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  • 5 star review  such a great solar system I received.... they are also ready to help anytime I contact them.... Love the quality & value..... highly recommend

    thumb Hasley Jones

    5 star review  We did solar power almost 5 years ago. This was the company that installed everything. They were great! The Techs know their jobs inside and out. We have not had any problems as of today. Their customer service is wonderful and very helpful. I would definitely recommend them.

    thumb Donna Shine
  • 5 star review  Great experience. Fast service. Excellent customer service support. Knowledgeable personnel. Thank you.

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    5 star review  I'll be honest I was skeptical about the whole solar deal but after Dana from Infinity Solar came out and explained the step by step process. I felt more at ease about the investment and made more sense to me. Infinity Solar's team is great from needing a roof(which I did)to the actual install was great. Any concerns I had was quickly taken care of within a day if not less time by my closing coordinator Susan. Thanks so much for my new roof and solar system Infinity Solar!

    thumb Edward Bickel

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At Infinity Energy, we are committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 while enabling people to go solar, which provides certainty and safety during this uncertain time. In order to keep you, your family & our employees safe, we’ve opened our virtual calendar with book your own consultations for your convenience. Now has never been a better time to discuss saving money by going solar & Infinity Energy will be with you every step of the way!

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Available Solar Incentives

As they say, the early bird get the worm. Don’t wait!
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): 26% Savings

This tax credit allows you to reduce your federal tax payments by 26% of the total cost of your solar energy system.

New York State Solar Equipment Tax Credit: 25% Savings

This tax credit allows you to reduce your state tax payments by 25% of the total cost of your solar energy system.

Utility Net Metering


Sell any electricity that you don’t need back to the grid for full price!

Transition Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs)

Get paid $400 – $1,300 each year, to help utilities meet their renewable energy production goals.

Save up to 50% on electric costs

Our customers typically save 20-35% on total bills after installing solar.

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System Agreement
1-2 Weeks

System Design
3-4 Weeks

1-5 Weeks

1-3 Day

Utility Approval
1-12 Weeks

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25 years
Solar Panel Warranty

25 years
Inverter Warranty

25 years
Infinity Workmanship Warranty

Infinity Solar
Power Production Guarantee

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The Infinity Difference

Thousands of homeowners across the NJ and NY area are making the switch to solar. In fact, we’ve handled hundreds of those installs in your neighborhood.


With a residential solar panel installation, you will immediately save money on your monthly electric bill.


Many businesses have turned to commercial solar panel installation to help reduce their bill.

Our Latest News

How To Install Rooftop Tesla Solar Panels NJ On Your Home

There are several steps to install rooftop Tesla solar panels NJ on your home. Ever since they were originally introduced in 2019, many homeowners have been looking to switch to Tesla solar solutions. Similar to powerful solar panels from LG or SunPower, these renewable energy components have a lot to offer. They’re designed to provide […]

Comparing $0 Down Solar Panels In NY Financing Options

There are several financing options to consider when comparing $0 down solar panels NY. With a zero down solar system purchase, homeowners usually do not pay any upfront payments. Then, customers typically finance their solar system by paying monthly installments. Simultaneously, they can access lower electric costs as soon as their system is connected to […]

Why Go Solar In NY And NJ? 5 Reasons To Install Solar Panels On Your Property

There are several key reasons to go solar in NY and NJ. If you live in New York or New Jersey, you are already paying some of the highest utility rates in the United States. That being said, it’s easy to understand why many property owners are looking to switch to solar energy. In addition […]

How Do I Get A Tesla Charging Station Install NJ At Home?

There are several steps to get a Tesla charging station install NJ at home. Undoubtedly, Tesla owners need to understand their charging station options as they invest in their electric cars. Notably, many businesses are now hosting Tesla charging stations for customers to charge their vehicles. Of course, it’s usually more convenient for Tesla owners […]

How To Get A Residential Solar Panel Tax Credit NJ For Your Property

There are a few important steps to get a residential solar panel tax credit for your New Jersey property. With all of NJ’s valuable solar tax credits, exemptions, rebates, and incentives, there has never been a better time to go green with renewable energy. That’s why many homeowners in Bergen, Essex, Passaic, Morris, and Hudson […]

Do You Need Rooftop Solar Energy In Bergen County NJ?

With more residential properties turning to green, sustainable power, you may be wondering if you need rooftop solar energy in Bergen County NJ. Homeowners who install solar panels in NJ receive numerous financial, energy-saving, and environmental benefits. However, just like any big purchase, installing a solar system is a major decision. As a New Jersey […]

5 Components Solar Power Companies In New Jersey Install On Home Systems

There are several components solar power companies New Jersey install on home systems. Importantly, home solar components can significantly impact how efficiently rooftop systems can generate power. In addition, the solar equipment customer choose can impact their installation costs and system longevity as well. As a New Jersey property owner in the market for solar, […]

Is There A Way To Get Free Solar Panels In NJ?

Homeowners throughout the Garden State are wondering about the best way to reduce costs, and potentially even get free solar panels in NJ. For years now, rooftop residential solar power has become increasingly popular in New Jersey. In fact, you’ve probably already seen solar panels on residential homes, multi-family properties, and commercial buildings. You may […]

How Solar Panels Can Help You Save Money On Electric Bills NJ

Rooftop solar panels offer plenty of cost-savings benefits to help save money on electric bills NJ. The rising price of utilities have become a factor in the overall cost of home ownership. That being said, property owners are always looking for the best ways to lower energy costs, generate clean power, and reduce reliance on […]

5 Considerations When Installing Commercial Solar Panels For Business NJ

There are several key considerations when installing commercial solar panels for business in New Jersey. More NJ businesses are investing in solar panels to promote sustainability, lower their carbon footprint, and improve their bottom lines. After all, modern solar panel technology has seen major performance advancements and technological improvements in recent years. As a New […]

What To Look For In A Solar Company In Poughkeepsie NY

There are several key elements to look for in a rooftop residential solar company Poughkeepsie New York. Homeowners all across the Empire State are considering the advantages of switching to solar power. Of course, doing so requires the assistance of an experienced, reliable New York residential solar provider. As a NY property owner, these skilled […]

5 Residential Solar Energy Programs In NJ That Save Money

There are plenty of residential solar energy programs NJ that help you save money. With thousands of professional rooftop residential systems, New Jersey is one of the country’s largest sustainable solar energy powerhouses. As such, there are several key tax credits, exemptions, rebates, and incentives to take advantage of. If you are considering going solar […]

What Can You Power With Rooftop Solar Panels New Paltz NY?

Homeowners should be keenly aware of what they can power with rooftop residential solar panels in New Paltz New York. Solar energy is one of the best resources to lower energy consumption, reduce monthly utility bills, and reduce your carbon footprint. With so many applications of solar electricity panels, they have become a central fixture […]

What Are The Best Homes For Solar Panels In NJ?

There are several factors, qualities, and elements that create the best homes for rooftop solar panels NJ. When thinking about home solar panel installation NJ, property owners are always thinking about the suitability, effectiveness, and electricity generation capabilities of their rooftops. Understanding these critical factors, they can accurately understand whether or not solar energy panels […]

A Property Owner’s Guide To Getting Solar Panels On My House NJ

There has never been a better time to consider the steps for getting solar panels on your house in NJ. Of course, more property owners are switching to sustainable, green solar energy to power their homes and daily lives. After all, there are so many key incentives, advantages, and reasons for going solar. As a […]

What Makes The Best Solar Companies In NJ So Reliable?

There are several factors that make the best solar companies in NJ reliable for your home installation. Undoubtedly, hiring a solar contracting company you can trust is essential when switching your home to renewable energy. With the right New Jersey solar company, you can make sure you get long-lasting, efficient home solar equipment. In addition, […]

How To Compare Rooftop Solar Providers Near Me

There are a few effective steps to compare rooftop solar providers near me. Shopping for NJ residential solar panels is a difficult, complex, and tedious process. After all, homeowners are constantly searching for the best equipment, prices, and installers. As a residential property owner and solar shopper, carefully comparing contractors will help you select the […]

How Does A Solar Power Purchase Agreement Work In New Jersey (NJ)?

There are several important factors to understand how does a solar power purchase agreement work in NJ. Notably, solar power purchase agreements (PPAs) are popular financing options for residential and commercial solar systems. Often, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and other public entities use a PPA to finance their solar energy system as well. As a customer […]

How Solar Panels For Colleges NY Empower Top University Campuses

There are several ways solar panels for colleges NY empower top university campuses. According to recent data, educational institutions account for over 10% of national carbon emissions. Simultaneously, nearly 90% of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities have roof space well-fit for solar installations. As a university president, you need to know how solar panels Monroe […]

What To Expect During Residential Solar Inspections NJ

There are several things to expect during residential solar inspections NJ. Undoubtedly, switching your home to solar energy has long-lasting benefits for sustainability and lower electric costs. Of course, a safe, secure solar installation is essential for a successful solar installation. As a home owner in the market for solar, you need to know what […]

When Does It Pay To Go Solar In NJ?

There are several signs switching to solar is right for homeowners asking, “When does it pay to go solar in NJ?” According to recent reports, solar power is one of the cheapest energy sources in history. Over the past decade, solar panel costs have declined by over 60%. Indeed, improved photovoltaic technology, increased demand, and […]

Is My House Good For Solar In New Jersey (NJ)?

There are several questions to ask when considering, “Is my house good for solar NJ?” Notably, solar panels can offer huge environmental benefits for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Indeed, solar panels can reduce air pollution from fossil fuels and dependence on nonrenewable energy sources. In addition, solar systems provide significant electric cost […]

How Does The Federal Solar Tax Break 2021 Work For Homeowners?

