Do You Need Rooftop Solar Energy In Bergen County NJ?

Solar Energy in Bergen County NJ

With more residential properties turning to green, sustainable power, you may be wondering if you need rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ. Homeowners who install solar panels in NJ receive numerous financial, energy-saving, and environmental benefits. However, just like any big purchase, installing a solar system is a major decision. As a New Jersey property owner, there are several factors to consider to help you make your choice. This way, you can confidently install your system with peace of mind. To help you get started, read on to learn if you need rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ.

Reduce Or Eliminate Utility Bills

First off, rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ can help you reduce, or potentially even eliminate monthly utility bills. Solar panels absorb sunlight, which is then converted into usable household energy. With enough rooftop panels properly installed, you can likely power your home at a net zero energy consumption. On warm spring and summer days, you may even generate more electricity then you usually consume. Even if you live somewhere with unstable weather, your panels can still absorb energy when it’s cloudy or shady outside. Certainly, installing solar panels in Bergen County is a great way to reduce your monthly spending on electricity.

Save On State And Federal Taxes

In addition, Bergen County solar energy systems allow you to save a great deal on your state and federal taxes. For a start, you can take advantage of the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). As of 2022, the ITC provides you a tax credit of upto 26% to 30% on residential solar installations. In addition, you can utilize NJ TRECs, or Transition Renewable Energy Certificates. These were originally created to incentivize home owners that install residential rooftop solar systems. Of course, your solar system will be fully exempt from New Jersey State Sales Tax. Also, you won’t have to pay for increases in property taxes, which arise from system installation. Indeed, saving on state and federal taxes is a major advantage when installing rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ.

Increased Property Value

Of course, solar energy panels in Bergen County may also enable you to increase your home’s value. Rooftop solar panels are viewed as upgrades to your home. Just like recently renovated bathrooms or top-notch appliances, solar panels will greatly drive up your property value. If you ever decide to sell, buyers will pay a premium for home’s with rooftop panels. Even if your home’s value does increase with solar, you will still be defended from raises in your property taxes. Definitely, increased property value is another key reason to install rooftop solar energy systems in Bergen County.

Improve Grid Security

Plus, getting solar panels on your house NJ helps you improve grid security. With more home’s switching to rooftop solar power, there is a significantly lower chance of experiencing brownouts and blackouts. After all, solar panels allow your house to function as a small, independent, and sustainable power plant. This way, the energy you produce becomes domestic. Of course, this provides you a much higher-degree of grid security during catastrophic events or natural disasters. Surely, improving grid security is a great reason to switch to solar energy in Bergen County NJ.

Help The Environment

Moreover, installing Bergen County solar energy solutions enable you to help out the environment. For a start, rooftop solar systems help you significantly lower air pollution. Of course, your panels generate clean energy through sunlight absorption. This way, you can help lower smog and pollution throughout your local community. In addition, going solar helps you lower your dependence on fossil fuels and nonrenewable sources of energy. Of course, this will help you combat climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the overall health of humanity. Definitely, installing solar energy in Bergen County will help you improve the environment.

There are several factors to help you determine if you need rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ. First and foremost, you can reduce, or potentially even eliminate your utility bills. In addition, your system will allow you to save on state and federal taxes. This is thanks to the many residential solar energy programs NJ that are offered throughout the Garden State. Also, going solar helps you improve the environment and combat climate change. Plus, installing rooftop panels will help you improve grid security. Of course, installing panels will help you increase your overall property value. Follow the points highlighted above to learn if you need rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ.