5 Costs Of Rooftop Solar Panels Installation In Bergen County NJ

Costs Of Rooftop Solar Panels Installation In Bergen County NJ

Many homeowners in Bergen County NJ are researching opportunities to switch to solar power. However, only one thing is stopping them, the cost. Luckily, installing rooftop solar panels on your home does not have to be as expensive as you think. With some of the best solar companies available in Northern New Jersey, solar panel installation services are more accessible than ever before. The cost you will pay for your entire solar-system integration will ultimately depend on the characteristics of your home and the size of the system. However, no matter your system size or quality, there are a few costs you cannot avoid. Read on to learn more about the top costs of solar panels installations in Bergen County NJ.

Rooftop Solar Panels

The most obvious and unavoidable component of any solar-powered system is the rooftop panels themselves. Rooftop panels account for roughly 25% of your total solar set-up. Monocrystalling rooftop panels have the highest performance and efficiency levels. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive panel style. Polycrystalline panels are offered at a lower cost, however, they are additionally accompanied by lower performance standards. The most unavoidable expense associated with your solar-installation is going to be the cost of the panels themselves. Consider the cost of solar panels when planning your energy transformation.

Power Inverters

Almost all solar-systems require power inverters. Many estimates claim inverters account for roughly ten-percent of your total installation costs. Inverters are needed to convert DC (direct current) energy stored in solar panels into AC (alternating current) energy which is usable by households. Without this conversion, absorbed sunlight stored in panels is essentially useless to most modern properties. Even representing a small portion of your overall installation costs, reliable inverters are integral to the effectiveness of your system. As you calculate costs for your solar transformation, consider effective power inverters to transition currents into usable energy.

Electrical BOS

All solar system installations incur costs for electrical BOS components. Electrical BOS, or balance of system, encompasses all the essential electrical components required for effective system operations. BOS includes a number of wiring elements. Most systems use PV-source circuit, PV-output circuit, interior, battery, and PV wires. Your system likely also needs forms of disconnects, grounding conductors, as well as metal and non-metal conduits. In most systems, your electrical BOS components account for roughly ten-percent of total installation costs. Consider the money you will need for BOS components when looking to transition to a solar set up.

Mounting Hardware

Bergen County residents additionally need reliable mounting hardware for their solar set ups. Mounting components are a relatively inexpensive portion of total installation, accounting for roughly five to eight-percent of total costs. However, their function is integral to the stability of your system. Without reliable mounting components you risk your rooftop panels falling, shifting, or shaking. A number of mounting hardware is specifically designed to better angle your panels toward the sun, which improves the productivity of your system as a whole. Northern NJ residents planning a solar instillation need to consider the costs associated with efficient mounting hardware.

Installation Soft Costs

In addition to the expenses behind your solar equipment, you will additionally incur installation soft costs. Generally speaking, installation costs account for another ten-percent of total project cost. Many solar companies are responsible to acquire permits to install solar panels in New Jersey towns. You are additionally charged traditional sales tax and labor costs for installation teams. If you are planning a solar installation in Bergen County, NJ consider the soft costs associated with implementing your plan.

Sustainable Bergen County homeowners are constantly considering the costs associated with transitioning to solar sources of power. The quicker you get your system installed, the sooner you can begin saving on electric bills. Roughly 25% of your total project is derived from the cost of solar panels themselves. Another ten-percent comes from both your current inverters as well as your electrical BOS components. You also need to pay for reliable racking systems to ensure your panels are mounted safely and in a way that is energy efficient. Furthermore, you will likely need to pay for the soft costs associated with panel installation. Consider the points above to learn more about the top costs for rooftop solar panels installation Bergen County NJ.