There are several essential elements to understand how the federal solar tax break 2021 works for homeowners. In 2020, Congress signed the COVID-19 Relief package and federal government omnibus spending bill. Under this legislation, the commercial and residential solar investment tax credit (ITC) was extended through 2022. Notably, this allows homeowners to receive a 26% […]

5 Types Of Solar Energy Projects NJ Boosting Community Sustainability

There are several types of solar energy projects NJ boosting community sustainability. Notably, many property owners, commercial businesses, and other industries are rapidly switching to solar across the Garden State. Indeed, many people are recognizing how solar panels combat harmful greenhouse emissions and reduce fossil fuel dependency. Of course, installing solar panels can significantly reduce […]

An Administrator’s Guide To Solar Panels For Schools New Jersey

Administrators often have several questions when considering solar panels for schools and universities in New Jersey. This year, more than 1 million students will return to New Jersey schools, requiring large amounts of electrical power. After all, these buildings use massive volumes of energy for lighting, cooling, ventilation, and heating. If you are a principal […]

How To Save Money With Clean Energy Programs NJ

There are several steps to save money with clean energy programs NJ. According to recent data, solar pricing in New Jersey has dropped over 30% in the last five years. Therefore, many homeowners are looking to install PV panels on their rooftop. Even with these decreasing prices, a solar system is a significant investment for […]

Installing LG Solar Panels At Affordable Costs In NJ

There are several factors pushing homeowners to install LG solar panels at affordable costs in NJ. Undoubtedly, trying to select a solar provider is one of the most challenging parts of switching to a solar power system. Even when you find a reliable solar contractor, it can be difficult to know which photovoltaic (PV) modules […]

How To Plan For Residential Solar Panels NJ System Installations

There are several steps to plan for residential solar panels NJ system installations. At first, a solar panel investment can seem daunting for homeowners. Indeed, they need to find a reputable installer, schedule a site assessment, and secure the proper permits before the solar installation can begin. In addition, the switch to solar can be […]

How Solar Panels For Municipal Buildings NJ Energize Local Communities

There are several ways solar panels for municipal buildings NJ energize local communities. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, New Jersey currently ranks 7th in the nation for total solar power capacity. Notably, the Garden State aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Thus, many local municipalities are looking for solar energy […]

How Long Does Home Solar Panel Installation NJ Take?

There are several factors that influence how long home solar panel installation NJ takes. Typically, most of the solar system installation time comes from preparing your home for its renewable energy system. Usually, the actual rooftop installation is the quickest part of the process. As a property owner interested in going solar, you need to […]

How To Design Your NJ Solar Roof And Start Generating Clean Power

There are several important steps to design your NJ solar roof and start generating clean power. Figuring out the ideal layout of your rooftop solar system can be best defined as an art form. This in-depth design process requires a technical expertise of solar electricity, panel design, and solar patterns. Of course, no two home’s […]

How Best Commercial Solar Companies NJ Install Your System

There are several steps the best commercial solar companies NJ take to install your system. Typically, the commercial solar installation process is easy for business owners. Indeed, top solar panel contractors usually manage the installation process from start to finish. Since experienced solar engineers have an extensive construction and electrical background, they can facilitate a […]

Can I Still Get Residential Solar Panels For Flat Roofs NJ?

Homeowners with flat roofs in New Jersey are constantly exploring the benefits of sustainable solar energy. However, their home’s unique style and configuration makes these solar installs slightly different. Unlike traditionally sloped roofs, these panels must be properly angled to maximize sunlight collection. Fortunately, the best NJ solar companies are expert on installing panels on […]

5 Popular Building Applications For Industrial Solar Panels NJ

There are several popular building applications for industrial solar panels NJ. Increasingly, commercial company owners are looking to switch to solar energy. Since many businesses consume high amounts of electricity, going solar can significantly reduce their electric costs. As a business owner, you need to know the most popular industrial solar applications for commercial companies. […]

Can I Add More Solar Panels To Existing Systems On NJ Houses?

You can add more solar panels to existing systems on NJ houses. Often, solar customers look to upgrade their solar panel systems when their energy needs change. For example, you may have recently installed a pool, purchased an electric powered car, or expanded your home. With increased energy use, you may need more solar panels […]

5 Considerations For Buying A House With Solar Panels NJ

There are several important considerations for buying a house with solar panels NJ. With solar installations on the rise, houses on the market may have a rooftop solar system already installed. Notably, homes with rooftop solar panels may have a higher selling price. Typically, this is because new homeowners can save significantly on their electric […]

How Solar Panels For Shopping Malls NJ Increase Retail Profitability

There are several ways solar panels for shopping malls NJ increase retail center profitability. Recently, one major New Jersey shopping mall has installed about a 3.49 MW solar project. This PV system contains about 9,000 solar panels, spanning over nearly 225,500 square feet of the mall’s rooftop. In addition, it is estimated to product over […]

Why Solar Panels For Warehouses Work Best In New Jersey (NJ)

There are several reasons why solar panels for warehouses work best in NJ. Recently, a massive Amazon warehouse in New Jersey installed 30 acres of solar panels on its rooftop. Notably, this is one of the largest rooftop solar installations in the entire country. Since the warehouse itself has over 1 million square feet, the […]

How Solar Panels For Hospitals NJ Are Powering The Healthcare Industry

There are several ways solar panels for hospitals NJ are powering the healthcare industry. From inexpensive equipment to life-saving machinery, hospitals rely on a steady stream of energy to care for their patients. By switching to solar panels, medical facilities can significantly reduce their carbon emissions. Of course, they can also cut their electric expenses […]

5 Commercial Solar Incentives NJ To Save On Business Installations

There are several commercial solar incentives NJ to save money on your business installation. Notably, New Jersey ranks in the top ten states in the United States for solar energy. By 2030, about 50% of state electricity is expected to come from clean, renewable energy sources. Of course, a commercial solar system is a significant […]

How To Choose The Best Residential Solar Panels In New York State

There are several essential steps to choose the best residential solar panels New York State. Importantly, solar panels are the main component of your rooftop energy system. Indeed, these photovoltaic cells determine how efficiently you can harness energy to power your home. In addition, they impact how long do solar panels last in NJ and […]

NJ Solar Programs Update: TRECs vs Solar Successor Incentives Proposal

NJ Transition Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs) are shifting to the Solar Successor Program. Recently, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU) released a proposal for the straw proposal. Also called the Community Solar Energy Program, this new proposal aims to support robust solar development in NJ commercial solar projects for the long-term. As a […]

When Is The Best Time To Install Solar Panels Monroe NY?

There are several best times to install solar panels Monroe NY. According to recent data, the average residential solar system in Monroe can vary greatly depending on solar estimates in New York state. Notably, customers can significantly reduce these installation costs down over $8,000 with tax credits and incentive programs. However, these financial savings will […]

5 Components Solar Equipment Suppliers NY Install On Rooftop Systems

There are several components solar equipment suppliers NY install on rooftop systems. Notably, solar technological advancements are making it easier for customers to switch to renewable energy. Indeed, top quality solar equipment typically has a warranty of 25 years. Additionally, solar panels and other system parts are achieving higher efficiency ratings. With these advancements, home […]

How To Estimate Rooftop Solar Cost Per Panel New York

There are several innovative steps to accurately estimate rooftop solar cost per panel NY. With the cost of solar dropping rapidly every year, there has never been a better time to upgrade your home with sustainable electricity. Of course, a complete solar installation will significantly range in costs depending on a number of core factors, […]

5 Factors Solar Savings Estimator NJ Uses To Calculate Costs

There are several factors solar savings estimator NJ uses to calculate costs and ROI. Notably, you can use a solar calculator to quickly estimate how much you can save by switching to solar. Indeed, most calculators ask for your address and electricity bill to estimate your rooftop solar system size. As a homeowner interested in […]

A Homeowners Guide To Buy Solar Panels Woodbury NY

Homeowners should keep several key things in mind when preparing to purchase solar panels in Woodbury New York. After all, there is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to installing solar panels and sustainable energy equipment. New York homeowners have a broad spectrum of options when it comes to purchasing solar. Therefore, […]

5 Ways To Save On Your Solar Installation Orangeburg NY

There are several ways to save on your solar installation Orangeburg NY. According to recent data, the average 6kW solar system costs about $14,000 in New York. Undoubtedly, this is a sizable investment for any homeowner. As a resident in the market for solar, you need to know how you can maximize your savings. Fortunately, […]

When Switching To Solar Power In Montclair NJ Is Right For You

There are several signs switching to solar power Montclair NJ is right for you. Notably, solar technology allows homeowners to reduce electric costs dramatically. In addition, solar power can lower your home’s carbon footprint significantly. As a property owner, you need to know when making the switch to solar energy is right for your home. […]

5 Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Power In Ossining NY

There are several questions to ask before you install solar power Ossining NY. Undoubtedly, solar panels can be a great investment for the environment and your home. Indeed, you can cut your carbon emissions and significantly reduce your electricity bills. Of course, there are important things to consider before you make your investment. As a […]

5 Options For Home Solar Energy Equipment Financing NJ

There are several viable options for home solar energy financing New Jersey. Solar financing solutions are becoming increasingly common amongst NJ homeowners looking to minimize the expensive upfront costs of going green. Fortunately, the best NJ solar companies will work directly with you to device strategic options that help you quickly acquire rooftop equipment financing. […]

How To Estimate Your Solar Cost Nyack NY

There are several steps to estimate your solar cost Nyack NY. On average, residential 5kW systems cost about $20,000 in the Nyack area. If you are eligible for incentives and tax credits, you may end up paying over $5,000 less. Of course, your solar panel system also works to reduce your electric costs once it […]

5 Ways Solar Panels Reduce Electric Bill In New Jersey

There are several ways solar panels can reduce electric bill in New Jersey. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest reasons customers choose to go solar is to reduce electricity costs. In New Jersey, the average electric bill is over $100. Over a year, this means homeowners typically incur over $1200 in expenses. As a homeowner, you […]

