficient solar hardware options.

Calculate Value Of NJ Solar Benefits

To answer the question, “Is solar worth it in NJ?”, be sure to calculate the total value of NJ solar benefits. As mentioned previously, you are able to claim physical cash value for your solar installation through a variety of New Jersey solar incentives. However, there are dozens of additional benefits associated with your rooftop system installation. One of the largest is reduced energy expenses. While the actual amount will vary based on the size and quality of your solar system, installing renewable energy equipment reduces your reliance on electricity, therefore offsetting your monthly bills. At the same time, rooftop solar system installation help New Jersey property owners reduce their emissions and enhance their sustainability. Even more, installing a high-quality solar system allows you the opportunity to generate your own energy self-sufficiently. To determine is solar worth it, calculate the total value of renewable energy benefits.

Sign Up For A Solar Consultation

In order to confirm that NJ solar panel installation is worth it for your property, sign up for a solar consultation. The top solar installation professionals across New Jersey offer comprehensive solar consultations to help you analyze your property capabilities. Throughout your consultation, experienced solar professionals will examine your current energy usage, your property’s current capacity, as well your renewable energy budget. With this information, they can recommend the best solutions on how to appropriately design, configure, and develop your renewable energy system. Before you install renewable rooftop energy equipment in New Jersey, sign up for a solar consultation to find out if going solar is worth it.

There are several steps to find out is solar worth it in New Jersey. You need to find out the overall value of installing a solar system on your NJ property. First, you should estimate your current energy usage levels. Consider the importance of NJ renewable energy incentives. At the same time, you need to evaluate highly efficient solar equipment. Calculate the value of additional solar benefits throughout New Jersey. Finally, you need to sign up for a solar consultation to fully estimate your renewable energy value. Consider the points mentioned above to learn more about how to examine if rooftop solar is worth it in NJ.