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We’ve helped more than 5,000 happy customers go solar in NY & NJ.
  • I'll be honest I was skeptical about the whole solar deal but after Dana from Infinity Solar came out and explained the step by step process. I felt more at ease about the investment and made more sense to me. Infinity Solar's team is great from needing a roof(which I did)to the actual install was great. Any concerns I had was quickly taken care of within a day if not less time by my closing coordinator Susan. Thanks so much for my new roof and solar system Infinity Solar!

    thumb Edward Bickel
    October 29, 2019

    Great experience. Fast service. Excellent customer service support. Knowledgeable personnel. Thank you.

    thumb Mike TM
    December 28, 2019
  • such a great solar system I received.... they are also ready to help anytime I contact them.... Love the quality & value..... highly recommend

    thumb Hasley Jones
    May 10, 2019

    We did solar power almost 5 years ago. This was the company that installed everything. They were great! The Techs know their jobs inside and out. We have not had any problems as of today. Their customer service is wonderful and very helpful. I would definitely recommend them.

    thumb Donna Shine
    December 31, 2019

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At Infinity Energy, we are committed to reducing the risk of COVID-19 while enabling people to go solar, which provides certainty and safety during this uncertain time. In order to keep you, your family & our employees safe, we’ve opened our virtual calendar with book your own consultations for your convenience. Now has never been a better time to discuss saving money by going solar & Infinity Energy will be with you every step of the way!

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Available Solar Incentives

As they say, the early bird get the worm. Don’t wait!
Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC): 26% Savings

This tax credit allows you to reduce your federal tax payments by 26% of the total cost of your solar energy system.

New York State Solar Equipment Tax Credit: 25% Savings

This tax credit allows you to reduce your state tax payments by 25% of the total cost of your solar energy system.

Utility Net Metering


Sell any electricity that you don’t need back to the grid for full price!

Transition Renewable Energy Credits (TRECs)

Get paid $400 – $1,300 each year, to help utilities meet their renewable energy production goals.

Save up to 50% on electric costs

Our customers typically save 20-35% on total bills after installing solar.

A trusted name in Solar


How it works

Site Assessment
2 Weeks

System Agreement
1-2 Weeks

System Design
3-4 Weeks

1-5 Weeks

1-3 Day

Utility Approval
1-12 Weeks

Best prices, highest quality workmanship

25 years
Solar Panel Warranty

25 years
Inverter Warranty

25 years
Infinity Workmanship Warranty

Infinity Solar
Power Production Guarantee

Real-Time Monitoring


The Infinity Difference

Thousands of homeowners across the NJ and NY area are making the switch to solar. In fact, we’ve handled hundreds of those installs in your neighborhood.


With a residential solar panel installation, you will immediately save money on your monthly electric bill.


Many businesses have turned to commercial solar panel installation to help reduce their bill.

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How To Choose A Provider For Solar Panel Installation

Many people have gone solar, and this is certainly for good reasons. Tapping on a renewable source of energy has […]

Saving Water By Going Solar

Water has many uses, and this makes it very important to our daily lives. In fact, it does not limit […]

Westchester County: Solar Lease vs. Solar Purchase

Westchester County, NY is one of those locations in the United States where going solar makes an excellent investment. If […]

Understanding Solar Tax Credits

Solar tax credits reign from a tax incentive program launched by the federal government to encourage businesses and individuals to […]

5 Solar Energy Myths That You Should Not Believe

Solar energy is one of the most misunderstood energy sources in the world. As a result, outright falsehoods spring up […]

Top Ways To Save On Electric Bills This Fall

The arrival of the fall season often heralds the start of soaring electric bills. But it doesn’t have to be […]

Five Serious Energy Wasting Habits You Need to Avoid

The United States has turned out to be the 2nd largest consumer of energy, following China. On average, every American household consumes […]

Infinity Named Top 10 Solar Contractor in New York State

Solar Power World Online Releases 2016’s top 500 Infinity Solar was ranked in Solar Power World’s top 10 solar contractors in […]

Solar Energy Jobs Outpace US Economy

The United States is a leader in renewable energy, and when it comes to solar energy, we have plenty to […]

Top 5 Questions: Solar Energy Explained!

Your electric companies rely heavily on expensive and polluting fossil fuels to generate electricity. For that reason, electric bills are […]

The Best Solar Panel Efficiency in New York

The best conventional solar panels offer a modest 15-17% efficiency, but as technology advances forward we seek to attain more […]

Can Solar Energy Save Your Children’s Future?

As the world keeps turning, we, its sole proprietors, look for better and more efficient energy. For many years mankind […]

What are the Current New York State Solar Incentives?

Have you been researching the benefits of solar panels? With fewer greenhouse gas emissions and the ability to lock in […]

NY Solar Incentives:a Your 2016 Guide

As a resident of Rockland or Orange County, 2016 is a great year to take advantage of NY solar incentives! […]

NYSERDA Cash Rebates: What Am I Eligible For?

If you live in New York, you have some of the best opportunities in the country to go solar. From […]

NY Solar Program: How to Go Solar Without Spending a Fortune

Do you want to lower your energy bills? Are you committed to doing your part for the environment? Installing solar […]

NY Solar Tax Credits: See How Much You’ll Save

Going solar is your chance to do your part for the environment, not to mention lower your electricity bills substantially […]

The New York Solar Program: How Do I Qualify?

New York is one of the best states to go solar. Thanks to the New York solar program called NY-Sun […]

How to Choose Between the Different Solar Companies in NY

With ever-increasing utility bills, it’s no surprise that more and more Rockland and Orange County residents are looking into solar […]

Get Free Solar Panels in NJ: A Detailed Guide

If you’re looking for a way to do your part for the environment and save on energy bills at the […]

Which NJ Solar Company Should I Work With?

Your decision to go solar is one that will benefit you for decades to come. Since your satisfaction relies so […]

New York State Solar Incentives: Your 2016 Guide to Saving Money

When it comes to green energy options in New York, solar is one of the best you can choose. It’s […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Do You Qualify?

If you’ve been researching solar energy, you may have heard rumors about customers qualifying for free solar panels in NY. […]

Solar Panel Installation in NJ: How Quickly Can I Get Started?

If you’re excited to convert your home to solar energy, you may be eager to start as quickly as possible. […]

New York Solar Companies: Who Should I Trust?

You’ve made up your mind: you want to install solar panels on the roof. This decision will benefit you for […]

Choosing Between SunPower Dealers

As an educated consumer, you’ve come to the conclusion that SunPower solar panels are the best option for your home. […]

The Basics of Buying Solar Panels in NY

A growing number of homeowners in Rockland and Orange County are becoming interested in solar panel installation. As with any […]

SunPower Solar Systems: The Homeowner’s Guide

Solar panels have been around for decades, but they’ve seen an increase in popularity in recent years. While you have […]

Benefits of SunPower Solar Panels for NY Homes

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is […]

How Solar Companies in NY Design Your System

If you’re looking for a reliable, clean way to power your home, solar panels could be a great option! Typically […]

Solar Power Assessment Tips: Is Your NY Home a Candidate?

Solar power is an increasingly popular way to power homes and businesses today. It provides clean, reliable energy whenever the […]

Solar Shingles vs Solar Panels

The ability to harness the sun’s power for free electricity is something a growing number of Rockland and Orange County […]

Solar Shingles Efficiency vs Solar Panels Efficiency

Do you wish you could get rid of your monthly utility bills? Along with things like your mortgage and insurance, […]

SunPower vs Vivint

When it comes to monthly energy bills, you might not feel like you have much control. Yes, you can take […]

SunPower vs Sungevity

Do you want lower energy bills? Do you wish you had a way to lock in low rates for the […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Do You Qualify?

Solar energy is an enticing concept for anyone wanting to save on their utility bills and do their part for […]

Leasing Solar Panels in NY: Q&A

Solar energy is the fastest growing clean energy resource in the United States. Solar accounted for 40% of all new […]

SunPower vs NRG

Are you considering having solar panels installed on your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure to save […]

How Well Do Solar Panels Work in Winter?

It’s fall here in Rockland County, and winter is just around the corner. If you’re considering going solar, you might […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Are you excited about the possibility of switching to solar energy? This is your chance to do your part for […]

How Efficient Are Solar Panels in Shaded Areas?

When assessing your home for a solar panel installation, you may be worried about the high amount of shadow cast […]

SunPower vs SolarCity

When you think about the solar panels available in Orange and Rockland County, two brands in particular may come to […]

Do Solar Panels Work During Winter?

Whether you’re looking forward to the seasonal shift or dreading the cold temperatures and snow, winter is upon us here […]

How Much Do SunPower Solar Panels Cost?

This year in the US alone, a solar project is completed every two minutes. By the end of 2015, it’s […]

Homeowner Tips for Leasing Solar Panels in Orange County, NY

Do you shake your head when you open the electric bill each month? Are you concerned about global warming and […]

SunPower vs SunRun

When you choose to install solar panels, it’s important to consider not just who should install the array on your […]

Residential Solar Financing Options in Orange County, NY

As the cost of electricity continues to climb, you may feel helpless to stop it. Even with efforts to conserve […]

SunPower® by Infinity Solar Partners with Venture Home Solar

PEARL RIVER, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SunPower® by Infinity Solar, a leading solar panel design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area, […]

Top Solar Incentives for Orange County, NY Homeowners

When it comes to going solar, New York is a great place to live. The state has excellent legislative support […]

How to Find the Best Solar Company in Orange County, NY

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of people are going solar. With government incentives, the chance to do something […]

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Do you think going solar might be the right decision for your family? Making the switch has the potential to […]

What Are The Best Residential Solar Panels for Orange County Homes?