5 Major Factors That Impact Solar ROI In Morristown NJ

There are several major factors that impact solar ROI Morristown NJ. Undoubtedly, a solar panel system is a significant investment for any homeowner. Of course, once a rooftop system is installed, property owners can start reducing their monthly electric bills. In time, the system will pay for itself and solar system owners can continue to […]

How To Compare Solar Panel Efficiency For Homes In New York

There are several important steps to compare solar panel efficiency NY for homes. Find the best solar panels to power your home can feel like an overwhelming, complex challenge. Afterall, there are hundreds of different solar panel brands, types, and models, each with their own advantages. As a New York homeowner, there are several important […]

A Homeowner’s Guide To Switch To Solar NJ And Going Green

Hundreds of thousands of local homeowners are switching to solar NJ to power their everyday lives. Thanks to pioneering solar equipment, trustworthy local installers, and more electrical applications, there has never been a better time to switch to green energy solutions. Even better, the cost of installing rooftop solar energy systems NJ has gone down […]

5 Steps For A Successful Enphase Solar Installation New York

There are several important steps for a successful Enphase solar installation New York. Enphase solar providers provide some of the highest quality installations for rooftop systems. With high production and reliability, this brand’s micro inverters can produce more energy than others for a more cost-effective system. As a property owner in the market for solar, […]

A Homeowner’s Guide To Getting Paid For Solar New York

There are several ways a homeowner can accomplish getting paid for solar New York. Notably, New York state offers a variety of solar incentives, rebates, and credits for solar system purchases. Depending on your region and payment method, you can access these savings to expedite your solar payback period. Indeed, it usually takes seven to […]

How NYSERDA Home Solar Rebate Program Finances Energy Systems

There are several ways NYSERDA home solar rebate program finances energy systems. Notably, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) promotes energy efficiency and use of renewable resources. Specifically, NYSERDA offers solar incentive programs through the NY-Sun initiative in an effort to make renewable energy more accessible. As a New York property […]

Who Are The Best Solar Panel Installers Clifton NJ?

There are several characteristics of the best solar panel installers Clifton NJ. Undoubtedly, there are many different considerations customers need to navigate as they choose a solar provider. Indeed, clients need to think about their local area, pricing, and the company’s level of expertise. Of course, individuals should also look for high quality solar equipment […]

When Do Property Owners Need A Solar Roof Inspection NJ?

There are several instances when property owners need a solar roof inspection NJ. Naturally, homeowners may have safety concerns when thinking about installing rooftop solar panels. Fortunately, it is rare for solar panels to damage your roof when you partner with a reliable installer. Indeed, skilled professionals can make your transition to solar power safely […]

5 Types Of Solar Homes New York For Green Energy

If you are considering upgrading your house with solar panels, it is important to learn about the different types of solar homes in New York. As a New York homeowner, you likely live near properties with different sizes, shapes, and layouts. Of course, the architectural style of your home can greatly impact your home’s readiness […]

How To Maximize Your Solar Power ROI In New Jersey (NJ)

There are several steps to maximize your solar power return on investment (ROI) NJ. Importantly, solar ROI refers to the revenue your rooftop system generates throughout its lifespan. Typically, the higher your monthly savings, the quicker your initial installation investment pays for itself. Most residential solar panel owners can expect solar payback within 5 to […]

How Long Do Solar Panels Last In NJ Rooftops?

There are several steps to tell how long do solar panels last in NJ for rooftop systems. Depending on the solar panel manufacturer, many companies guarantee system performance for 25 to 30 years. However, it’s possible for your solar panels to produce electricity even longer than that. In fact, the world’s first solar panel can […]

5 Financial Savings That Solar Energy Contractors Morris County NJ Offer

There are several financial savings solar energy contractors Morris County NJ offer. Undoubtedly, making the switch to rooftop solar power system is a significant financial investment for any homeowner. Indeed, many potential buyers are deterred due to high installation costs. Often, this is because residents do not realize how much they can increase their electric […]

How To Assess Residential Solar Providers Company Rankings In New York

There are several steps to assess residential solar providers company rankings in New York. Undoubtedly, choosing the right installation company is a critical decision. With so many different companies to choose from, it can be difficult to evaluate reviews and tell which contractor is right for your home solar project. As a New York resident […]

5 Programs To Lower The Cost Of Solar Panels In NJ

There are many incentive programs to lower the cost of solar panels in NJ. Naturally, many people are concerned about the initial costs of switching to solar. Indeed, rooftop solar panel installations can seem expensive when you see your installation cost estimate. With lower monthly utility costs, your solar system can pay for itself over […]

Where To Buy Solar Panels NJ For Rooftop System Installs

There are several options to buy solar panels NJ for rooftop system installs. Professional solar providers can offer you a reliable installation experience. As a New Jersey property owner in the market for a clean energy system, you know going solar can reduce your electric costs and increase your sustainability. However, rooftop solar electric panels […]

How Rooftop Solar Panels North Jersey Work To Power Your Home

Solar technology is improving, causing the cost of solar to decrease. Consequentially, solar-powered electricity usage is on the rise. As a North Jersey property owner, you may be wondering how rooftop solar panels work to power your home. After all, it is no secret that New Jersey receives less overall solar radiation than sunnier states, […]

5 Solar Energy Tax Incentives New York State Offers To Pay You

There are several solar energy tax incentives New York State offers to pay for your rooftop system. According to recent studies, residential solar installations have increased nearly 1800% since 2011. Largely, this is because homeowners are leveraging state solar rebates and federal incentive programs to reduce their installation costs. As a New York resident, you […]

A Homeowner’s Guide To Leasing Solar Panels In NJ

There are several guidelines to follow when leasing solar panels in NJ. According to recent studies, rooftop solar system prices have fallen over 40% in New Jersey over the last five years. Largely, this is because of how fast solar demand is growing across the state. Even as prices continue to decrease and incentive programs […]

How Solar Panel Micro Inverters NJ Work To Power Your Home

Solar panel micro inverters NJ take several comprehensive steps to power your home. Importantly, there are many different types of solar inverters to convert the sun’s energy into usable electricity. For example, string inverters use one centralized system to connect multiple panel strings to a single unit. While these systems can be reliable, microinverters offer […]

5 Top-Rated Services Burlington Solar Panel Companies Offer NJ Residents

There are several top-rated services Burlington solar panel companies offer NJ residents. According to recent data, energy rates in Burlington are over 20% higher than the national average. By installing solar panels, you can significantly lower your monthly utility cost. Plus, solar panel installation costs are decreasing as more people install rooftop systems. Still, you […]

5 Signs You Found The Best Home Solar Power Providers New Jersey

There are several signs you’ve found the best home solar power providers New Jersey. Rooftop solar panel systems are a sustainable solution to reduce your grid energy. In addition, solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill. Of course, solar installations require an initial investment. As a New Jersey homeowner, you want to make […]

Why You Need Electrical Work And Solar Roofing NJ System Installers

There are several reasons you need electrical work and solar roofing New Jersey system installers. Recently, some property owners have tried to cut installation costs by installing solar panels themselves. Notably, these installations can incur unwanted expenses, such as roof or equipment damage. In addition, untrained individuals are vulnerable to safety risks. Indeed, do it […]

How Long Will The Warren County Solar Installation Process Take?

Before beginning the Warren County solar installation process, many NJ homeowners are wondering how long the entire endeavor will take. Of course, the overall timeframe will vary based on the size, scope, and complexity of your system. Some estimates can be much shorter or longer depending on your solar company and location. To help you […]

What Is The True Cost Of Solar Panels In NJ?

There are several factors that impact the true cost of solar panels in NJ. New Jersey has been a leader for making the switch to renewable energy. Indeed, the number of photovoltaic panel (PV) installations is increasing as more property owners seek lower monthly utility bills and sustainable lifestyles. In addition, solar installation prices have […]

How Solar Installers New Jersey Are Shifting Homes To Renewable Energy

Solar installers New Jersey take several steps to shift homes to renewable energy. According to recent data, New Jersey is one of the leading states switching to solar power. In fact, over 550,000 homes across the state are powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels. Increasingly, homeowners are looking to decrease their monthly utility bill and reduce […]

Congress Passes Solar ITC Extension In COVID-19 Relief Package

Congress recently passed a solar investment tax credit (ITC) extension in the latest COVID-19 relief package. Within a $900 billion coronavirus relief package, congressional leaders approved a $35 billion spending package for renewable energy research and development programs. Under this spending bill, the solar tax credit incentive program has been approved for a two-year extension. […]

5 Financing Strategies To Buy Rooftop Solar Hunterdon County

There are several unique financing strategies to buy rooftop solar panels in Hunterdon County NJ. The rising cost of electricity in New Jersey has led many homeowners to make the switch to solar energy. With demand continuously rising, there are plenty of strategies to lower costs, eliminate taxes, and make solar more attainable for everyone. […]

What To Look For In The Best Bridgewater Solar Panel Company

There are several factors to look for when choosing the best Bridgewater solar panel company. Undoubtedly, hiring a reliable solar contractor is crucial for a smooth installation. Notably, there are many different types of solar installations Paramus NJ to meet the area’s needs, as well as in Bridgewater. NJ residential installers can customize your panel […]

5 Common FAQs For Residential Solar Panel Installation Hoboken NJ

There are several common FAQs to help you prepare for residential solar panel installation Hoboken NJ. As a New Jersey homeowner, you likely know that solar panel electrical systems can be incredibly complex. However, going solar does not have to be difficult. With a number of experienced local solar professionals in your neighborhood, the process […]

How To Align Home Rooftop Solar Panels Middlesex County NJ

There are several important steps, strategies, and considerations to properly align home rooftop solar panels in Middlesex County New Jersey. The angle and positioning of your solar array is an important step to maximizing clean energy production. Of course, the optimal angle, positioning techniques, and pointing strategies will vary based on where you live. Therefore, […]

How To Compare Solar Contractors Central Jersey For Home Installations

There are several important steps to compare solar contractors central Jersey for your home installation. Of course, choosing the right solar company is essential to ensure a smooth transition to renewable power. However, NJ property owners may struggle to select an installer. After all, companies typically offer different quotes, solar equipment options, as well as […]

How Solar Companies In Essex County NJ Prep Home Rooftop Installations

Solar companies in Essex County NJ take several steps to prepare your home for rooftop installation. Of course, switching to a solar energy system requires proper planning. After all, photovoltaic (PV) panel systems can be fairly heavy on your roof. Therefore, New Jersey property owners need expert professionals to ensure your roof is suitable for […]

Are Solar Panels Jersey City NJ Right For Your Business?

