How To Buy Solar Panels In Bulk NY

Bulk Solar Panels on Large Building Roof NY

There are several simple steps to purchase bulk rooftop solar panels in New York. Wholesale solar panel prices provide an inexpensive solution to meet the clean energy needs of larger-than-average properties. Whether you are installing wholesale equipment for a commercial, utility, or municipal facility, you can largely benefit from purchasing solar in bulk. Before you buy solar panels in New York State, you have to clearly evaluate quality, performance, field history, and of course, price. Read on to learn about how to buy rooftop solar panels in bulk NY.

Evaluate Panel Type

First, evaluate the type of panel you will install on your commercial or industrial building. There are three major types of solar panels that the majority of properties use: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film. Each panel type has its own series of advantages and drawbacks. If you are prioritizing energy efficiency, monocrystalline panels are likely the best solution to purchase. These panels offer high efficiency, performance standards, and aesthetics. For property owners that want to install their systems as affordable as possible, you may want to consider a cheaper alternative like polycrystalline or thin film hardware.

Analyze Manufacturer Specifications

There are dozens of manufacturer specifications you need to compare in order to select the best bulk solar panels in New York State. Start off by assessing the STC (Standard Test Conditions) and PTC (PVUSA Test conditions). These advanced metrics measure solar panel performance under specific ‘real world’ conditions. Then, evaluate model information, cell type, and frame color. Of course, many property owners are also interested in the company origin and manufacturing location when purchasing wholesale solar hardware in NY.

Find Out About Minimum Purchase Requirements

Then, find out about any minimum purchase requirements on bulk solar solutions in NY. Wholesale solar panels are sometimes sold by the container or pallet. Often, these have strict minimum purchase requirements to obtain wholesale prices. For example, some solar wholesalers set minimum purchase orders as high as one-hundred panels on many of their products. Therefore, it is key to research this information beforehand. Ask your local solar installer if they impose minimum orders on specific types of panels, components, or supporting hardware.

Hire A Solar Installation Company

Next, hire a reputable solar company to help you purchase and install your New York bulk solar panels. To find the best companies in your area, start off by compiling a list of all the available providers. Then, verify each companies, credentials, reviews, and previous work. Of course, you should also ask the company about any solar financing options that they may offer. Once you are confident in a solar companies abilities, you can request a quote and initial consultation.

Monitor Your Solar Performance

Finally, closely monitor your performance after you have your bulk New York solar energy plans in effect. To effectively monitor your solar system’s performance, you will have to evaluate your historic performance, local weather conditions, and solar radiation in your area. Of course, you should compare these figures to how much solar electricity other PV systems are generating in your area. If you are unsatisfied with your solar results, contact your local installation company to help you troubleshoot any potential issues. Experienced solar firms can help you conduct system inspections, servicing, and defective equipment replacement to ensure your equipment is always working properly.

There are several steps to buy rooftop solar panels in bulk New York State. The process to acquire solar panels in wholesale quantities can be incredibly challenging. Fortunately, there are several steps to help you purchase and install bulk solar panels fast. First, evaluate the type of panel you will install on your commercial or industrial building. Next, you need to analyze the manufacturer specifications of each solar panel option. Then, find out about any minimum purchase requirements on bulk solar panels. Before you can install your components, hire a reputable solar company to help you navigate the process. Follow the steps outlined above to learn about how to buy rooftop solar panels in bulk NY.