5 Reasons To Work With Solar Panel Dealers In New York State Directly

Commercial and Residential Solar Panel Dealers In New York State

There are multiple reasons to work with the best New York Solar Panel dealers. Within the state, installation companies offer the solar energy equipment, experience, and expertise to complete your solar design. Whether you are working on your power system for residential, commercial, or municipal purposes, New York solar service teams can help you complete your project. From Rockland County to New York City, you can find authorized dealers to work with. Throughout the equipment research and design process, working alongside dealers can greatly boost the results of your projects. If you are interested in the top reasons to work with solar panel dealers New York State, consider the points mentioned above.

Direct Service

When you work alongside a solar dealer, you receive direct service from reputable companies. Some solar companies purchase their panels from dealers, then resell them to you at higher prices. By purchasing directly from the dealer, you guarantee the best market prices available. Through direct service, you can always hold somebody accountable for shipping delays, damages, or installation errors. However, with a reputable NYS solar dealer, you have a company that can answer questions, provide timely service and maintenance. At the same time, you can develop a relationship with a reputable solar provider when they do a great job. Foster strong business relations in order to obtain better service on future solar projects.

Provide Authorized Dealers

Working with certified solar companies provides you access to authorized equipment dealers. Authorized dealers certify the equipment that they sell, ship, and install. With this, you guarantee to receive the best equipment and service currently available in the industry. Dealers have completed thorough specialized training, inspection, and obtained high customer satisfaction scores. Simultaneously, authorized dealers are required to meet rigorous performance standards in terms of quality, service, and design. When ready to buy residential or commercial solar panels, look to authorized dealers to deliver reliable equipment that is more productive over the system’s life.

Multiple Panel Options

If you work alongside authorized solar dealers, you have access to multiple panel options. No two solar projects are created alike. Each project requires a unique set of needs and requirements in order to achieve maximum efficiencies. The same applies to the types of panels you choose to use. The most efficient form of solar panels is Monocrystalline. Most dealers carry these because of their high-efficiency, long lifespan, and limited space requirements. However, these are also the most expensive type of solar panel, and often not the best for solar projects universally. If you are designing your solar plan on a budget, you may want to consider Polycrystalline or Thin-Film panels. While these panel models are not able to achieve the same efficiency standards, they can be purchased and installed at a much cheaper NY dealer prices.

Qualify For Government Incentives

Working with New York solar dealers allows you to qualify for a variety of government incentives. If you employ panels to collect energy on your residential or commercial property, you qualify for you state and federal solar incentives. Questionably the most notable of government incentives is the Federal Investment Tax Credit, or ITC. The ITC reimburses you for up to 26 percent of your total solar system value. However, due to changing policies, the ITC is quickly declining. In 2021, it declines to 22 percent, and in 2022 the tax credit will no longer be available to homeowners. At the same time, you also qualify for a separate tax credit processed by the state. In New York State, there is currently a tax credit for systems up to 25 kilowatts in total capacity. New York’s credit for residential households is currently set at 25 percent of your total system, receiving a maximum of $5,000. Before you purchase from authorized solar dealers, consider the incentives your purchase qualifies you for.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Purchasing solar panel equipment from authorized dealers ultimately reduces the carbon footprint for your household, commercial property, or municipality. While there are numerous cost savings and governmental incentives attached to your purchase, the largest reason to work with solar dealers is to reduce your energy consumption. Switching to solar sources of power reduces your demand and reliance on fossil fuels. At the same time, it reduces the greenhouse gas emissions you create. A number of studies claim that every installed kilowatt reduces household carbon footprint by over 3,000 pounds each year. Consider working with NYS solar panel dealers in order to reduce your household carbon footprint.

Many New York State property owners are considering the top reasons to work with solar panel dealers. Solar panel dealers offer direct service from authorized dealers to guarantee you a fair value for your purchase. Authorized dealers offer you a choice of multiple panel options at unique price points. Purchasing a solar system additionally allows you to qualify for unique government incentives, credits, and rebates. Furthermore, installing a solar system helps you reduce your carbon footprint on your commercial, residential, or municipal property. Consider the above reasons if you are interested in the top reasons to work with solar panel dealers New York State.