Business owners throughout the Greater New Jersey area are making the switch to solar panels. Adding solar panel arrays to your commercial building can significantly reduce your operating expenses and boost your business’s sustainability. Of course, this can help you lower your carbon footprint and become a better member of your local community. Before you […]

How To Buy Solar Panels In Bulk NY

There are several simple steps to purchase bulk rooftop solar panels in New York. Wholesale solar panel prices provide an inexpensive solution to meet the clean energy needs of larger-than-average properties. Whether you are installing wholesale equipment for a commercial, utility, or municipal facility, you can largely benefit from purchasing solar in bulk. Before you […]

5 Steps For Rooftop Solar Installation Westchester NY

There are several comprehensive steps for rooftop solar installation Westchester NY. When properly performed, installing solar panels can be a rewarding and cost-effective experience. In fact, over a million homes in the United States have already begun making the transition to solar energy. If you are searching the market for rooftop solar panel systems, you […]

How To Calculate Solar Panel Savings Per Month NY

There are several straightforward processes to calculate solar panel savings per month in New York. Transitioning to solar energy systems, New York property owners like yourself can reduce their monthly utility bill significantly. However, it can be difficult to initially determine the exact dollar amount of your monthly solar savings. Obviously, your solar panel savings […]

5 Price Factors To Home Solar Cost Estimates In Hudson County NJ

There are several key price factors that influence your home solar cost estimate in Hudson County New Jersey. Undoubtedly, solar energy can be a valuable resource to reduce your electricity bills and carbon footprint. However, homeowners all over the state are constantly concerned about what solar installation cost they can expect to see. Fortunately, it […]

How To Evaluate The Best Home Solar Panel Companies Sussex NJ

There are several comprehensive steps to evaluate the top home solar panel companies in Sussex New Jersey. With so many companies available in your local area, choosing the best solar contractor can be a difficult decision to make. As you explore solar panel installation options, it is important to evaluate company reputation, history, and ratings. […]

5 Residential Applications For Rooftop Solar Solutions NY

There are a number of different residential applications for rooftop solar application in New York. Still, many homeowners are constantly wondering “what can solar energy be used for?” Fortunately, there is a seemingly endless list of solar power applications. Once you have decided on your desired application, best solar installers in New York State can […]

5 Ways To Calculate Your Rooftop Residential Solar Estimate NJ

There are several ways to calculate your rooftop residential solar estimate in New Jersey. There is a number of financial factors that go into setting up an efficient solar array. The cost of your solar installation will likely vary based on location, provider, and your choice of equipment. Every NJ residential property has a unique […]

How To Maximize Residential Solar Panel Savings NJ

There are several strategic ways to maximize your residential solar savings in New Jersey. Solar panels are an incredibly popular solution to reduce energy expenses and cut your carbon footprint. Even with numerous sustainability and financial benefits, homeowners are still looking for ways to maximize their monthly solar savings. Fortunately, there are several key solutions […]

5 Important Steps For Solar Installation In Passaic County NJ

There are several steps in the process of solar installation Passaic County NJ. Many property owners are switching to solar energy systems to lower their monthly utility bills. In addition, they might be seeking a more sustainable power supply for their home. As a NJ homeowner in the market for getting solar panels in NJ, […]

How To Finance Solar Installation For Your NJ Residential Property

There are several comprehensive solutions to finance solar installation for your NJ residential property. Once you have decided that solar is the best solution for your residence, you now must consider how you will pay for your system. Purchasing and installing solar energy systems can be a significant upfront investment. Fortunately, there are several comprehensive […]

Should You Lease Or Buy Solar Panels For Your Home?

Before installing their system, many homeowners are concerned on whether to lease or buy solar panels. Ultimately, there is no “one size fits all” solution for comparing solar leases vs solar purchase. The financing agreement that is most suitable for you will largely be determined by your goals and preferences. While the main distinction between […]

Solar Panels For Apartment Buildings: A Cost-Savings Guide For Landlords

When properly installed and managed, it is incredibly easy to save money with solar panels for apartment buildings. As a landlord, you are likely constantly looking for ways to maximize profitability on your single or multi-family unit. with the cost of solar panels steadily reducing and the cost of electricity constantly increasing, there has never […]

How To Breakdown Your Residential Solar Installation Cost New Jersey

There are several comprehensive steps you can take to breakdown your residential solar installation cost New Jersey. Solar energy is one of the most accessible forms of renewable energy that you can use to power your home. Increasingly, NJ property owners are tapping into the sun’s energy supply to save on their monthly electric bills […]

How Residential Solar Providers Upstate NY Support Environmental Initiatives

There are several advanced ways residential solar providers Upstate New York support your environmental initiatives. By powering millions of homes with rooftop solar panels, renewable energy companies are effectively mitigating the threats of global warming and making the air safer to breathe. As a New York resident in the market for solar energy, you should […]

How To Select Rooftop Energy Efficiency Contractors NJ

In New Jersey, you can reduce your electric costs over time and increase the value of your home with energy efficiency solutions. As a property owner in New Jersey, you may be looking to lower your fossil fuel consumption or contribute to clean energy initiatives. Fortunately, experienced solar contracting professionals can install a rooftop photovoltaic […]

How To Install Solar Panels Union County NJ For Commercial Business

There are several strategic steps to install solar panels Union County NJ for your commercial business. When professionally installed, renewable energy systems are an effective way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on your electrical expenses. As a commercial business owner, installing a photovoltaic system can lower your overall operational costs and increase your […]

5 Factors That Influence Solar Project Cost Breakdown In New Jersey

There are several key factors that influence your solar project cost breakdown in Northern New Jersey. There are several costs that go into configuring efficient solar power panel systems. Many of the costs you are required to pay are directly related to purchasing efficient electrical and structural components. However, another important part of your solar […]

How Solar Consulting New York Provides Expert Assistance

New York solar consulting professionals offer expert assistance in resource assessment to help you build an advanced, sustainable energy system for your property. There are several comprehensive steps when planning to power your property with solar energy. Before you can begin sourcing power from these sustainable sources, these steps must be carefully researched and followed. […]

How To Calculate Costs For Residential Solar Systems In New York

There are several strategic steps you need to follow to calculate costs for residential solar systems in New York. In the past several years, the national average cost of solar panel installations in the United States has been steadily decreasing. In part, this is due to solar panels spreading across residential rooftops. As this demand […]

How To Finance Residential Solar Electric Costs In New York

There are several sophisticated available resources available to help you effectively finance solar electric costs for your New York residential property. Solar panels are a widely used home electric system to reduce your energy expenses, promote sustainability, and reduce your reliance on electricity grids. Despite the numerous advantages, installing an efficient solar system can be […]

5 Strategies To Implement Rooftop Solar Energy Plans New York

There are dozens of efficient renewable energy strategies for your rooftop New York solar power plans. Every year, solar power is becoming more prevalent, accessible, and affordable throughout the country. Leveraging the industry experience and expertise of reliable solar panel installation companies in New York, you can easily plan affordable, reliable clean energy systems. Before […]

5 Affordable Solar Financing Options NJ For Your Residential Property

There are several affordable NJ solar financing options for your residential property. Selecting the appropriate financing option can help you maximize your solar ROI, while simultaneously helping them work towards your sustainability goals. Even as a significant investment, the right solar financing programs can help you minimize upfront costs, while still allowing you to access […]

A Sustainable Guide To Getting Solar Panels In New Jersey

There are several essential steps for getting solar panels in Northern NJ. Even when working alongside experienced solar installation companies, there are several steps to install an efficient clean energy system for your property. There are several aspects to consider when planning, installing, and monitoring your rooftop solar systems. By taking the time to thoroughly […]

How Installation Solar Panel Companies Morris County NJ Promote Sustainability

There are several advanced ways installation solar panel companies Morris County NJ promote sustainability. Solar energy has become an increasingly popular form of alternative energy for New Jersey property owners. This is partially because New Jersey residents pay significantly higher electricity costs than average homeowners in the United States. Installing solar electric panels is an […]

How Much Can I Save With Rooftop Solar Panels Paterson NJ?