Switching to solar requires research ahead of time. Since you should want your investment to be efficient and long-lasting, it’s […]

The Basics of Solar Panel Leasing in Orange County, NY

If you’re interested in going solar, the biggest factor holding you back is probably the cost. After all, not everyone […]

Top Solar Incentives in Orange County, NY

What was your reaction when you read your most recent power bill? Do you balk at the idea of paying […]

Finding the Best Solar Panel Company in Orange County, NY

You’ve researched different clean energy options and decided solar is right for you. You also know what financing option you […]

The Complete Guide to Leasing Solar Panels in Orange County, NY

Do you wish you could install solar panels on your home? Are the upfront costs of purchasing solar panels stopping […]

Getting the Most Out of Solar Rebates in Orange County, NY

Do you think solar panels are out of your reach financially? You might have heard rumors about the high costs […]

SunPower by Infinity Solar Recognized by SmartCEO as one of New York’s Top Company Cultures

We are honored to have been chosen by SmartCEO as one of New York’s top company cultures. Please read below […]

2015 Overview of Solar Tax Credits in Orange County, NY

2015 is a great year to go solar. Not only are solar panels more efficient and durable than ever before, […]

Solar Panel Reviews from Orange County, NY Homeowners

It can be tough to find a reliable source for solar panel reviews in Orange County, NY. Different solar power […]

Solar Panels in NY: The Top Brands

With rising energy costs and advancements in solar cell technology, there’s never been a better time to go solar! You […]

How Much Do Solar Panels in New York Cost?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bills? Are you concerned about the environment here in Rockland County […]

The Top 5 Benefits of Solar Energy in New York

Energy consumption is a huge global issue today. Fossil fuels will only get us so far because these natural resources […]

What New York State Solar Incentives Do You Qualify For?

If you’ve been considering solar panels, you know that this technology is a clean, eco-friendly way to power your home […]

What to Expect from the Best NY Solar Companies

A successful solar installation in Rockland County relies on people from many different backgrounds. From bankers and inspectors to contractors […]

Solar Companies in New York: What to Look For

Have you decided you want to have solar panels installed on your Rockland or Orange County home? Now that you’ve […]

What’s Included in a Solar Power Quote in Rockland County?

Solar power is gaining popularity in Rockland County as people realize they can generate clean electricity by harnessing the power […]

What Do Solar Panels Installations Cost In Rockland County, NY?

As a Rockland County resident, you may be eager to take advantage of an unlimited solar resource. Solar panels give […]

The Basics of Solar Energy in NY

When the sun shines on the roof of your Rockland County home, it does little more than heat up your […]

5 Questions to Ask Solar Companies in NY

So, you’ve decided to explore having a solar array installed on the roof of your home. This is a big […]

How New York Solar Companies Assess Your Home

When it comes to ending our dependence on oil, solar energy is a step in the right direction. If you’re […]

Solar Installers in NY: Finding One You Can Trust

Are you considering installing solar panels on the roof of your Rockland or Orange County home? This decision is sure […]

Free Solar Panels in NY: Too Good to Be True?

As of early 2015, about 600,000 homes in the US have solar panels, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association. […]

Finding the Best Solar Power Contractors in NY

Are you ready to lower your utility bills and do your part for the environment? If so, you might be […]

What Solar Leasing Companies in NY Should Be Telling You

Are you interested in taking advantage of the many benefits associated with installing solar panels on your Rockland or Orange […]

Where to Buy Solar Panels in NY

Once you decide solar is right for your Rockland or Orange County home, the next step is to buy solar […]

The Best Process for Solar Panel Installation in NY

Are you contemplating a solar panel installation in NY? As a Rockland or Orange County resident, you may wonder exactly […]

Solar Panel Installation Cost in NY: Your Quote Explained

A common question people ask is, “What does a solar panel installation cost in New York?” The answer varies by […]

Solar Panel Installation in NY: Your Questions Answered

As a Rockland or Orange County, NY resident, you may wonder whether you’re a good candidate for solar panels. You […]

How Much Does Solar Panel Installation Cost in NY?

As a Rockland or Orange County resident, you may be interested in taking advantage of the environmental and economic benefits […]

Infinity Solar Awarded SunPower® Master Dealer Designation

PEARL RIVER – May 29, 2015 – Infinity Solar, a leading design, engineering and installation company serving the NY/NJ area, […]

Con-Ed and SunPower Join Forces

VALHALLA, N.Y. and SAN JOSE, Calif., July 28, 2015 — ConEdison Solutions, one of America’s largest energy services companies and a prominent developer of renewable […]

Solar Panel Installation Cost: Breaking Down Your Estimate

It’s truly fantastic that you are investigating renewable energy choices! Installing a solar array is one of the very best […]

Leasing Solar Panels: Residential Costs Guide

If you’re ready to ditch your high electric bills, now’s the time to start leasing solar panels. New York is […]

Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels: Review, Costs & Advantages

Whether you’ve made a commitment to help protect the environment or simply want to save money on your electric bills, […]

What Solar Companies in NY Aren’t Telling You

There are many benefits to installing solar panels to your home – from reducing your carbon footprint to the potential cost savings […]

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