New York Solar Companies: Who Should I Trust?

Finding the Best Solar Power Contractors in NY

You’ve made up your mind: you want to install solar panels on the roof. This decision will benefit you for years to come in the form of lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint.

Congratulations on your big decision! The next step is to find a solar installer in Rockland and Orange County who can set you up with efficient solar panels that are sure to perform well for decades to come.

Because the installation affects your return on investment and overall satisfaction, you need to select your installer with care. Follow this process for narrowing down which New York solar companies you might want to work with.

What Qualities to Look For in New York Solar Companies


Anyone can create a company logo and website and start calling themselves a solar panel installer. That’s why reputable certifications are the first things to look for when researching New York solar companies.

Certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is a good credential for your installer to have. A good rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is also a good sign you’ve found a reputable company to get involved with.

Proper licensing and technician training

Licensing is another indication that you’ve found a reputable installer. New York solar companies must be licensed to prove they’re up on the latest technology and safest installation techniques. Technician training is also important since this ensures the installation itself will go smoothly.

Insurance coverage

Installing solar panels is a dangerous job. Technicians spend hours on your roof, hauling large solar panels to the proper location and securing them in place. If someone is injured, the last thing you want is to be held liable.

That’s why you must only work with a New York solar company that has liability and worker’s compensation insurance. These types of coverage ensure you’re not held responsible for anyone’s injuries in the unlikely event that an accident occurs on your property during the installation.

Strong customer reviews

Ask around to neighbors, friends and coworkers to find out which New York solar companies they’ve worked with. Ask how their experience was and whether they recommend their installer.

Then hop online and find customer reviews for the companies you’re considering. This gives you a chance to read about others’ experiences and find out which companies garner the most compliments. Keep in mind that even high-rated companies may still receive an occasional complaint; it’s how the company corrects their mistakes that matters most.

Flexible financing options

The upfront cost of solar panels is one of the biggest factors preventing people from going solar. With the right installer, you can transition to solar with $0 down! Many installers offer two no-money-down options – solar leases and loans – while still providing the option to purchase panels upfront.

The financing option you choose depends on your economic situation, return on investment expectations, ownership desires and more. A knowledgeable New York solar company can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Questions to Ask Potential New York Solar Companies

How many years have you been in business?

Solar panels are growing in popularity, which opens the door for many up-and-coming businesses to get started. However, to increase the chance of complete satisfaction, you want to work with a New York solar company that has years of experience completing installations similar to yours. Look for a business that has been around for a decade or more.

What brand of solar panels do you install?

Many companies only install one solar panel brand, allowing them to become experts of that brand. That’s why you need to ask prospective installers what brand they install. Then you can do your own research to decide if that brand meets your needs.

One of the top brands available today is SunPower. If you find a New York solar company that works with this brand, you can expect world-record efficiency ratings, impressive durability, comprehensive warranty coverage and other benefits. For the biggest bang for your buck, choose a SunPower solar panel installer.

Do you offer free quotes?

You should be able to research and compare costs without spending a dime. Ask potential installers if they can visit your property to evaluate your site and offer a free written quote.

As you compare costs, remember to steer clear of installers who offer a low-ball estimate. What looks like a great deal at first could end up resulting in shoddy work or a pile of hidden fees to bring the cost up in the end. Your best bet is to choose a competitively priced New York solar company that meets every other requirement on this list.

Now that you know which New York solar companies you can trust, start calling around to potential installers you may want to hire.
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