Prior to installing a sustainable source of energy, many NJ residents are constantly wondering how much they can save with rooftop solar panels in Paterson. Potential cost savings are one of the main reasons for transitioning to solar energy. By installing rooftop solar panels, you can reduce your grid reliance, overcome peak utility prices, and […]

5 Steps To Install Solar Electric Panels NJ For Residential Rooftops

There are several strategic steps to install solar electric panels NJ for residential rooftops. When thoughtfully planned, the solar installation process can be a sustainable solution to help New Jersey property owners reduce electrical expenses. If you are in the solar energy market, it is important to understand how the procedure works. Indeed, there are […]

5 Types Of Solar Rebates In NJ To Recoup Clean Energy Expenses

There are several solar rebates in New Jersey to help property owners recoup their clean energy expenses. NJ has consistently been one of the most progressive states for solar energy financing. Throughout the state, there are a number of comprehensive NJ solar panel incentives, tax credits, financing programs, leasing agreements, and clean energy rebates to […]

How To Reduce Costs On Rooftop Solar Power In New York

There are several ways to reduce costs on rooftop solar power in New York. As one of the most progressive states in renewable energy, there are dozens of incentives, programs, tax credits, and initiatives to help you offset solar power expenses. No matter whether you are installing a solar systems for a residential property, commercial […]

5 Determining Factors Of Your Solar Estimate New York

There are several determining factors that calculate your solar estimate in New York. With more and more New Yorker’s switching to renewable sources of energy, there is a growing demand for comprehensive solar estimates. NY solar estimates thoroughly evaluate how suitable your property is for solar, how many panels you need to cover your electric […]

5 Services Roofing Contractors Rockland County NY Offer Residential Properties

NY roofing contractors in Rockland County offer a full portfolio of services for your residential property. Experienced roofing professionals offer expertise across all aspects of residential roofing repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance. From minor repairs to complete re-roofs, Rockland roofing contractors can help you efficiently, accurately, and affordably plan your residential project. Many contractors can […]

How Advanced Rooftop Solar Energy Systems NJ Save Money

Advanced rooftop solar energy systems in New Jersey present several opportunities to save your property money. Whether you are planning a solar energy system to save money or boost your property sustainability, there are several financial benefits available for your renewable electricity system. As the popularity of advanced solar systems continues to grow, New Jersey […]

Use A Solar Savings Calculator New York To Estimate Clean Energy Potential

With a New York solar savings calculator, property owners can readily and accurately estimate their clean energy potential. With more and more property owners maximizing sustainability and reducing their energy expenses through solar panel system installation, there has never been a more opportune time to transition to clean energy production. Solar savings calculators serve as […]

SRECs Are Changing To NJ TRECs: What You Need To Know

The incredibly successful New Jersey SREC program is being replaced by a new and improved Transition Renewable Energy Certificates, or TREC system. SRECs were one of the most widely used solar programs in NJ. New Jersey has historically been one of the most progressive, and advanced states for solar energy. With the transition to the […]

How Commercial Solar Energy Contractors New York Optimize Operations

Commercial solar energy contractors in New York offer several strategic services to optimize business owners’ daily operations. With the consistently rising rates of NY energy expenses, solar is becoming a cost-effective, sustainable alternative for modern commercial facilities. While solar may be a significant initial investment, it presents several long-term advantages that greatly outweigh the costs. […]

Top Solar Programs In NJ That Offset System Installation Costs

New Jersey offers several solar programs designed to system installation costs. While extremely affordable in terms of long-range benefits, solar system installation can be a significant investment. Accessing New Jersey’s sustainable energy programs help to drastically reduce the costs associated with solar system installation. To support modern sustainability goals, New Jersey offers a variety of […]

How Rooftop Solar Energy Companies NJ Promote Sustainable Energy Use

Rooftop solar energy companies in New Jersey offer an advanced portfolio of services to enhance sustainable energy use. Sustainability is growing as an increasing priority for New Jersey property owners. Solar energy is a major strategy to achieve sufficient sustainability. With experienced installation professionals, an abundance of solar programs, and efficient hardware components, there has […]

How To Determine Solar Panels Cost In NY

There are several factors to evaluate in order to effectively determine solar panel costs in New York. With the increasing popularity and need for clean energy systems, solar panels are becoming more and more popular throughout New York State. While working towards sustainability goals, many NY property owners are still looking to work within a […]

How Solar Consulting NJ Improves Renewable Energy Development

Solar consulting firms in NJ offer a comprehensive range of services to help you improve your renewable energy development process. Experienced solar consultants provide due-diligence services throughout your renewable energy planning, development, installation, and optimization. With these services, you can improve renewable energy planning and maximize NJ solar efficiency throughout the lifespan of your system. […]

Is Going Solar Worth It In NJ? How To Calculate Value

There are several steps to determine if solar is worth it for your New Jersey home. With the increasing prioritization of sustainability across the state, more and more property owners are considering rooftop solar installation. In addition to enhanced sustainability and reduced emissions, Northern New Jersey solar panel systems present a number of incentives financially. […]

How To Maximize Your Solar Panel ROI In New York State

There are several renewable energy strategies to help New Yorker’s maximize their solar ROI. Solar energy systems can be a significant investment. Luckily, there are dozens of ways to maximize your solar return and offset installation costs. These solutions can help you design highly-efficient solar systems with reduced installation expenses. Before you buy solar panels […]

How To Configure An Efficient Solar Panel Home System In New Jersey

There are several steps to configure an efficient solar panel home system in your New Jersey residence. Taking the proper steps throughout the solar installation process ensures you configure the most efficient solar panel home system available. With experienced solar installation professionals right here in NJ, configuring efficient renewable energy systems has never been easier. […]

How Solar For Commercial Buildings NJ Reduces Operating Expenses

Solar for commercial buildings in New Jersey is an excellent strategy for property owners looking to reduce net operational expenses. Operational expenses on commercial facilities can quickly add up. On top of managing property overhead you need to adequately manage energy costs. Energy costs are constantly shifting based on usage changes and seasonal trends. NJ […]

How Solar Battery Backup In New York Optimizes Your Energy System

Installing a solar energy backup on your New York property offers several advanced functions to optimize your clean energy, rooftop systems. Solar battery backups allow NY property owners to make the most of their renewable energy system. With reliable solar battery solutions, you can guarantee the efficient collection, storage, and usage of NY solar energy. […]

How Solar Installer New York State Plan Efficient System Arrays

Professional solar installers help New York State property owners plan the most efficient system arrays. Planning solar systems can be a challenging process. New York solar installation companies are experienced in installing professional renewable energy systems of all size and scope. Solar contractors analyze your property capabilities and renewable energy goals to plan the most […]

5 Solar Hardware Components NJ For Rooftop Energy Systems

There are several essential solar hardware components you need to purchase for your NJ rooftop system. While NJ solar panel installation is a relatively straightforward process, there are several essential components that go into the proper assembly of your system. One of the best ways to source the most efficient equipment is through working with […]

How Solar Leasing Companies NY Improve Renewable Energy Financing

Solar leasing companies offer numerous services to help you improve financing on your New York renewable energy system. With a solar lease agreement, you save many of the upfront costs associated with purchasing solar panels, acquiring hardware, and installation costs. Instead, you are able to lease your system through a series of affordable monthly payments. […]

5 Types Of Solar Panels In Mahwah NJ For Energy Production

There are several types of solar panels available for your Mahwah NJ property. The solar panels you choose have a large impact on the overall performance of your system. Choosing the right panels can help you maximize your NJ solar energy production. At the same time, panels are a major component of your total solar […]

A Comprehensive Guide On Transitioning To Solar Energy In Northern NJ

Northern NJ residents need to learn about the process to transition to solar energy before they can install their systems. Once installed, there are dozens of rewards and incentives in exchange for your renewable energy purchase. Even with reputable solar installation companies in your area, there is still a multi-step process you should to follow. […]

4 Ways To Reduce Your Electric Costs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

There are several ways for NJ and NY homeowners to reduce their electricity cost amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With New Jersey and New York residents quarantining inside, electricity consumption is at an all time high. Luckily, there are several solutions to combat high energy prices. When properly practiced, these solutions can drastically your monthly bills. […]

5 Questions To Ask Solar Installation Professionals Newburgh NY

Before you implement your solar system, there are several questions you must ask Newburgh NY solar installation professionals. Installing a solar system can be a significant investment. As with any long-term investment, you need to work with experienced professionals, and ask an abundance of questions. Asking the right questions guarantees that you are informed about […]

How To Buy Solar Panels New York State

There is a simple process for New York State residents looking to purchase solar panels. As sustainability continues to grow as a priority across the state, more New Yorker’s are considering purchasing solar panel equipment. With unique solar financing, incentives, and rebate options available, solar panel installation is more affordable than ever before. Every residential […]

3 Essential Solar Power Sources Morris County NJ

There are several valuable uses of solar of solar power for Morris County property owners. Whether you are a residential homeowner, a commercial business owner, or a public administrator, you can greatly benefit from solar power in NJ. Once you plan on the ideal solar panel installation, you need to begin planning your power sources. […]

How Solar Panels Westchester County Turn Roofs Into Power Sources

Solar panel systems across New York State are helping Westchester County residents turn their roofs into efficient sources of power. Sustainability is continuing to grow as a priority throughout the twenty-first century. With increased prioritization, more residents of Westchester County are understanding the importance of renewable energy sources. Luckily enough, the roof your residential home […]

How Installing Solar Roofing NJ Improves Residential Properties

Solar roofing is quickly growing as a renewable energy solution in New Jersey. New Jersey residents have constantly favored solar power to meet their renewable energy needs. However, installing solar roofing options provides a high-preforming solution coupled with a low-profile appearance. With reputable solar installation companies right in Northern New Jersey, it has never been […]

How To Choose Solar Panel Companies In Orange County NY

Many Orange County NY residents are working with the top solar panel companies in order to meet their energy needs. Some NY state residents are making the transition to solar power in order to lower their emissions and reduce their carbon footprint. Other residents of Orange County are making the switch in order to lower […]

How To Maximize Solar Efficiency NJ On Residential Systems

Throughout planning their solar systems, there are multiple ways for NJ residents to maximize solar efficiency. Even if you have conducted a fair amount of research on solar systems, there are often additional tactics to maximize solar productivity. As you are making a sizable investment to install your solar system, you need to guarantee the […]

5 Jobs By Solar Panel Installers Hudson Valley NY

Solar panel installers in Hudson Valley NY offer a number of unique services, projects and jobs. Solar solutions help Hudson Valley residents reduce their energy consumption, boost sustainability, and lower their electricity bills. In many cases, their are many NY solar tax rebates and incentives in exchange for installing panels. No matter the purpose or […]

