Top 5 Solar Panel Equipment NYC Options

Solar Panel Equipment NYC Options

As many New Yorker’s transition to renewable sources of energy, the need for solar panel equipment is increasing rapidly. The best equipment reduces overall energy consuption and helps you save on electric bills. and  Getting familiar with your solar system equipment helps you better understand and analyze your energy needs. At the same time, you can use the different equipment to design your ideal residential or commercial installation. If you are interested in the top solar panel equipment NYC options for sustainable properties, continue reading this post.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are the most essential component of any effective solar powered system. Panels are mainly composed of solar cells, glass, and framing. These panels are frequently installed on rooftops, where they harness and store energy directly from the sun. Within the panels themselves, there are a dozen different options to choose from. However, most properties eventually choose either monocrystalline, polycrystalline, or thin-film panels. Monocrystalline panels offer the highest performance standards along with attractive aesthetics. Polycrystalline and thin-film panels on the other hand, are less efficient, yet more cost-effective than other panels available.

Panel Racking Systems

Solar-powered systems also require racking systems in order to connect your panels to required surfaces. Without racking systems, your entire system is at risk of being damaged, broken, or stolen. Mounting or racking components are available to help you mount your panels to rooftops as well as to the ground. To reliably hold your expensive equipment in place, racking systems use various braces, mounting brackets, lugs, and wire clips. At the same time, many racking systems offer tilt legs to help you best angle your system toward the sun. As you look to design the best powered setup for your properties, ensure you purchase reliable racking and mounting solar equipment to hold your devices in place.

Current Inverters

In addition to panels and racking components, you need current inverters to transform the stored energy in your panels. As solar panels absorb sunlight, they gain energy in the form of DC (Direct Current) power. However, most residential or commercial properties require AC (alternating current) power in order to use energy. There are several types of inverters available to help you transform DC to AC power. String, or centralized inverters refers to single strings that directly send converted power to your property’s electrical panel. However, there are additionally micro-inverters available that are attached to every individual solar panel in your system. With these, you can immediately increase productivity for your entire power range. Before you can begin harnessing solar energy, you will need to have current inverters installed on your system.

Battery Storage

Battery packs for energy storage are another essential component of your property solar system. As the sun absorbs sunlight throughout the day, the majority of energy generated is stored for a later date. These battery packs can hold sufficient levels of energy until it is needed. This guarantees you a reliable source of energy even on the days when the sun is not shining. There are several different battery options that offer a number of different efficiency standards or storage capacity. Most commonly, solar-powered properties use either Flooded, Lithium Ion, GEL, or AGM batteries. Different types of batteries may require additional maintenance standards or have a limited life-span compared to others. Be aware of the different battery pack options to store your solar-generated energy.

Advanced Monitoring Software

Including advanced monitoring systems within your solar panel equipment NYC helps you to track your progress and guarantee efficiency. While some New Yorker’s go the solar route to reduce their carbon footprint, the vast majority do so in order to reduce their monthly electric bills. Monitoring systems help you identify and quickly address any performance issues. The equipment guarantees that your systems are consistently storing or producing your desired energy levels. With this, you can visualize the volumes of energy being generated. Use this information to calculate energy yields over needed periods. You can either access monitoring systems through a direct PC connection, mobile apps, or cloud-based technology. Some solar panel installation companies even offer separate monitoring display unit. Prior to installing your solar panel equipment, you need to consider the advantages of purchasing an advanced monitoring software.

Before installing solar systems, most property owners are largely concerned with associated tax breaks, financing requirements, installation services, or New York State solar incentives. However, you need to spend a significant amount of time researching the physical solar equipment needed. In addition to the solar panels themselves, you need mounting and racking systems. In addition, you need to purchase current inverters and battery packs for energy storage. Furthemore, consider the value of advanced monitoring systems to track your efficiency and guarantee consistent progress. If you are interested in the top solar panel equipment NYC options for sustainable properties, consider the points mentioned above.