Top 5 Questions: Solar Energy Explained!

Your electric companies rely heavily on expensive and polluting fossil fuels to generate electricity. For that reason, electric bills are skyrocketing these days.

Meanwhile, solar energy has emerged as an easy, inexpensive, and reliable option. Therefore, solar installation is booming around the globe. Do you know that in the first quarter of 2016, the U.S. installed 1,665 megawatts (MW) of solar PV?

Although a million individual solar installations have occurred nationwide so far, a large number of homemakers are still not sure how solar panels work. Not to worry!

Below are some of the major questions about solar energy explained, to help you make faster and better energy decisions for both your home and the environment:

What is solar energy and how do solar photovoltaic cells work?

Basically, solar energy takes advantage of the sun’s rays to generate heat or electricity. Because it is an infinitely renewable resource, it offers a unique ability to generate energy in a quiet, clean, and consistent manner.

Photovoltaic cells are composed of semiconductor material like silicon and other elements, such as phosphorous and boron. Together those components create conductivity, which is activated by the sunlight’s energy, producing electricity.

How much does a solar electric power system cost?

Many factors influence the cost. However, a 2kW solar electric system will cost you around $20,000. This comprises all the components—such as solar panels, panel mounts, and inverter—and even the labor associated with installation. If it seems expensive, consider it as an investment. It immediately reduces your energy bills, and you can take satisfaction in knowing you are doing your part for the environment. If it still seems expensive, you can go solar without spending a fortune too.

How much work is involved in getting solar installed?

Solar panels offer a reliable and clean way to power your home, working tirelessly to produce energy. Generally, not much work is required. Once you have selected your system and financing option, it becomes the responsibility of the local installation partners to provide you with a stunning and custom designed solar system on your roof.

Though it might sound simple, every solar panel installation is unique. Therefore, you need to rely on experts to ensure that your system is nothing less than the best.

How do you select the right company to install a solar energy system in NY?

It’s no surprise that more and more residents are now switching to solar panels, and their popularity has led to the emergence of many solar companies, making it hard for the homeowners to decide which one to choose without having solar energy explained. If you want to maximize your benefit from solar panels, it is crucial to begin by selecting the right installer. Choose the one with right experience, reputation, and certification. Many other considerations should factor into your decision. Check the details here.

How do solar shingles and solar panels differ? Which is better?

Many consumers have heard of solar panels; their existence dates back to 1950s. The recently introduced solar shingles are less familiar. One major reason why homeowners are drawn to solar shingles is their sleek appearance. However, looks aren’t the sole consideration. There are many more factors you must consider before making any decision.

Of course, the list of questions doesn’t end here. If you have other concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help!
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