How Solar Contractors NJ Develop Rooftop Projects

New Jersey solar contractors lay out a comprehensive plan to help NJ residents develop their rooftop projects. Working directly with solar roofing contractors ensures you obtain the best equipment to maximize your renewable energy efficiency. Whether you are looking to save on electric bills, lower energy consumption, or reduce your carbon footprint, NJ solar contractors […]

5 Installations By Solar Panels Companies In Paramus NJ

Solar panel companies in Paramus offer multiple unique installs throughout New Jersey. Whether you are looking for a solar system to lower your electricity bills or to reduce your carbon footprint, NJ solar contractors can help you install the ideal set up. The best solar energy companies help you assess your energy needs, install, and […]

Top Residential Uses For Solar Energy Bergen County NJ

A number of Bergen County households are considering the best residential applications of solar energy. As sustainability and renewable energy becomes a higher priority in modern years, more households are considering the importance of switching to renewable solar energy. When properly equipped, solar energy sources greatly reduce your carbon footprint and reduce monthly energy expenses. […]

5 Reasons To Work With Solar Panel Dealers In New York State Directly

There are multiple reasons to work with the best New York Solar Panel dealers. Within the state, installation companies offer the solar energy equipment, experience, and expertise to complete your solar design. Whether you are working on your power system for residential, commercial, or municipal purposes, New York solar service teams can help you complete […]

How Commercial Solar Panels NJ Save Businesses Money

In a constant effort to reduce overhead expenses, many businesses owners are considering the potential savings of switching to solar power. With sustainability becoming increasingly prioritized by business owners like yourself, there is no better time to begin your solar transformation. While a solar installation may seem like an expensive process for commercial buildings, there […]

5 Solar Panel Incentives NJ For Reduced Energy Costs

Many NJ residents are interested in the potential incentives provided through solar panel installation. On top of providing a sustainable power source, different incentives can save homeowners significantly on energy expenses. Luckily, there are a number of New Jersey solar rebates, incentives, and tax credits available to residents. Remaining aware of the different incentive types […]

5 Costs Of Rooftop Solar Panels Installation In Bergen County NJ

Many homeowners in Bergen County NJ are researching opportunities to switch to solar power. However, only one thing is stopping them, the cost. Luckily, installing rooftop solar panels on your home does not have to be as expensive as you think. With some of the best solar companies available in Northern New Jersey, solar panel […]

Top 5 Solar Panel Equipment NYC Options

As many New Yorker’s transition to renewable sources of energy, the need for solar panel equipment is increasing rapidly. The best equipment reduces overall energy consuption and helps you save on electric bills. and  Getting familiar with your solar system equipment helps you better understand and analyze your energy needs. At the same time, you […]

New York State Solar Incentives: Your 2017 Guide to Saving Money

When it comes to green energy options in New York, solar is one of the best you can choose. It’s clean, long-lasting, accessible and, thanks to New York state solar incentives, affordable. In fact, according to New York’s 2017 solar report card, this state is the number one state to go solar. New York Governor […]

Top Ways To Save On Electric Bills This Spring & Summer

It’s getting warmer out! If this statement makes you cringe, it’s most likely not the climate and the impact the warmer months have on your electric bills. One of the main reasons that can keep you from enjoying the spring or summer is that you have to dig deeper in your already dented pockets to pay […]

The Cost Of Maintaining Solar Panels

Before going any further, let us assure you that the cost of maintaining solar panels is not only ridiculously low but what slight costs you do incur are more than made up for by the money you save using this clean, renewable energy. Additionally, many states offer rebates, property tax exemptions, and other money-saving incentives […]

Solar Energy: What’s In A Watt?

In order to understand a watt, try to imagine it as a measure electrical flow. It is basically a unit of power – power being the rate of consumption or production of energy. Technically, a watt “is defined as one joule per second”. Many electrical companies bill in kilowatt (kW) hours – the electricity used […]

Understanding 2017 New Jersey Solar Rebates

If you live in New Jersey, you are one of the luckier ones when it comes to solar rebates. What is a solar rebate? They are similar to the rebates that you might receive after purchasing new appliances. Technically, these rebates can come from the companies that provide utilities yet are not producing sufficient amounts […]

Can Solar Panels Hike Up The Resale Value Of Your Property?

When we hear about solar panels, we automatically think of smaller carbon footprint and lower electricity bills. These are the principal reasons why most people decide to install solar panels in their homes. However, there are more benefits of going solar than just having your monthly utility statements shrunk. Installing solar panels for your home […]

Top Ways To Save On Electric Bills This Winter

Winter is here! If this statement makes you cringe, that goes to show that you don’t enjoy the winter season very much. One of the main reasons that can keep you from enjoying winter is that you have to dig deeper in your already dented pockets to pay more in utility bills. This should not […]

A Primer On The History Of Solar Energy

Do you know that the use of solar energy dates back to 7th century B.C? The history of solar energy starts when mankind first harnessed solar power to make fire and as the years went by, people found more ways to use solar power to make life easier. It was two centuries ago that mankind […]

How To Choose A Provider For Solar Panel Installation

Many people have gone solar, and this is certainly for good reasons. Tapping on a renewable source of energy has the potential to cut down electric bills as well as contribute immensely to the environment. One of the very first things you have to think about is choosing the right solar partner to help you […]

Saving Water By Going Solar

Water has many uses, and this makes it very important to our daily lives. In fact, it does not limit its usage as to how it can help us survive. It also extends to other practical uses that we often ignore. Do you know that the clothes you wear will not be made without the […]

Westchester County: Solar Lease vs. Solar Purchase

Westchester County, NY is one of those locations in the United States where going solar makes an excellent investment. If you are thinking about switching to energy produced by solar panels, you will often have to decide between solar lease and solar purchase. Let us explain the differences so that you can consider the different […]

Understanding Solar Tax Credits

Solar tax credits reign from a tax incentive program launched by the federal government to encourage businesses and individuals to use solar energy to supplement their grid energy requirements. Because solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, there is considerable effort to try and get more people to tap into solar energy and […]

5 Solar Energy Myths That You Should Not Believe

Solar energy is one of the most misunderstood energy sources in the world. As a result, outright falsehoods spring up to fill this knowledge void. In this article, we shatter 5 solar energy myths and help to set the record straight. Solar energy is expensive This perhaps is the most enduring of solar energy myths, […]

Top Ways To Save On Electric Bills This Fall

The arrival of the fall season often heralds the start of soaring electric bills. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With some forethought and a few tricks, you can stay warm this fall season and still avoid high electric bills. Here’s how you can save on electric bills this fall: Control your house […]

Five Serious Energy Wasting Habits You Need to Avoid

The United States has turned out to be the 2nd largest consumer of energy, following China. On average, every American household consumes 10,908 kWh of electricity per year. It’s easy to see that there is plenty of room to reduce our energy wasting habits. The first step is to understand the common ways we waste energy. These energy […]

Infinity Named Top 10 Solar Contractor in New York State

Solar Power World Online Releases 2016’s top 500 Infinity Solar was ranked in Solar Power World’s top 10 solar contractors in NY for 2016! Solar Power World is leading online and print source for news and information about solar energy breakthroughs, technology, and installation. It is such a great honor to have been given a spot on […]

Solar Energy Jobs Outpace US Economy

The United States is a leader in renewable energy, and when it comes to solar energy, we have plenty to celebrate. Since 2008 the U.S. solar energy capacity has grown thirtyfold, saving Americans tens of millions of dollars a year. Those who have already invested in rooftop solar panels can expect to see those savings […]

Top 5 Questions: Solar Energy Explained!

Your electric companies rely heavily on expensive and polluting fossil fuels to generate electricity. For that reason, electric bills are skyrocketing these days. Meanwhile, solar energy has emerged as an easy, inexpensive, and reliable option. Therefore, solar installation is booming around the globe. Do you know that in the first quarter of 2016, the U.S. […]

The Best Solar Panel Efficiency in New York

The best conventional solar panels offer a modest 15-17% efficiency, but as technology advances forward we seek to attain more and more solar panel efficiency out of our energy sources. We at Sunpower by Infinity have explored the possibilities of solar energy, and our advances will astound you. Let’s compare the difference between conventional solar panels, and […]

Can Solar Energy Save Your Children’s Future?

As the world keeps turning, we, its sole proprietors, look for better and more efficient energy. For many years mankind has scoured the earth for alternative forms of energy in an attempt to leave behind the fossil fuels that darken our skies and clog our lungs. Wind, nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, hydroelectric, and solar energy […]

What are the Current New York State Solar Incentives?

Have you been researching the benefits of solar panels? With fewer greenhouse gas emissions and the ability to lock in low utility rates for decades to come, it’s no surprise you’re interested in going solar. As you become more serious about making the switch, it’s important to research ways to save money, both on the […]

NY Solar Incentives:a Your 2016 Guide

As a resident of Rockland or Orange County, 2016 is a great year to take advantage of NY solar incentives! As one of the best states in the country to go solar, you stand to save a great deal, both on the upfront investment and on long-term operating costs. Make sure you take advantage of […]

NYSERDA Cash Rebates: What Am I Eligible For?

If you live in New York, you have some of the best opportunities in the country to go solar. From tax credits and net metering to sales tax and property tax exemptions, switching to solar requires a smaller investment than you might realize. New York residents can also take advantage of cash rebates from the […]

NY Solar Program: How to Go Solar Without Spending a Fortune

Do you want to lower your energy bills? Are you committed to doing your part for the environment? Installing solar panels is the best way to meet both of your goals. You might be thinking, “But solar panels are expensive. How can I go solar without spending a fortune?” As a Rockland or Orange County […]

NY Solar Tax Credits: See How Much You’ll Save

Going solar is your chance to do your part for the environment, not to mention lower your electricity bills substantially for the next few decades. Every building with a roof or enough surrounding land has the potential to install solar panels! You may wonder about the upfront costs associated with switching to solar. It’s true […]

The New York Solar Program: How Do I Qualify?

New York is one of the best states to go solar. Thanks to the New York solar program called NY-Sun Initiative, making the switch is more affordable than ever. NY-Sun was created as part of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s commitment to preserving the environment and lowering energy costs across the state. NY-Sun combines and expands […]

How to Choose Between the Different Solar Companies in NY

With ever-increasing utility bills, it’s no surprise that more and more Rockland and Orange County residents are looking into solar panels. This green energy solution is viable on a residential scale since you can have solar panels installed directly on your roof. Once you make the switch to solar, you can expect to achieve a […]

Get Free Solar Panels in NJ: A Detailed Guide

If you’re looking for a way to do your part for the environment and save on energy bills at the same time, solar energy could be the right solution for you. Maybe you’re excited about the prospect of going solar, but there’s one thing holding you back: the upfront cost. Solar should be available for […]

Which NJ Solar Company Should I Work With?

Your decision to go solar is one that will benefit you for decades to come. Since your satisfaction relies so heavily on a quality installation, it’s important to weed out the less experienced installers and choose the best solar company in New Jersey. The solar industry is booming and more companies are offering solar panel […]

New York State Solar Incentives: Your 2016 Guide to Saving Money

When it comes to green energy options in New York, solar is one of the best you can choose. It’s clean, long-lasting, accessible and, thanks to New York state solar incentives, affordable. In fact, according to New York’s 2016 solar report card, this state is the number one state to go solar. New York Governor […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Do You Qualify?

If you’ve been researching solar energy, you may have heard rumors about customers qualifying for free solar panels in NY. Are these rumors true? Is there really such thing as free solar panels? Well, almost. While it’s true you can finance your solar panels with a lease or loan and have the panels installed for […]

Solar Panel Installation in NJ: How Quickly Can I Get Started?

If you’re excited to convert your home to solar energy, you may be eager to start as quickly as possible. From the day you declare your intent to go solar to the day your utility company activates the installation takes as little as three months. Here’s what goes into a solar panel installation in NJ […]

New York Solar Companies: Who Should I Trust?

You’ve made up your mind: you want to install solar panels on the roof. This decision will benefit you for years to come in the form of lower energy bills and a smaller environmental footprint. Congratulations on your big decision! The next step is to find a solar installer in Rockland and Orange County who […]

Choosing Between SunPower Dealers

As an educated consumer, you’ve come to the conclusion that SunPower solar panels are the best option for your home. With industry-leading efficiency, longevity and warranty coverage, it’s easy to see why SunPower panels are some of the most popular in Rockland and Orange County. Now that you know what brand of solar panels you […]

The Basics of Buying Solar Panels in NY

A growing number of homeowners in Rockland and Orange County are becoming interested in solar panel installation. As with any other major investment, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. Follow these basics of buying solar panels in NY so you know what to check off your list as you research your […]

SunPower Solar Systems: The Homeowner’s Guide

Solar panels have been around for decades, but they’ve seen an increase in popularity in recent years. While you have many brands to choose from, SunPower solar systems are ranked among the very best. They boast world-record efficiency ratings, have impressive longevity and give you the best bang for your buck. As you continue researching […]

Benefits of SunPower Solar Panels for NY Homes

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to garner great energy savings and give you the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to reduce fossil fuel consumption and green house gas emissions. To ensure you get the most from your […]

How Solar Companies in NY Design Your System

If you’re looking for a reliable, clean way to power your home, solar panels could be a great option! Typically installed on the roof, solar panels work tirelessly to produce energy from the sun to power your home. It sounds simple, but every solar panel installation is unique. That’s why Rockland and Orange County residents […]

Solar Power Assessment Tips: Is Your NY Home a Candidate?

Solar power is an increasingly popular way to power homes and businesses today. It provides clean, reliable energy whenever the sun is shining. If everyone converted to solar panels, imagine the energy savings and positive effect the change could have on global warming! An important factor to consider when switching to solar is whether your […]

Solar Shingles vs Solar Panels

The ability to harness the sun’s power for free electricity is something a growing number of Rockland and Orange County residents are pursuing today. You might be wondering which option is better for your home: solar shingles vs solar panels. Learn how these two technologies compare so you can decide which one to pursue. Solar […]

Solar Shingles Efficiency vs Solar Panels Efficiency

Do you wish you could get rid of your monthly utility bills? Along with things like your mortgage and insurance, utility bills are some of those consistent payments you dread making every month. With solar energy solutions, you can put the power of the sun to use for your home. One of the biggest decisions […]

SunPower vs Vivint

When it comes to monthly energy bills, you might not feel like you have much control. Yes, you can take steps to decrease your energy consumption, but there’s no denying it – you can’t live without electricity. What if you could harness limitless power from the sun to produce energy for your home? That’s exactly […]

SunPower vs Sungevity

Do you want lower energy bills? Do you wish you had a way to lock in low rates for the next 20 to 30 years? This desire isn’t far-fetched; in fact, it’s completely feasible once you switch to solar. If you live in Rockland or Orange County, you’ll be pleased to learn that New York […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Do You Qualify?

Solar energy is an enticing concept for anyone wanting to save on their utility bills and do their part for the environment. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the US have switched to solar, and you can join them. Perhaps the biggest reason you haven’t gone solar yet is because the upfront cost is too […]

Leasing Solar Panels in NY: Q&A

Solar energy is the fastest growing clean energy resource in the United States. Solar accounted for 40% of all new electricity generating installations in the first half of 2015, with wind coming in second at 35%. Between January and June 2015, 784,000 homes and businesses had converted to solar. This means a new solar project […]

SunPower vs NRG

Are you considering having solar panels installed on your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to save you thousands of dollars in utility costs over the next few decades. However, your overall satisfaction depends not just on the company that installs your panels, but on the company that manufactures them as well. […]

How Well Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

It’s fall here in Rockland County, and winter is just around the corner. If you’re considering going solar, you might have questions about how well solar panels perform now that summer is over. Can they still supply the electricity your home needs? Is it worth it to install solar panels in the winter? It’s true […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Are you excited about the possibility of switching to solar energy? This is your chance to do your part for the environment, not to mention enjoy lower utility bills for decades to come. Solar has proven the ability to pay for itself in just a few years, but how much do solar panels cost? What […]

How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Shaded Areas?

When assessing your home for a solar panel installation, you may be worried about the high amount of shadow cast on your roof by trees or surrounding buildings. Perhaps you planted a large tree on the west side of your home years ago in an attempt to block the hot late afternoon sun. Your efforts […]

SunPower vs SolarCity

When you think about the solar panels available in Orange and Rockland County, two brands in particular may come to mind: SunPower and SolarCity. Which company is better? Does one deserve your business more than the other? Compare SunPower vs SolarCity to come to your own conclusions. SunPower SunPower vs SolarCity: Business Growth SunPower launched […]

Do Solar Panels Work During Winter?

Whether you’re looking forward to the seasonal shift or dreading the cold temperatures and snow, winter is upon us here in Rockland and Orange County. Are you worried about how your solar panels will fair now that summer is over? If you assume the shorter days, lower angle of the sun in the sky and […]

How Much Do SunPower Solar Panels Cost?

This year in the US alone, a solar project is completed every two minutes. By the end of 2015, it’s been projected that the United States’ solar capacity will reach 8,000 megawatts (MW) for the year and 28,000 MW total. Millions of homes in the US are powered by this clean energy source, with more […]

Homeowner Tips for Leasing Solar Panels in Orange County, NY

Do you shake your head when you open the electric bill each month? Are you concerned about global warming and the damaging effects of relying on fossil fuels for energy? The chance to save money and help the environment are two major reasons many Orange County residents switch to solar. Maybe you’ve been considering the […]

SunPower vs SunRun

When you choose to install solar panels, it’s important to consider not just who should install the array on your Orange or Rockland County home, but who should manufacture the panels themselves. Your decision will affect your utility costs and overall satisfaction with your solar installation for the next few decades. Clearly, this is a […]

Residential Solar Financing Options in Orange County, NY

As the cost of electricity continues to climb, you may feel helpless to stop it. Even with efforts to conserve energy at home, there’s only so much you can do to lower your bills. Is there no way to escape the whims of electricity rates? Fortunately, there is. The answer is to have solar panels […]

SunPower® by Infinity Solar Partners with Venture Home Solar

PEARL RIVER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunPower® by Infinity Solar, a leading solar panel design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area, recently announced that it has now partnered with Venture Home Solar, a solar panel installation company serving New York City and located in Brooklyn, NY. The partnership will provide premium solar panels, high-quality solar installations, […]

Top Solar Incentives for Orange County, NY Homeowners

When it comes to going solar, New York is a great place to live. The state has excellent legislative support for making the switch and offers great solar incentives for Orange County, NY residents. From rebate programs to solar tax credits and exemptions, going solar in New York is a sure way to save money […]

How to Find the Best Solar Company in Orange County, NY

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are going solar. With government incentives, the chance to do something good for the environment and lower purchase and installation costs, solar is more enticing than ever before. Once you decide to make the switch to solar, you still have more research to do. After all, […]

The Best Residential Solar Panels for Orange County, NY Homes

Do you think going solar might be the right decision for your family? Making the switch has the potential to be very lucrative, but you’ll get the most from your investment if you install the best residential solar panels for Orange County, NY homes. Take a look at five of the top brands available today […]

What Are The Best Residential Solar Panels for Orange County Homes?

Switching to solar requires research ahead of time. Since you should want your investment to be efficient and long-lasting, it’s important to choose a brand and installer carefully. Consider five of the best residential solar panels in Orange County, NY to help you make the right decision. SunPower Power and efficiency: As the world’s most […]

The Basics of Solar Panel Leasing in Orange County, NY

If you’re interested in going solar, the biggest factor holding you back is probably the cost. After all, not everyone has thousands of dollars tucked away to invest in solar panels. Still, the technology is ripe with benefits, so it makes sense that you’re interested in switching to solar. The trick to getting started is […]

Top Solar Incentives in Orange County, NY

What was your reaction when you read your most recent power bill? Do you balk at the idea of paying high prices every month for the rest of your life? With solar panels, you can escape the grip of high utility rates and enjoy immediate savings that last for decades. Plus, with the help of […]

Finding the Best Solar Panel Company in Orange County, NY

You’ve researched different clean energy options and decided solar is right for you. You also know what financing option you want to use to pay for the investment. Now, you need to research the best solar panel company in Orange County, NY. How do you decide which installer to receive quotes from and eventually hire […]

The Complete Guide to Leasing Solar Panels in Orange County, NY

Do you wish you could install solar panels on your home? Are the upfront costs of purchasing solar panels stopping you from moving forward? If you’re like many New Yorkers, you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars in savings to put toward a residential solar array. Fortunately, solar panels aren’t reserved just for the […]

Getting the Most Out of Solar Rebates in Orange County, NY

Do you think solar panels are out of your reach financially? You might have heard rumors about the high costs of buying solar panels, but solar rebates in Orange County, NY make the investment more affordable than ever. The time to act is now while these rebates and other incentives are still in effect. Learn […]

SunPower by Infinity Solar Recognized by SmartCEO as one of New York’s Top Company Cultures

We are honored to have been chosen by SmartCEO as one of New York’s top company cultures. Please read below for more information about the award and the event, as well as find out what other companies were chosen as winners in the New York area. New York, NY (Oct. 7, 2015) – New York […]

2015 Overview of Solar Tax Credits in Orange County, NY

2015 is a great year to go solar. Not only are solar panels more efficient and durable than ever before, but you have access to some of the best solar tax credits in Orange County, NY this year. Remember, tax credits aren’t exactly free money, but you can use them to lower what you owe […]

Solar Panel Reviews from Orange County, NY Homeowners

It can be tough to find a reliable source for solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY. Different solar power companies will all give you their own pitch about why their service and product is better than anyone else’s. Luckily, SunPower® by Infinity Solar doesn’t take the same route. We’re not here to make a […]

Solar Panels in NY: The Top Brands

With rising energy costs and advancements in solar cell technology, there’s never been a better time to go solar! You have a few decisions to make, though. One of the most important is what brand of solar panels in NY you want to install on your Rockland or Orange County home. Take a look at […]

How Much Do Solar Panels in New York Cost?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bills? Are you concerned about the environment here in Rockland County and the global effects of climate change? Solar is a great alternative energy source that can fulfill all your needs. But how much do solar panels in New York cost? To answer this question, you […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Energy in New York

Energy consumption is a huge global issue today. Fossil fuels will only get us so far because these natural resources won’t last forever. That’s why more and more Rockland and Orange County residents are looking to the sun for limitless energy possibilities. What’s driving you to consider solar energy in New York? Whether it’s economic, […]

What New York State Solar Incentives Do You Qualify For?

If you’ve been considering solar panels, you know that this technology is a clean, eco-friendly way to power your home and heat your water. New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo sure knows it, and he’s pushing a $1 billion initiative to advance the adoption of solar energy in Rockland and Orange County and across the […]

What to Expect from the Best NY Solar Companies

A successful solar installation in Rockland County relies on people from many different backgrounds. From bankers and inspectors to contractors and utility company personnel, no one works harder on the project than the company that designs and installs the solar array. NY solar companies play many roles during the solar installation process. They’re salesmen, environmental […]

Solar Companies in New York: What to Look For

Have you decided you want to have solar panels installed on your Rockland or Orange County home? Now that you’ve researched the viability of solar energy, it’s time to compare different solar companies in New York. This vital step ensures you have the best experience possible during the installation and a well-designed solar array to […]

What’s Included in a Solar Power Quote in Rockland County?

Solar power is gaining popularity in Rockland County as people realize they can generate clean electricity by harnessing the power of the sun. You have many different ways to finance a solar installation, but whether you pay upfront with cash, lease your solar panels or take out a loan, you can expect to see the […]

What Do Solar Panels Installations Cost In Rockland County, NY?

As a Rockland County resident, you may be eager to take advantage of an unlimited solar resource. Solar panels give you the chance to offset a significant portion of your energy bills. Of course, you may be wondering about solar panel prices in Rockland County, NY. If you want to know how much it will […]

The Basics of Solar Energy in NY

When the sun shines on the roof of your Rockland County home, it does little more than heat up your attic. Why not install solar panels and put this energy to good use? The popularity of solar energy in NY is growing, and you can be the next homeowner to make the switch. Here’s a […]

5 Questions to Ask Solar Companies in NY

So, you’ve decided to explore having a solar array installed on the roof of your home. This is a big decision, so you want to do plenty of research before you pick an installer here in Rockland County. How do you narrow down your choices with so many solar companies in NY? Start by asking […]

How New York Solar Companies Assess Your Home

When it comes to ending our dependence on oil, solar energy is a step in the right direction. If you’re interested in having solar panels installed on your Rockland or Orange County home, the first step is to have a New York solar company visit your home and perform a solar site assessment. Many factors […]

Solar Installers in NY: Finding One You Can Trust

Are you considering installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to benefit you financially, as well as helping the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions associated with burning fossil fuels for electricity. You’re excited about the prospect of powering your home at a much lower […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Too Good to Be True?

As of early 2015, about 600,000 homes in the US have solar panels, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. You may be hoping to join the ranks because solar panels are a premier source of clean energy, but they cost a lot to get started – right? Aren’t solar arrays reserved for the wealthy […]

Finding the Best Solar Power Contractors in NY

Are you ready to lower your utility bills and do your part for the environment? If so, you might be interested in solar energy. If you live in Rockland or Orange County, NY, it’s important to find a qualified solar power contractor to install your solar panels. Finding the right installer is not something to […]

What Solar Leasing Companies in NY Should Be Telling You

Are you interested in taking advantage of the many benefits associated with installing solar panels on your Rockland or Orange County home? Reduced carbon footprint and lower energy bills await, but as with any home improvement project, you need a way to fund the investment. Will you purchase, lease or take out a loan for […]

Where to Buy Solar Panels in NY

Once you decide solar is right for your Rockland or Orange County home, the next step is to buy solar panels in NY and choose a company to install them. Many brands and competing companies have cropped up in recent years to meet the high demand for residential and business solar panels. Unfortunately, not every […]

The Best Process for Solar Panel Installation in NY

Are you contemplating a solar panel installation in NY? As a Rockland or Orange County resident, you may wonder exactly how the installation process works and how long it takes. If you leave the job to the pros, you can sit back and relax while they do the work, all while remaining informed of which […]

Solar Panel Installation Cost in NY: Your Quote Explained

A common question people ask is, “What does a solar panel installation cost in New York?” The answer varies by several thousand dollars because so many factors go into installing a residential solar array. Every installation in Rockland and Orange County is different, so by breaking down individual factors, you can begin to understand your […]

Solar Panel Installation in NY: Your Questions Answered

As a Rockland or Orange County, NY resident, you may wonder whether you’re a good candidate for solar panels. You might also be skeptical about how cost-effective switching to solar really is. Could solar be the answer to ending our dependence on oil, or is it just a passing fad? Find the answers to your […]

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in NY?

As a Rockland or Orange County resident, you may be interested in taking advantage of the environmental and economic benefits of solar panels. However, you may have heard rumors of high, potentially restrictive costs to get started. Fortunately, the solar panel installation cost in NY is largely up to you. The amount you pay now […]

Infinity Solar Awarded SunPower® Master Dealer Designation

PEARL RIVER – May 29, 2015 – Infinity Solar, a leading design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area, recently announced that it was awarded the only Master Dealer designation of SunPower solar panels on the East Coast. SunPower Corp (NASDQ: SPWR) is a 30-year leader in the design and production of solar panels. […]

Con-Ed and SunPower Join Forces

VALHALLA, N.Y. and SAN JOSE, Calif., July 28, 2015 — ConEdison Solutions, one of America’s largest energy services companies and a prominent developer of renewable projects for businesses and government, and SunPower (Nasdaq:  SPWR), a leading global provider of solar technology and services, have joined forces to offer New York State homeowners the opportunity to lease high efficiency SunPower® solar power systems. The companies […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

The desire to embrace a greener lifestyle and reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy has led many people to consider switching or supplementing their home with solar energy. If you are planning to make the switch to solar power in your home, one of the first things you need to do is consider both the advantages […]

Solar Panel Installation Cost: Breaking Down Your Estimate

It’s truly fantastic that you are investigating renewable energy choices! Installing a solar array is one of the very best things you can do to lower your utility bills, reduce your carbon footprint and help create a world where renewable energy sources are the norm rather than the exception. However, there are many factors to […]

Leasing Solar Panels: Residential Costs Guide

If you’re ready to ditch your high electric bills, now’s the time to start leasing solar panels. New York is a progressive state with a positive outlook on the future of solar energy. The green technology is growing quickly as residents realize there’s a cleaner, cheaper way to get electricity. What Factors Contribute to the […]

Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels: Review, Costs & Advantages

Whether you’ve made a commitment to help protect the environment or simply want to save money on your electric bills, you understand solar is a wise investment and that careful planning will ensure you make the right decisions. As you consider the differences between solar shingles vs. solar panels, this post will help you determine […]

What Solar Companies in NY Aren’t Telling You

There are many benefits to installing solar panels to your home – from reducing your carbon footprint to the potential cost savings on your energy bill. However, there are also important aspects of investing in residential solar power to take under consideration that solar companies in New York might not be telling you. As with any other […]

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